Chapter 3593

When they thought about their miserable end in the hands of the ghost corpses, everyone shuddered.

No one there didn’t fear death.

All of a sudden, a giant blast sounded in the skies once again and the strike that landed on the grand formation around the city was much stronger than the previous one. The sunlight that filled the land with warmth was replaced by darkness, and corpse qi filled the skies.

The corpse qi became an everlasting smog that shrouded the lands, and it gave off a sense of pressure they never felt before.

The members of the Wei Family noticed that the grand formation protecting the city was slowly being eaten away by the corpse qi.

Their faces changed as Wei Long gasped, “This doesn’t seem right, this… This…” 

A massive figure appeared beyond the barrier as the words left his lips. Golden colored corpse qi surrounded his body, and he was nearly a million feet tall! Everyone could feel the terrifying corpse qi rolling off his body through the barrier.

“It’s Lord Jin Shi!” The members of the Wei Family screamed.

There were two Gods of Creation in the Sentient Mountain, and there were similarly two God of Creation Realm ghost corpses in the Sea of Burial. The two of them controlled the universe source dao and they were terrifyingly strong. Lord Jin Shi was one of them, and he was at the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm.

The moment he appeared, the entire city fell into chaos. Experts charged out of their manor and stared into the skies. People started to run around as they looked for a way to leave the city.

A ray of light emerged from the royal palace and Jin Chengguang emerged with the various marshals.

He looked at Jin Shi and roared, “Lord Jin Shi, our ancestor made an agreement with you in the past! You’re not allowed to attack our city!” 

The Golden Sea Celestial Empire, Sentient Mountain, and the Sea of Burial had an agreement that Gods of Creation were not allowed to take part in the battles between them.

Jin Shi roared with laughter, “Agreement? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

After he spoke, another figure appeared beside him.

Jin Chengguang felt his heart dropping at the sight of the newcomer.

“Lord Qin Feng!”

Qin Feng was a God of Creation from the Qin Feng Celestial Empire. He was a God of Creation at the large completion stage, and they had always been at peace with the Golden Sea Celestial Empire. Who would have thought that he would join hands with Jin Shi!

Yet another figure appeared all of a sudden.

Lo and behold, it was another God of Creation.

He was from the White Island Celestial Empire, but his strength was a little lacking compared to the other two. He was close to the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm, but he wasn’t quite there yet.

The faces of those in the city fell into despair when they saw the three Gods of Creation standing outside the barrier.

If the three of them joined hands, not even Jin Hai would be able to stand against them! Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t even there!

The three of them looked at the experts of the various families running around like headless chicken.

“Everyone in the Golden Sea City, listen up! We only wish to occupy the royal palace! Other than the members of the Jin Family, we’ll accept everyone who surrenders! If you choose to stand against us, we’ll feed you to the ghost corpses!”

The city calmed down in an instant when they heard the terms.

The old ancestors and patriarchs of the various families started to communicate among each other.

There was no one who would choose to stand with the Jin Family now that their existence was threatened. 

When Jin Chengguang looked at the various families, rage filled his heart. However, he didn’t have time to care about them as the three Gods of Creation made their move! They summoned their creation artifacts as they slashed at the barrier.


The earth shattered and the heavens trembled. The rays of light that protected the city started to dim.

Jin Chengguang and those from the royal family started to panic. If they kept that up, the formation would shatter in a matter of minutes! 

“Your Majesty, leave now! We’ll hold them back with our lives! You have to live on with the various princes!” Sun Fu yelled.

“We’ll hold them back with our lives!” The marshals of the celestial empire roared in unison.

However, Jin Chengguang shook his head slowly and sighed, “The space around the city has been sealed. I have nowhere to go. It seems like heaven has forsaken our empire…”

Another blast resounded as the three of them landed another round of attacks on the barrier.

It didn’t take long before the barrier cracked. The moment it did, the ghost corpse army occupied the city.

The city might be large, but the number of ghost corpses couldn’t be underestimated. They swarmed the streets instantly, and the army housed in the palace were completely useless in the face of the ferocious assault.

Amidst the wretched cries, the large families chose to surrender.

Jin Shi, Qin Feng, and Bai Zhou watched on as the slaughter happened. They looked on as Jin Chengguang and the marshals fought against the endless sea of enemies.

The ghost corpse army moved unhindered in the city. They managed to occupy the entirety of the city, but when they arrived at a giant courtyard in the north, they were stopped by another barrier. The ghost corpses who approached were killed instantly, and not a single ghost corpse could approach ten thousand feet from the manor.

The manor was like a separate space compared to the chaotic city.

Qin Feng and Bai Zhou were shocked by the sight.


All of a sudden, the three Gods of Creation saw five giant beasts charging out of the manor. They charged out like gods of war as they engaged in slaughter. Swathes of ghost corpses were killed.

“Are they the beast kings of the Sentient Mountain Range?!” Jin Shi and the others gasped.

Why in the world would the five beast kings of the Sentient Mountain Range run all the way over to the Golden Sea City?!

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