Infinite Reincarnation: From Becoming Daddy Red Dog

Infinite Reincarnation: From Becoming Daddy Red Dog


158 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 51 second ago


Zuo Yimu, who was exiled by the reincarnation space, traveled to the world of One Piece with his summoned generals.

A hundred years ago, the world of pirates was in chaos. Zuo Yimu and his generals were waiting for the reincarnation to come again.

This wait is a hundred years.

In the midst of this, his son, Sakalski, was born.

The battle for the top is coming!

The reincarnations of the reincarnation space have come again!

“Son, let’s break this prison with one punch and get out!”

Sakaski’s paralyzed face, like a ten thousand year old rock, revealed an excited smile.

“Father, I will prove to you that your son has not let you down!”

Bai Qi: The little guy’s fist is still as brave as ever!

Li Cunxiao: Big and powerful, violence is the eternal force!

Li Guang: The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying!


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