Mr. Brian Wants to Get Married Every Day

Mr. Brian Wants to Get Married Every Day

41 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 3 days ago


The eldest daughter of the Garcia family, Olivia Garcia, was famous in New York City, but she had a bad reputation that everyone looked down upon. She lost her mother at a young age and became a tool in her stepmother’s hand. After successfully getting married into the wealthy family after ruining Brian Ford’s reputation, she sucked blood like a vampire to feed the Garcia family. After a car accident, she lost her daughter and saw through all the lies and deception. Having been reborn, she took every step to enter the Ford family again. She was not there to pursue a relationship, all she wanted was revenge. But how could the famous Tyrant King of New York City let her get away so easily?

“After getting married into the Ford family, can you still run away?” From then on, Olivia became Brian’s most beloved, living a pampered life



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