The little puppet lay quietly at the head of her bed and lost yesterday's flexibility. Yesterday's glittering glazed skin has now become wood color, and it is much smaller. It was the size of a palm yesterday. Now it is only the size of the palm, an inch square, like a puppet doll carved and played by a child at will.

Xia Ge rubbed her temples up and picked up the doll. Her voice was hoarse with just got up, "... Why is it different from yesterday?"

The sound of the system is also lazy. "It's said that it's a low-level puppet. It can become like yesterday only when it's driven by you."

Xia Ge took the doll and looked blankly, "... How to drive?"

"{soul control walking sound}." The system paused. "This skill is something that every puppet master should know. It is the most basic skill to manipulate puppets."

"Host, you have to know one instrument."

Xia Ge: "

Xia Ge silently put the puppet doll in her pocket, "ah, talk about it later."

I'm too poor to eat. I don't have time to practice piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.


After simply cleaning up, Xia Ge looked up at the tottering black sickle on her head, took the identity jade pendant and went out of the door.

The system thought Xia Ge would ask carpenter Zhang at the end of the village to help take down the sickle. Who knew that as soon as the goods went out, they went straight to the mountain.

System: "... You don't repair the house?"

Xia Ge: "today's salary!"

System: "..."

The salary of 90 copper coins is indeed a huge sum of money for the host.

But shouldn't normal people find someone to repair the house first?!

Xia Ge: "I want to make out with my big money for a while."

System: "..."=

The interior pavilion where Danfeng sent money is not far away. Xia Ge didn't go far. Today is indeed the day to give money to external disciples, but everyone who should have received it in the morning. Few people come back after noon to increase the workload.

The cashier Liu Xiaoqian stared at the account book, his brush in his hand drew a little on the rice paper, and his eyebrows frowned.

"Hey, brother Liu, I'm here to get my salary."

A clear young man's voice interrupted Liu Xiaoqian's thoughts with a smile. Liu Xiaoqian returned to his mind. When he saw that it was Xia song, his face was unhappy, "Xia Wuyin? Why are you so late? "

Xia Ge scratched his head and smiled, "elder martial brother Ye caught me doing something today. I can't come back for a while. Why don't you come back to get the money as soon as you come back?"

The system silently Tucao, his own host opened his eyes to make complaints about the truth.

"Forget it." Liu Xiaoqian's complexion was slightly slow, and many external disciples were temporarily called to do things for internal disciples. It's no wonder. This reason is reasonable. He scratched a few times in the account book as a matter of business, "Xia Wuyin... Three hundred copper coins."

Xia Ge was stunned. Three hundred copper coins?

Isn't it ninety copper coins?

On his face, he still smiled brightly, "it's really troublesome for you."

Liu Xiaoqian tore the note and handed it to Xia Ge, "go to the cashier over there to get it."

Xia Ge took the note and took two steps towards the accounting room, but still stopped.

She tilted her head slightly and said, "... Brother Liu, do you have too much money?"

Liu Xiaoqian snorted, "no one can count more than you. Yesterday, the eldest martial sister suddenly changed the system and said that the external disciple guarding Danfeng was also meritorious and raised twice his salary."

He glanced at Xia Ge obliquely, "it's cheap for you. Go and get the money."

Xia Ge immediately raised her eyebrows and happily went to the accounting room to get the money. When she weighed the heavy copper plate out of the accounting room, she called inexplicably.

"Little puppet."

The system is lazy, "huh?"

"You're right."

The system is at a loss: "??"

Xia Ge smiled, but did not explain.

The sky was sunny. The young man with green hair belt kissed the money bag, and his black eyes were light.

——It is indeed a light black jade.

Silence, silence, flash.

= =

There was a wolf howling in the vast field.

"A town soul song."

The voice of the girl in blood is gentle and lingering, with a three-point hook meaning, "sing all the best in the world."

The girl was dressed in blood fur and half leaned on the roof. A white bone flute was hooked on Ruyu's hand. The red knot at the end of the flute flew with the wind, and the moon was like silver. It set off her eyebrows and eyes as long as a demon, red lips and white skin, and charming bones.

Some childish voices sounded, and the child wearing half an iron mask knelt on one knee, "master, it's time for you to go to bed."

"The moonlight is very good tonight." The girl's voice is mellow and charming. Her long and narrow eyes are slanted into her temples. It is clear that she is only fifteen or sixteen years old, but her frequent smile is a deep style, "I have no intention of sleeping."

"Yes." The child whispered.

The night is cold.

The girl pointed like a white onion, gently stroked the bone flute, just like stroking her lover, "how about Lingxi?"

"Lingxifeng found out the news, and the demonized puppet released was killed by the candidate disciple of Jianfeng..." the child hesitated for a moment, "... One sword."

"So." The girl didn't care very much. She gently took the bone flute into her arms, covered the flute shadow with wide red long sleeves, and her long eyebrows bent slightly, "is that... Chu Yao from Chang'an Chu family?"

The child was slightly stunned, then nodded, "yes."

"It's really sad." The girl's voice was soft. "It's such a good mountain... But there are always some people who can't be seen."

Inadvertently, the child trembled all over and trembled slightly.

"Are you afraid of me?" The girl chuckled, "what am I afraid of doing?"

The child was about to answer, but the girl raised her hand slightly and stopped his words.

She slowly got up, her red lips slightly hooked, "I'm afraid, it's OK."

The child was afraid to speak.

"Say it." The girl covered her lips and smiled, "Lingxi mountain, what are the rising stars recently?"

The child bowed his head and said, "in addition to Chu Yao, the candidate senior disciple of Jianfeng, and Chang LAN, who was sent by [rank] to temporarily take the post of senior disciple of Guan Jianfeng, there are also the new senior disciple of Danfeng, Gu Peijiu..."

"Gu Peijiu?"

The wind suddenly stopped.

"I can't see the name of this disciple."

The child is silent.

"Bai Zhi, I'll give you three thousand puppets. You try to kill Gu Peijiu." The girl said gently, "okay?"

The boy named Bai Zhi trembled slightly, "yes!"

The night wind is light and gentle.

Bai Zhi knelt in the wind and dared not move.

The girl looked at the bright moon in the sky, and her long and narrow eyes were filled with moonlight, affectionate and gentle.

After a long silence.

"It's been so long..." the girl rubbed the bone flute and murmured. The red fur hunted. The silver moonlight was like a broken glacier in the deep winter in her dark eyes. "It's time for people to find the news of 'zhenhun'."

White bones and sorrowful souls are unparalleled.

The sound of the flute sounded leisurely. In the eyes of countless puppets on the wilderness, with the sound of the flute, a faint blue soul flame suddenly lit up.

The wolf howl was quietly stopped and replaced by the low roar of the controlled demonized puppet.

——For so long.

——You should come back.

"I won't let go of anyone who should be killed."

At the end of the song, thousands of puppets roared. On the vast wasteland, the soul fire in the puppet's eyes was terrible and gathered into a vast ocean.

The girl gently stroked the bone flute with a gentle voice, "I must be the first to find you."

——"Only I remember."

I remember how much I love you.

Even if the earth is turned upside down and the soul sacrifice is millions, I will guard your mountain peak, your town soul and your white bones. Here, waiting for you to return.

The falling white porcelain wine cup was clamped by two slender jade fingers.

The liquor shakes slightly in the glass. The aroma of peach blossom wine is intertwined with the cold sandalwood, which becomes an unbearable taste. The thin white and thin snow wrist protruded from the red and white red maple sleeves. The two jade fingers were holding the wine glass, which was a little whiter than the white porcelain. The red maple at the cuff is exquisite and close in front of you.

The girl was short and picked up the falling wine glass. Then she straightened up with cold eyes, red sleeved maple, like a dream.

Xia Ge raised her head a little stiff. From her angle, she could only see each other's snow-white neck and arc beautiful chin.

Her brain is blank.

... this, what is this?

Skipping class, playing games and being caught on the spot?!

No, it seems a little worse

The two are very close.

The girl's temperament is cold and dusty. Put the received wine glass on the mahogany table. At the moment when the white porcelain wine cup touched the mahogany table, Xia Ge met the girl's indifferent black pupil.

Just a little shadow right now.

In order to be elegant, the tavern also used celadon vials on the table and inserted a budding peach blossom. It also makes the man look like a beautiful jade, referring to a white onion.

"... elder martial sister... Good evening."

Xia Ge was a little guilty and said, "I haven't seen you for a few days. How do you feel that you have reduced a lot..."

Gu Peijiu ignored her daily greeting, put down her glass and stopped. White sleeved red maple covered her slender hands, and only a pair of black pupils looked at her.

"Why not come?"

Xia GE's back is full of cold sweat.

Shouldn't the eldest disciple of wocao Danfeng be busy all day?! How do you have time to catch an irrelevant truant disciple?!

How free you are!


She hit a ha ha, trying to pretend to be stupid, "ah? What are you doing? "

Gu Peijiu didn't eat her. Her eyes were murderous and cold. The curious, exploratory and eccentric eyes around him immediately took back, but the whole tavern was extremely quiet from the moment she arrived.

She said softly, "go back to the river."

Xia Ge: "

Gu Peijiu's voice was faint. "Xia Wuyin, I've been waiting for you for three hours."

Xia Ge: "...?"

Xia Ge: "??!"

You are waiting for your lover!! Three hours?!! Generally, if you don't come for an hour - no, if you wait for someone for half an hour, shouldn't you withdraw?! What is three hours?!

"... that's really too long... Ha ha, I mean, elder martial sister, why don't you sit down and I'll buy you a drink... Accompany me?" Xia Ge was miserable, and the eyes of the people around him looked over quietly, but this time it was particularly interesting——

fuck!! What's that? Look at the ungrateful Lang's eyes!! She is only thirteen years old!!!

Gu Peijiu looked at her. Her black pupils were like deep stones. She neither promised nor refused.

Xia Ge looked at the extraordinary Tianjiang department, who was out of tune with the tavern. She felt bitter and bitter. She sighed, pushed the white porcelain glass on the table towards the empty seat opposite with her right hand, "elder martial sister, I really have to explain this matter - you sit down first, it's a long story, let's talk slowly?"

Gu Peijiu saw the teenager who skipped class and was caught drinking on the spot.

Like all external disciples, he was dressed in sackcloth. His long black hair was tied lazily at the end of his hair by a light green hair band, and two strands of loose black hair hung on both sides of his cheeks. Before she appeared, the boy looked lazy and comfortable with one leg tilted on the other leg, a small wine in his right hand and his left hand hidden in his sleeve.

When she showed up, he was so frightened that his glasses fell off. When he picked it up for him, he looked a little frightened and had some unspeakable worldly sophistication. Now he looked at her with a side face, black as a cat's eyes, but with a faint smile.

Even if there are many unhappy things, even with a bitter face, the child always has a smile in his eyes.

Living is both sophisticated and careless.


Just listen to his explanation.

I don't know why, looking at the big elder martial sister sitting opposite me with an expressionless face, Xia Ge suddenly had this strange Association.

——The cool and arrogant maple leaves fell into his hands.


Gu Peijiu's voice was faint.

Xia Ge: "

What association doesn't matter! Now the important thing is how to get through!

Xia Ge laughed: "well... How to say, if you want to elaborate on this matter, it's a long story..."

"Make a long story short."

Watching the celestial fairy sit down in the tavern, she didn't want to make trouble. The tavern was also slowly lively, and everyone began to talk and laugh.

The whole tavern was filled with happy air again.

Xia Ge felt that only their air was unhappy, cold, stiff and hard to breathe.

Like Siberia in the late winter, it's suffocating.

"Well, a few days ago, a demonized puppet attacked... My little house..." Xia Ge plans to gently tell the elder martial sister who is willing to sit down and drink with her, about Tianjiang sickle's love for her huge money, which makes people sad and tearful, By the way, let's talk about the sad process of selling glazed wood - but she has just started.

"I know."

The girl's voice is as light as a spring.

One sentence blocked all the possibilities of the extension of the summer song story.

Xia Ge looked at her blankly, you... What do you know?

Did you know that half of the beam of her dilapidated little house was cut off by a sickle, or did you know that she ran around asking her grandfather to sue her grandmother for bleeding and repairing the roof? Or did you know that she bought a bunch of sugar gourd with the huge amount of money left over from repairing the house? I still know that she didn't want to sell the sickle to ward off evil spirits at home, so she was poor and had to go to the Mojia village specializing in peach blossom three kilometers away to buy cheap peach blossom wine!

And you can be caught skipping class! There is no justice!

System: "..."

The more you think, the more you feel. Hey

When Xia Ge was oppressed and full of fog.

Gu Peijiu quietly looked at the boy's left hand hidden in his sleeve. The sound sounded leisurely, shallow and genial.

"You're hurt, I know."


Chu Yao frowned and shook the man in his hand, "wake up, dwarf."


Chu Yao: "

I just said that I was so energetic, but now I'm tossing and sleepy?

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