“I still don’t know your name.” Dao Yi Jian changed the topic, starting from a simple question of his name.

Lin Fan said, “My surname is Lin, my name is Fan, Lin Fan.”

“Good, good name.” Dao Yi Jian praised. He gritted his teeth and pondered for a moment. He said bluntly, “In that case, I will be frank. I hope that Fellow Cultivator Lin can let Zhang Zhixian go.”

“He has done such a humiliating thing to his sect. Naturally, he can not be forgiven so easily. What fellow has done is reasonable. But no matter what, he is still the elder of Sword Pavilion. I hope that Fellow Cultivator Lin can be magnanimous and let him go.”

After dealing with him for such a long time, it was all because Lin Fan did not understand the ways of the world that Dao Yi Jian had no choice but to bring it up bluntly. If he was still pretending to be crazy and acting like a fool, then he could only say that he was pretending to not understand.

Lin Fan smiled. This request of letting him go was a little too much.

If it were for in the beginning, he would not have shown the Five Elements Nirvana Emperor Scripture to these piglets. With the other party’s words and actions, it was possible for him to give the other party some face. At most, he would only break three of his legs in front of the other party.

But now, it was a little unrealistic.

Am I, Lin Fan, that kind of generous and broad-minded person?

Indeed, he was generous enough.

However, it still depended on the situation.

After reading the Five Elements Nirvana Emperor Scripture, the chances of him leaving alive were extremely low.

“Hais!” Lin Fan sighed out. This sigh of his caused Dao Yi Jian’s face to change. A bad feeling welled up in his heart.

He listened.

He had already made up his mind to do the worst.

“I’m afraid fellow cultivator is going to be disappointed. In the end, fellow cultivator is still a step too late. He is already dead.” Lin Fan revealed a sorrowful expression, “Fellow cultivator is so polite and your request is so small. However, even I am unable to do so. I am ashamed of the pill that fellow cultivator gifted me.”

True feelings revealed.

There is no falsehood. What you see is all true.

I, Lin Fan, am very sad right now. I am deeply sorry for this matter. Since you have seen it, you should be able to understand. As for what your final thoughts are, that is not something I can decide.

If you want to fight, then fight.

Whatever you want.

Dao Yi Jian had a faint smile on his face the entire time. Even when he heard such grievous news, his smile still remained. However, there was a slight change in his heart.

His purpose of coming here was very simple.

He just hoped that he could save Zhang Zhixian without spending a single soldier to negotiate with the other party.

But now.

The other party killed Zhang Zhixian, which meant that there was no way to continue the discussion.

“You really killed him?” He asked.

“I really killed him,” Lin Fan said.

Qin Yang looked at him and asked, “Who does my Brother Lin need other people to agree if he wants to kill him?”

He remembered that Brother Lin had not killed him.

Instead, he suppressed him.

However, he knew that this old man was not a good person. He could not be bothered to pay attention to him. It was also a good feeling to deceive him.

Dao Yi Jian was a little angry. He had come here last night to accompany him for a night. He had thought that he could get him back.

However, he had not expected this.

It had actually become like this.

Wasn’t this too much of a dog?

“Fellow, give me a hand.” Dao Yi Jian extended his hand in front of Lin Fan. The meaning behind his actions was obvious. He wanted to exchange civil and military knowledge to see the situation first.

“Hahaha, this is the first time I’ve encountered such a situation. Alright, I’ll give you some face then.” Lin Fan laughed.

He stretched out his hand and touched the other party’s wrist.


He could feel that the other party was taking the initiative to attack. This was a test of his powers and mystic arts.

Once a mystic art was successfully cultivated, it would leave behind traces.

The smile on Dao Yi Jian’s face gradually faded away. His expression turned solemn. What a thick amount of energy. He was testing Lin Fan’s powers. He had originally thought that it would be fine.

However, after probing, he realized that his thoughts were different from his.

The other party was not weak.

On the contrary, he was very powerful.

Immediately after.

When he saw that it was the number of mystic arts and cultivation realms that the other party cultivated, a monstrous wave rose in his heart.

Was this something a person could cultivate?


Someone could cultivate it.

But it was definitely not something that such a young person could do.


Dao Yi Jian stopped. He had already seen the result.

Because Zhang Zhixian had a conflict with Fellow Lin in front of him, there were two results. One was that no one could take down the other, and the other was that he was suppressed.

The result was not what he wanted.

Since that was the case.

There was no need to take so many detours and walk a path without any results.

When Dao Yi Jian saw the result, his state of mind was not comparable to ordinary people.

“Fellow Lin, you killed Zhang Zhixian. In the future, Dao Jiange will definitely hunt you down. I already know the result, so I won’t stay any longer. Goodbye.” Dao Yi Jian cupped his fists and said.

Lin Fan was surprised.

He had thought that an intense battle would happen.

But looking at the situation right now, it seemed like there was no way he could escape.

However, it was a little disappointing.

“You’re leaving just like that? Aren’t you going to avenge him?” Lin Fan asked. This was a little different from the guys he had met. It was a little interesting.

Logically speaking.

He would definitely do it first.

Then, he opened the door of the pig farm to welcome the new piglets.

Dao Yi Jian stood up. He could vaguely see that there were no legs under his clothes, but the tips of two immortal swords against the ground.

A ruthless man.

At this level of cultivation, even if his legs were broken, they could still grow back.

But he did not do so.

It could only be said.

Some people had special tastes, not because he could not, but because he did not want to.

Dao Yi Jian said, “This old man has already seen the results. The process is not important. Any result is not what this old man needs. Since that’s the case, why waste this time?”

“Mmm. Although I don’t know what you’re talking about, I keep feeling that it’s very powerful. Take care, I won’t send you off.” Lin Fan pondered. Perhaps the other party’s state of mind had improved. Ordinary people would find it hard to fathom at all.

“Farewell.” Dao Yi Jian rose into the air, and the door opened automatically. He turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the distance between heaven and earth.

The other party left very decisively.

He didn’t even have the slightest thought.

Qin Yang muttered, “I feel that there might be something wrong with this old man’s brain. I really don’t know what he’s here for. He arrived last night and didn’t speak for the entire night. He left in a hurry after chatting for a bit during the day. He didn’t do anything.”

“He’s very smart. Let’s go. It’s not safe to stay here for long. Southern Ridge doesn’t seem to be too friendly to us. It’s true that we should sneak away first.” Lin Fan said.

The life he wanted was to live a carefree life.

Give him a chance.

Give him some face.

And now, the appearance of Dao Yi Jian gave him a feeling that he was not very friendly. It was as if we had been warned. If we left later, the other party’s killing move might come soon.

Pack up the things.

Everyone immediately retreated.

Only a dilapidated hut was left in the quiet mountain forest. Everything was very desolate.

After a long time.

It had been some time since Lin Fan and the others had left, and several figures appeared.

Take a closer look.

Dao Yi Jian had arrived, and he had even brought a few helpers with him. He floated in the air, and with a light tap of his toes, the sword light tore through the broken house. It was empty inside.

“Looks like they have already left. They are indeed fast enough to run.” Dao Yi Jian said. After leaving this place, he rushed back to Sword Pavilion and brought a few fellow disciples to quickly kill his way back. Since one of them knew the result, then he would change the result.

But in the end, things did not go as he wished.

The heavens did not give him such a chance at all.

“Senior Brother, look where they will run to. We will directly chase after them.” An old man said.

Dao Yi Jian said, “No need. I have already seen the results. Everything will be in vain. Go back. When we discover it in the future, we will kill it.”

At this time.

Lin Fan and the others had already run far away. When they came to the Southern Ridge, they did not need to move forward with a purpose. They could go wherever they wanted.

The other party wanted to find them.

It was basically a dream.

As for now, that was because the little girl was so hungry that her stomach was growling. She found a pheasant nearby that was not very lucky and killed it directly.

A pheasant was not enough to fill the little girl’s teeth.

But there was no problem in filling her stomach.

“Brother Lin, do you have any plans next? If you don’t, why don’t we use the ground as a plate and throw wood as a road?” Qin Yang said.

He was a little excited when he came to the Southern Ridge.

In the past, he had immortal treasures and servants following him. At most, he would only dare to stay in the Northern Desolate Domain.

If he met an opponent there, even if he was no match for him, he was confident that the other party would not dare to kill him. As for other places, he naturally would not think too much about it. It was too dangerous. Losing his life was really not worth it.

“Do whatever you want. You can play however you want.” Lin Fan said.

Xiang Fei had been observing the surroundings vigilantly. They had come to the Southern Ridge to obtain such a great opportunity. It was indeed something that no one dared to imagine. However, the key point was that they had also offended a faction.

The speed at which they offended someone was a little fast.

Ordinary people could not keep up with the pace.

“Okay.” Qin Yang smiled as he picked up the tree branch, preparing to point out the way.

There was no other meaning, it was all up to the will of heaven.

At this time.

Lin Fan observed the situation within the Tripod of Heaven. He was prepared to start with these piglets first.

The Five Elements Nirvana Emperor Scripture had already been handed over to them.

The eyes of the Immortal Sovereign started to cross over time.

Three hundred years.

It was enough for them to cultivate.

After all, every time they used it, they needed to consume their lives. For ordinary people, who could afford to consume their lives like this?

Only he could hold on.

The piglets in the Tripod of Heaven had their own thoughts, but most of them were the same.

How terrifying was this Emperor Scripture?

If he could successfully cultivate it, he might have a chance to slaughter his way out of this place and ruthlessly trample that fellow outside. He told him that some people could be provoked, while others could not be provoked. Perhaps you might not have known about it earlier, but it would soon let you know this.

Time passed quickly.

This was the eyeball of the Immortal Sovereign of Time. It could control time. This ability was truly too heaven-defying.

In fact, he gradually understood that Immortal Kings weren’t scary, Immortal Emperors weren’t scary either. The most terrifying was probably Immortal Sovereign.

Perhaps Immortal Sovereign could even kill a group of Immortal Emperors with a single slap.

He absolutely couldn’t be arrogant.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

All of this was not important for now.

He looked at the few piglets, hoping that they could give them some strength. Of course, there were geniuses among them. Perhaps there was a chance.



Sigh, what a headache.


It appeared.

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