Longevity Fairy Clan: Starting from Marrying the Empress of Destiny

Longevity Fairy Clan: Starting from Marrying the Empress of Destiny


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Su Changsheng traveled through the fantasy world for six thousand years. He practiced hard and wanted to reach the peak, but he failed when he broke through to the saint. He was disheartened, and when he wanted to die…

The system was accidentally activated.

As long as you marry a wife and have children, and develop your family, you can continue to get rewards and resources.

Su Changsheng suddenly realized.

[You marry Gu Qingge, the Empress of Destiny, and she gave birth to your first daughter. Talent: Indestructible Body, Aptitude: Peerless in the world! 】

[You get a reward: the indestructible body of the first demon of all calamities, the emperor’s scripture of Zhou Tianxing and Chen! 】

[You vigorously developed the family and successfully promoted to the ancient family! 】

[You get a reward: a big gift bag from the ancient clan, a lucky golden dragon, and an imperial soldier from the town clan]

【You marry the ancient king…】

【You married a quintuplet goddess from the Celestial Clan…】

“I can have such achievements in my life, all thanks to my own efforts!”

Several years later, Su Changsheng, the supreme immortal master of the heavens, revered as the Great Heavenly Emperor of Longevity, humbled himself.


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