“You liked this. Don’t you?”

I silently raised the delicately feather patterned dessert spoon.

No one can catch up with the Duke’s whims.

I thought we were going to go home right away because he was upset, but we came to the private room of the bakery we stopped by before and ordered the same food as then.

I didn’t know what to do, so I ate the parfait as he wanted.

The eyes with white eyelashes narrowed narrowly.

“If you don’t want to eat, don’t force yourself to eat.”

“I, like it, delicious!”

I ate even more hastily, fearing that if I said I didn’t want to eat it, I would go back to the mansion right away.

“What is delicious about it?”

“This chocolate and fruit parfait and that brownie cookie and…….”

The Duke looked at me as I touched the desserts on the table one by one and suddenly asked.

“Are you sick?”

“Yes? What?”

“…… If you want something to eat, order more.”

Even after leaving the bakery, the duke did not return to the mansion right away. He took me here and there just like before I ran away.

He showed me a ballet performance, bought toys, and ate dinner at an eye-poppingly expensive restaurant before returning.

After we returned to the mansion, he seemed completely back to normal.

During the month and a half, when I was almost confined, the servants’ attitude, who had remained silent except for essential work, also changed.

I found out later that the only person who saw blood horribly in the process of tracking me was that noble man who had been harassing a sick woman in the slums before.

‘He was wondering what kind of baronet he was.’

Anyway, Duke Janus thought the man had kidnapped me and sold me somewhere, so he questioned the man, and he only released the man after he heard the man complain that he didn’t know anything even after all his limbs were cut off.

(‘If they say they don’t know even though their limbs have been cut off, they really don’t know,’ the duke said, as if passing on life hacks that would be useful in the future.)

After that, the duke turned the direction of his investigation and searched all over the capital to find me.

Fortunately, Nina and Nick handed me over, and things went smoothly. There was nothing bad about receiving a small reward.

Neither Lucy, nor Anton, nor the driver uncle received any serious disciplinary action.

Still, I was sorry and couldn’t face them, so I avoided the three people for a while, but rather, they first stabbed me with candy or dried fruit and suggested that we reconcile. The person who deserved to be forgiven was me, so I took it lightly.

I wondered if my second escape failure was going to go over like that.

“Betty- Betty-.”

From that day on, the Duke started calling me like a dog in the neighborhood and looked for me whenever I was out of sight.

As I was chewing on the meat Lucy had cut to make it easy to eat, I heard ominous conversations in my ears.

“Where is Betty?”

“He is having a late lunch in the dining room.”

The Duke’s voice was clearly heard in front of the dining room, and Lucy, who had no strength like me, responded quickly to her master’s question.

“She is here.”

My mouth was full of thick beef, so I chewed hard before swallowing before I could open my mouth.

“You are here.”

“Of course. I went out and came back now. The owner came and you didn’t see me, was the meal delicious, Betty?”

It was true that it was the servant’s ethics to greet the master of the mansion with me. But, to excuse myself, no one told me to come out the front door when the Duke came home.

It was clearly revealed that the servants of the capital mansion already regarded me as something other than a servant.

It’s already in the past, and now there’s nothing I can do about it, so I just dipped the last piece of meat with a fork and put it in my mouth.

“Yes, eat a lot.”

Despite the pressure from stroking my head while speaking in a soft voice, I chewed on what was in my mouth.

“You’re done eating?”


“Was it tasty?”


It had no effect on me now. I smiled broadly at his sarcastic question and nodded my head.

A life of luxury where nothing goes my way.

‘I ate a good meal without labor today too, punk.’

I was about to get off the chair, but my body suddenly lifted up and I found myself in the boy’s arms before I knew it.

The wider contact area amplified the breeze-like feeling I felt when guiding earlier.

In that state, his hand lightly patted my back…….


I burped.

The duke put me back on the floor as if he was done. He didn’t care about my blushing face from the burp that came out of nowhere.

‘That, that is for a newborn baby, you bastard!’

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