Mage Adam

: It's over.

First, after finishing spreading flowers, sprinkle flowers for yourself.

It's hard to write, and it's hard to write books, especially in the later stages, looking at the formulas like the heavenly book, I don't know if they recognize me, and I definitely don't know them.

The end of the stumbling block is not satisfactory, but I have tried my best.

Bow, thank all readers who have discovered, clicked, voted, subscribed, and rewarded readers, bow and thank you all, you are the driving force for me to write up to now, and the food and clothing parents who allow me to eat. Thank you very much, bow again.

There are so many people on the fan list, I won’t be one by one. In short, thank you.

Thank you again. It really feels warm. Looking back, hey, I also have a lot of fans. Hahahaha.

I haven’t set up a group until now. I’m really a person who talks very little and doesn’t know how to chat. Besides, I’m afraid that there will only be so few people after the establishment of the group. It’s a bit shivering when I look at it. Next book I'll be courageous and try to build a group~~~

I liken writing a book to falling in love. The preparation period is the time to chase girls, racking my brains to think of ideas.

The new book period is a stage of unfamiliar temptation at the beginning, a little worried but full of hope.

After it’s on the shelves, it’s a period of passion, you can see the money, you and I are like glue.

However, it is inevitable that there will be a period of exhaustion, there will be conflicts, feelings, um, no, it is the novel that will enter the quarrel and the cold war period, when the contradiction cannot be resolved, it will come to an end.

This book is actually a bit painful after I wrote it...I thought I would be very happy after finishing this book, but in fact I still feel sad and lose more.

It's like a once sweet love, lost to reality and lack of ability.

The new book has no clues yet, but I will think about it as soon as possible. In the next few days, I am going to walk outside and open my eyes to change my mood. After I come back, I will enter work. I will be able to meet you at the end of this month. Please click Collection support.

I don’t know how to write anything that is pretending, and there is almost no plot of slap in this book, um, there is at the beginning, one seems to like the slap in my face hahahaha, embarrassing, so Well, the new book will avoid that kind of blunt plot.

The most important thing this book has given me is that I know what is the poison point, um, what is the big poison point, be more strict, and I will avoid it in the next book.

I wrote about magic and magicians, but in fact, there is not much content about mage fighting in the whole book. Well, because I set the key too high, it was not very good later, so I will pay attention to this point.

So what, I am bragging to say, this book is about science and knowledge, the next one, I want to write something about culture? ?

Well, just a thought...

Well, that's all, thank you again for your support and company.

ps, please don't delete Master Adam from the bookshelf for now...will you delete it when you see my new book~~~ Finally bow.

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