“Father is not good!”

“Konoha has begun to assemble troops!”

“But it doesn’t seem to be trying to hit our land of earth!”

Just as Konoha’s army began to march towards Yu no Kuni,

Because Iwain Village, which began to wait strictly after rejecting Konoha, soon received the news,

Looking at the intelligence handed over by the loess,

Onoki hurriedly came to the map,

Looking at Konoha’s march route on the map,

In the end, Yu no Kuni fell into Onoki’s field of vision.

“Not good!”

“Konoha is planning to make a move on Yunyin Village this time!”

“Quick! Assemble the army! ”

Seeing that Konoha was going to make a move on Yunyin Village,

Onoki hurriedly ordered the army to begin assembling,

But the loess on the side spoke, “Father, since Konoha’s target is not us!” ”

“Are we really going to save Yunyin?”

Now the alliance of the entire ninja world,

It’s just a verbal thing, just talk about it.

When it is not true,

In the face of the loess inquiry,

Da Yemu said with a solemn expression: “Do you know if Yunyin Village is finished!” ”

“Next it’s our turn to be Iwain!”

“Now we Yanyin and Yunyin are grasshoppers on a rope!”

“None of them can be in trouble!”

“Only when the two combine their forces can they resist Konoha’s army!”

“If you don’t go to the rescue, just rely on us Iwain, do you think you can block Konoha’s attack?”

Hearing Onoki’s explanation,

Loess couldn’t help but be stunned,

But as soon as they thought that last time they didn’t even break through a large army of Konoha,

If facing the full power of Konoha 583,

I’m afraid there is not even room for resistance.

Seeing this, the loess did not dare to ink anymore,

Hurriedly went to gather an army and prepared to send troops to Yunyin Village to rescue.

And at this time in the country of thunder,

“Hmph! Well done! ”

“I really thought our Yunyin Village was a soft persimmon!”

“The Great Army Assembles !!!”

Knowing that Konoha’s target turned out to be their Yunyin Village,

The three generations of Lei Ying also waved his hand to show that he was not afraid at all,

Yunyin’s army quickly assembled,

Originally a village of martial arts sects,

Yunyin’s military strength was originally comparable to Konoha’s strength,

But now that Shirano is in power,

Konoha’s strength is growing rapidly,

This opened the distance between him and Yunyin Village.

But even so,

Yunyin Village was not worried at all when he learned of Konoha’s attack,

The army was quickly assembled,

Led by the third generation of Thunder Shadow, he is about to fight Konoha to the death.

And at this time Shirono

but immersed in the chat group,

These days,

Shirano also often pays attention to the messages of the chat group,

But it’s all chatter.

At the same time, report on their current progress.

Thousand Hands Pillar: Whahahahaha, today I have taken all the small countries! There are only five major countries left!

Uchiha: It’s pretty fast, but you’re still one step slower than me, and I’ve already taken the Land of Water!

Thousand Hands Pillar: Abominable! Madara, why are you so fast?!

In the chat group at this time,

It seems to have become a stage for the two between the pillars and Madara,

Looking at the two bickering,

No one else can interject either.

Just quietly watched the two show affection.

Group leader Shirono: Heading to the Land of Thunder!

Senjuma: Is the white boy ready to make a move on Yunyin? It’s really fast enough!

Tsunade: Oh my God, I haven’t even fought the small countries around me!

Glasses Lady Tsunade: I’m okay, the small countries have all been beaten, but I can’t help it for the time being, because the asking price of the Xiao Organization is too expensive!

Bo Feng Shuimen: No, what speed are you all about? I haven’t even started yet!

Uchiha Obito: No wonder the group leader can be the first, just this speed, admire!

Kiki Kakashi: I really admire it, I can’t even fight the surrounding small countries now, it’s too weak!

Looking at the replies in the group one by one,

Bai Ye also looked around roughly,

What caught Shirono’s attention the most was Uchiha and the world of the original generation,

Two people one not only took the small country, but also took the country of water,

The other has already knocked down the small countries, and the next step is to do it to the big ones.

You have to speed up your pace.

Come to think of it,

Shirano directly launched Huangquan Hirasaka,

First went to Yunyin Village,

As Shirano leaves,

The army did not dare to ink and quickly accelerated the pace of the march.

Above Yunyin Village,

A pitch-black portal suddenly opened,

Bai Ye’s figure slowly walked out of the portal.

When you see Yunyin Village below,

Bai Ye couldn’t help but be stunned,

I saw that all the Yunyin ninjas were already in a tight position,

The three generations of Lei Ying led by him were already thunder flashing at this moment, and the fire power was fully opened.

“Hmph! Space ninjutsu! ”

“No wonder it’s so arrogant, the fourth generation of Hokage!”

Looking at the white field that suddenly appeared,

The three generations of Lei Ying couldn’t help but condense their eyes,

For space ninjutsu, it is still quite jealous.

But as the strongest Thunder Shadow in all generations, the Hell Spike that can use the strongest spear and the strongest shield of the Thunder Armor

The three generations of Lei Ying are not afraid at all.

“Dare to come alone!”

“Then kill you first! In the attack on Konoha! ”

As the words of the three generations of thunder shadows fell,

The body instantly flashed with dazzling thunder light,

The figure rushed towards Bai Ye in the air,

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“CFAF stabs a !!!”

So fast,

Just standing below,

In an instant, he came to Bai Ye,

The fingers covered with thunder light had already aimed at Bai Ye’s eyebrows,

As if it was going to run through Shirono’s head in the next second,

Facing the three generations of thunder shadows of the raid,

Bai Ye instantly opened his eyes,

The eye of reincarnation and the eye of rebirth are exposed,

Now the two eyes have long been played by Bai Ye,

Both gravity and repulsion can be controlled,

Combined with the two, the ability is more powerful than a single pupil technique.

As Bai Ye glanced at the three generations of thunder shadows in front of him,

The terrifying repulsion burst out instantly,

The three generations of thunder shadows that had just rushed in front of them instantly turned into a ray of thunder light and smashed down towards the ground.

Boom –

Just listen to a loud bang,

The three generations of thunder shadows are like a bomb to the ground,

Countless thunder lights burst out in an instant,


“Three generations of adults!!”

Everyone in Yunyin Village below didn’t see what was going on,

As a result, the two of them have already handed each other.

And it ended with three generations of thunder shadows being blasted away.

The future four generations of Thunder Shadow and Tutai, Kirabi and others hurried to the big pit that was smashed out by the third generation of Thunder Shadow,

In the worried eyes of everyone,

The figure of the three generations of thunder shadows bathed in thunder light slowly walked out of the big pit.

In the face of everyone’s concerned gaze,

The three generations of Lei Ying also shook their heads and signaled that it was okay,

Seeing this, everyone also breathed a sigh of relief,

But at this time, Tsuchidai noticed that

The hand that the three generations of thunder shadows often launched a book was behind his back,

A bad premonition instantly surged into Tutai’s heart,

As soon as I wanted to speak, I saw the warning gaze of the three generations of thunder shadows,

Looked at

Tsuchidai can only shut his mouth,

But his eyes have been looking worriedly towards the three generations of Lei Ying.

At this time, the three generations of thunder shadows stared solemnly at Bai Ye in the air,

The left hand behind his back was directly under the repulsive bombardment that had just suddenly appeared,

Directly abolished,

The entire left hand was pulled behind his back in an unusually twisted position.

Even the three generations of Thunder Shadow did not think,

The strongest spear and the strongest armor that you should be proud of,

In the face of that force, there was no resistance.

Just when the three generations of Thunder Shadow began to think about countermeasures,


“Than! Ready to get hands-on !!! ”

“Come with me!”

The four generations of thunder shadows on the side instantly opened the thunder armor,

Shouting Kirabi on the side to move,

But at this time, Chirabi was stunned in place,

At this time, Chirabi’s mind came the anxious admonition of Yao.

“Than !!! Don’t do anything with this guy!!! ”

“His eyes!! That’s right! ”

“The eyes of the Six Dao Immortals!”

Hearing the words of Yaoi,

Kirabi also hurriedly pulled the fourth generation of thunder shadows who were about to rush up,

And at this time, the three generations of Lei Ying also shouted at the two.

“Don’t go near each other!”

“This guy has a very weird ability!”

With the three generations of thunder shadow said,

The fourth generation of Lei Ying, who originally wanted to rush up, could only do it helplessly,

Looking at the Yunyin Village below that did not move,

Bai Ye slowly stretched out his hand,

After acquiring abilities these days,

Shirano has been thinking about studying a ninjutsu,

Ninjutsu that once impressed Shirano very deeply in his previous life,

After obtaining the eye of reincarnation, Shirano began to study,

Later, I got the eye of rebirth,

Yin Chakra is naturally more convenient to play.

Now is the time to experiment with this new ninjutsu.

As Shirano opened his palm,

Yin Chakra began to gather in the palm of Bai Ye’s hand,

A pitch-black spiral pill gradually formed in Bai Ye’s hand,

As Chakra continues to inject,

The color of the spiral pill gradually became as deep as ink,

There was even a halo of light around this spiral pill,

Looking at this spiral pill formed in his hand,

Bai Ye’s gaze also fell on the three generations of Lei Ying and the others below,

“Picked up~”

“Give you the native products of Yunyin Village!”

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