[“Hinata’s opponent is Ninji, and this fight is too difficult for her. “】

“I am afraid that the other party will take advantage of it to retaliate now.”] “】

[Inuzuka looked solemn. 】

[His words made Naruto Uzumaki startled, and curiously came up and asked, “Tooth, what do you mean?” “】

“Oh, it’s Naruto. “】

[“Don’t you know? The relationship between Hinata Hinata and Hinata Ninji…”

“It seems that they are brothers and sisters, but Hinata is Hinata’s clan and Ninji is a separate family. “】

“There seems to be an insoluble contradiction between the sect family and the separate family. “】

[There is even such a statement? 】

[This kind of thing is beyond Naruto Uzumaki’s imagination, I didn’t expect that there were such rules and regulations in the family. ] 】

[But it’s reasonable to think about it.] 】

[After all, as a family, there must be rules that belong to them, and they are rules that Konoha Village cannot interfere with. 】

[Under the signal of the moonlight wind, the battle between Hinata and Ninji was about to break out. 】

[However, the two are not as tense as expected, fist to flesh. ] 】

[Hinata Ninji’s eyes revealed contempt for Hinata Hinata. 】


[“Miss Hinata, you are indeed the eldest lady of the Zong family. “】

“What? Hinata didn’t understand what Ninji meant. 】

“Don’t you understand yet? “】

“Human ability does not change, which is why there is a difference between the crane tail and the elite. “】

“All people judge the value of others and be judged by others based on various factors such as appearance, brain, and ability. “】

“Many things can never be changed, just like you are a clan and I am a separate family, and your identity can never be changed. “】


[Hinata Ninji’s chatter made Naruto Uzumaki’s brows twist into the word “Kawa”. 】

[“Naruto, how are you? “】

[Ninetails asked curiously. 】

“No, I just feel that this Hinata Ninji is a little sick. “】

“He expressed his dissatisfaction with the Zong family so bluntly, isn’t he afraid of the Zong family’s targeting? “】

[Naruto Uzumaki can’t figure out what the hole card that can make Hinata Ninji so arrogant is. 】

[Unless he is already strong enough not to be afraid of the Zong family’s targeting. 】

“Is he strong? So strong that the Zong family will divide the family for him…”

“No, no, no, it’s that I think too much, if he is really strong to this point, it is impossible to show his dissatisfaction here. “】


The audience was humiliated.

Hinata Ninji in particular, he suddenly realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what Naruto Uzumaki said.

I really got on top.

Onoki: “I understand Naruto Uzumaki too well130, he must mean that if he is the head of the Hyuga family, he will kill Hinata Ninji when he turns around.” ”

Shidai Mei Lei Ying: “I believe this guy can really do this.” ”

Terumi: “He clearly meant that Hinata Ninji’s performance was stupid and did not know how to hide it.” ”

Luo Sha: “This behavior may really cause trouble for yourself. ”

Stupid… Idiot…

The small strong people in Konoha Village were unwilling to grin.

Hinata Ninji was even more ashamed and his face was hot.

Among all the Shinobi in Konoha Village, the vast majority of people recognized the existence of Hinata Ninji as the strongest and most talented genius among them.

Even if he is Hinata’s splitter, in Ninji’s eyes, the only thing that can be seen by him is Sasuke Uchiha, who is also a genius.

It’s a pity, in the world over there, in the eyes of Naruto Uzumaki.

Hinata Ninji is just an idiot?

Several people looked at each other, and then sighed softly: “Hey, even Ningji is stupid, then we people may not even be people in the eyes of Naruto in the world over there.” ”

[However, in the face of Hinata Ninji’s chatter. 】

[Hinata Hinata looked shocked. 】

[She found that at this time, she didn’t care about everything Hinata Ninji said. 】

[The tail of the crane is okay, it can’t be changed, even if it is said that he will escape in the next second and other unbearable remarks. ] 】

[Nowadays, it is not worth mentioning in front of Hinata Hinata. 】

“Sure enough, it’s all because of Naruto-kun’s help. “】

[Hinata’s little heart is beating excitedly. 】

[Because Hinata Hinata is very smart, the reason why she can’t feel any pressure that Ninji brings to her is that she believes that with her current level, she can completely fight with Hinata Ninji in front of her, and even defeat the other party. 】

[All this is the credit of Naruto Uzumaki. 】

[“It’s useless to talk more, brother Ningci…”

“Let’s both end the game quickly.”] “】

[Hinata Hinata instantly rolled her eyes and had already taken a fighting stance. 】

[However, her behavior surprised Ning Ci: Impossible, how can she withstand the destruction of my soul with her character? 】

[But since Hinata Hinata had already taken a fighting stance, Ninji had no choice but to open his eyes and also put on a fighting stance. ] 】

[“That was…”]

“That’s Hinata? Inuzuka was directly dumbfounded. 】

[Even Akamaru in his arms was shocked. 】

[Sunset Red was also surprised, but he had heard about Hinata Ninji from Matkai. 】

[The other party is an absolute genius in the Hyuga clan. 】

[“Hinata…” Sunset’s red eyes were full of worry: What made you suddenly like this? 】

[Bang bang…]

[Hinata and Ninji, the soft fists constantly collided, leaving a continuous light sound in the air. 】

[The attack of the two with both attack and defense also caused the chakra between the palms to constantly fly around. ] 】

[However, over time. 】

[Hinata Ninji is getting more and something is not quite right. 】

[Hinata Hinata’s palm style actually surpassed herself, and the heavy palm technique actually made it difficult for her to pick it up. ] 】

“Damn, what the hell is going on here? “】

[Ning Ci was horrified. 】

[Is this still Hinata Hinata I know?] 】

[No, it can’t be…]

“What exactly did she do?] 】

[Bang! 】

[Another palm blow, Hinata Zhengzheng slapped on Ninji’s arm. ] 】

[“Not good! “】

[Hinata Ninji’s heart tightened, and he clearly felt that some of his Chakra meridians were blocked. 】

[However, the momentary sluggishness caused Hinata Ninji to encounter an even greater crisis. 】

[Hinata Hinata followed closely and slapped several palms all on Hinata Ninji. 】

[Soft boxing, the blow is the internal organs of the body. 】

[This palm down, no matter who will be hit hard. 】


[A mouthful of blood suddenly spurted out of Ning Ci’s mouth. 】

[How come! ] 】

[Matkai, Kakashi, and Asma were stunned at the same time. 】

[Since they became Shinobi, they have a little understanding of the people in other classes. 】

[At least for Hinata to be able to beat Ninji to vomit blood and kill them, they won’t believe it. ] 】

[“Hinata? “】

[Even the companions of the eighth class themselves can’t believe that this is something Hinata can do. 】

[Bang! 】

[Another gentle slap, Hinata Hinata knocked Hinata Ninji back a few meters.] 】

[But looking at the injured Hinata Ninji in front of him, Hinata’s unbearable eyes trembled a few times. ] 】

[“I’m sorry, Brother Ningci…”]

“I have reasons why I can’t lose. “】

Hinata tried to control her trembling arms as much as she could. (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

[Regarding the matter of injuring Ninji, it was not what she wanted, but she knew very well that her power was given by Naruto Uzumaki. 】

[The meaning of the other party is obvious, that is, they are afraid that they will lose to the other party, that is, they are afraid that they will be hurt…]

[Therefore, you must not lose. 】

“Hey, Naruto…”]

[Spirit world, the Nine Tails suddenly asked with interest, “Do you like this little girl from the Hyuga family?” “】

[Naruto was stunned: “I don’t hate it, I think she’s quite cute.] “】

“No wonder you gave my Chakra to that little girl, it turns out that you took a fancy to her.] “】

“Of course, she’s very important to me. Naruto Uzumaki said calmly. 】

“Not only her, but these new generations of ninjas. “】

“They are all important beings of various families, and if I want to control Konoha Village, they can play a very important role in the future. “】

“Is it? What you said seems to make sense. The nine-tailed look made Naruto’s shoulders shrug slightly, “Big fox, you have to remember that I am very friendly to our own people. “】

“Of course, I mean my own people. “】


(cfde) The conversation between Naruto Uzumaki and the Nine Tails once again caused the ninja world to fry.

Since Naruto planned to take Konoha Village into his own hands, everyone was still curious about what he wanted to do.

Unexpectedly, the other party had already begun to act.

Onoki: “Awesome! I didn’t expect this kid to think so far, he actually understood that if he wanted to control Konoha, he must first control the major families. ”

Shidai Mei Leikage: “There is indeed no problem with this step, but now Naruto’s contemporaries have not yet reached the point where he can speak in the family.” ”

Terumi: “They will take over the family as the patriarch sooner or later, and then they will not be led by Naruto Uzumaki?” ”

Orochimaru: “Is it just a matter of time?” For twelve-year-old Naruto-kun, it was too early to take control of Konoha. ”

Uchiha Fugaku: “His strength lies in taking advantage of the process of becoming stronger, laying all the foundations, and then it is just a matter of waving his hand.” ”

Shimura Danzo: “It’s really laughing at me, is it true that the high-level and elders of our Konoha Village eat white rice?” ”

Yakushi Pocket: “From what I know about Naruto over there, if you old guys object, there is only one word.” ”


Above the stands.

Naruto Uzumaki’s contemporaneous ninja couldn’t help but swallow.

Naruto Uzumaki in the world over there was much more terrifying than they thought.

Inuzuka Ya: “Damn, is Uncle Ben going to become a lackey of Naruto Uzumaki then?” It’s really unpleasant. ”

Oil girl Shino “Ya, this is also watching the movie, you see the real you in the world over there, and you have begun to develop in the direction of Naruto’s little brother.” ”

Inuzuka Ya: “Nonsense, Naruto’s younger brother in the world over there is obviously Sasuke Uchiha.” ”

Yamanaka Ino: “It’s over, I think with me in the world over there, Naruto Uzumaki doesn’t have to do anything at all, I’ve already fallen.” ”

Sakura Haruno: “Eh! What use can I have? ”

Nara Shikamaru: “Actually, if Naruto over there can really make everyone’s life better, it doesn’t matter.” ”

Akimichi Dingji: “Hey, can you stop talking about it first, Hinata has passed out.” ”

Poor Hinata Hinata.

Several people fell their gazes on Hinata, and they naturally saw that Hinata in the world over there also liked Naruto Uzumaki.

You may hear the other party say that you are very important, and you faint from excitement for a while.

However, the other party is also using all of them.

Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka looked at each other.

Distress looked at each other: “Are we over there so sad?” ”

“Not necessarily, after all, Naruto over there is really very good to his own people.”

[The battle between Hinata and Ninji is over. 】

[Hinata Ninji lay on the stretcher in disbelief, as a genius, he actually lost to Hinata Hinata. 】

[Why is that?] 】

[However, to lose is to lose. 】

[No matter what you say, it is so pale and weak. 】

[The third preliminary round of the Chūnin Selection Exam is over.] 】

[Since it is necessary to make time for daimyos and celebrities from various countries to watch the battle, the main match is scheduled for a month later. 】

[However, the grouping situation made Naruto Uzumaki frown. 】

[His opponent is not Airo, but Hinata Hinata. 】

[My opponent of Ai Luo is Oss of Otoin Village. 】

[“What happens if the contestants don’t arrive during the main match? “】

[“Does someone want to take a turn, or change the battle table?”] “】

[Naruto Uzumaki questioned the moonlight wind. 】


[The leaders of each team immediately understood what Naruto Uzumaki meant. 】

[After all, there is a month between them, and no one dares to guarantee what will happen.] 】

[Some people will even use dirty means to eliminate their opponents within a month in order to win.] 】

“Naruto…”Kakashi was about to ask, but Naruto smiled, “I want to fight against the gourd man who defeated the watermelon head, I feel that he is quite powerful.” “】

[However, as soon as these words came out, my Ailuo’s sharp gaze suddenly shot towards Naruto Uzumaki. ] 】

[He also remembers that this guy is the only one who scares the other party into surrendering without even making a move.] 】

“”Naruto Uzumaki…”, Iroh’s dull voice sounded, and his face was even more excited: “I want to tear you to shreds too.” “】

[However, the conversation between the two aroused the displeasure of Thoth. 】

[He immediately leaned into Naruto Uzumaki’s face: “What are you, why are you competing with me?] “】

[As a subordinate of Orochimaru, Thoth’s ambition is no less than anyone else’s. 】

[His goal this time is to defeat my Ai Luo and defeat all opponents until he can defeat the Great Snake Pill. 】

[Unfortunately, he was greeted with a heavy punch. 】

[Bang! 】

[Naruto Uzumaki punched Thoth into the wall, and the power was so great that the opponent’s body was slammed into the wall. 】

“I’m a person who hates people talking in my face. “】

“Something that doesn’t open your eyes. “】

[Naruto Uzumaki swept towards Thos in the wall with a fierce glare, and regardless of the shocked looks of the others, he turned pale and smiled: “Sorry! “】

[“I didn’t suppress the anger in my heart for a while, and I solved my Ai Luo’s opponent. “】

[“Look at this…”]

【”I: I throw in the towel ..” Suddenly, Hinata Hinata twisted and said, “I.. I threw in the towel…”

“I won’t fight Naruto-kun. “】

“In this way, Naruto-kun can be grouped with my Airo.] “】

[“Hinata! Seeing this, Naruto Uzumaki boasted in his heart that Hinata was well-behaved and sensible, and he was simply too eager to look at him. 】

“I thank you so much, you are such a good person, I will treat you to dinner later.”] “】

[Hinata Hinata’s pretty face instantly turned red into a monkey’s butt. ] 】

Seeing this, Inuzuka on the side hurriedly smiled and said, “That’s just right, let’s go with the ninjas at the same time, and we should celebrate.] “】

[Konoha Village thought about it at the same time, and nodded one after another: “That’s okay, by the way, exchange your cultivation experience. “】

Just as everyone was leaving, Naruto Uzumaki suddenly stopped, turned around and swept at Airo indifferently: “Boy, work hard this month.] “】

“I’m very strong, don’t be killed by me then.”] “】。

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