996 Vicious

Xiao Shi came out of Qiao Nian’s arms. Before her short legs could take a step, Lu Qi picked her up.

Xiao Shi laughed like a bell and said, “That’s great. I have an aunt ~”

Lu Jiang, who was sitting not far away, was a little jealous, but he was the older brother and could not argue with his sister. He silently moved closer to Lu Qi, hoping to attract her attention.

However, Lu Qi carried Xiao Shi and spun around on the spot. Then, she kissed Xiao Shi hard on the cheek and saw her lipstick mark on Xiao Shi’s chubby face.

Lu Jiang looked at Lu Qi and Xiao Shi expectantly, hoping that Lu Qi would bring Xiao Shi over to him as soon as possible.

Lu Qi stood rooted to the ground with Xiao Shi in her arms and said excitedly, “In the past, I always thought that it would be good if Big Brother could get married as soon as possible. That way, I could be an aunt. I really didn’t expect the first person to call me Aunt would be Sister’s child.”

At the mention of Lu Zhu, Lu Qi couldn’t help but say a few more words. “I used to wonder if Big Brother was gay.

Xiao Shi could sense Lu Qi’s liking for her. She hugged Lu Qi’s neck obediently and looked at her with her big black eyes. In a childish voice, she asked, “Aunt, what’s gay?”

This was how curious children were.

Lu Qi was slightly stunned. Only then did she realize that she could not spout nonsense in the future.

Qiao Nian’s smile grew even brighter. Gu Zhou frowned, while Lu Jiang was speechless.

Lu Qi didn’t want to answer Xiao Shi, so she hurriedly changed the topic. “Xiao Shi, what do you like to eat? Aunt will take you out to buy it, okay?”

Delicious food?

Xiao Shi pursed her lips slightly. Her first reaction was to think of strawberry cake.

But Grandma had said that if one ate too many sweets, their teeth would easily break.

Oh my, what should she do?

She wanted to eat the strawberry cake bought by her Aunt, but if her teeth broke, she would never be able to eat delicious food again.

Xiao Shi licked her lips and said seriously, “Thank you, Aunt. I don’t want to eat anything.”

Lu Qi was the youngest child in the family. In the past, her brothers would ask her if she wanted to eat anything delicious.

At that time, she felt that her brothers were especially generous. One day, she would become like her brothers and tell her younger children that she would buy them whatever they wanted to eat.

How could she let go of this opportunity?

“Xiao Shi, eating will improve one’s mood and make one look better!” Lu Qi coaxed patiently!

Xiao Shi tilted her head and looked at Lu Qi curiously. “Aunt, can I eat it later when I’m unhappy?”

The smile on Lu Qi’s face changed slightly. Previously, she had also heard Qiao Nian talk about her past experiences. Now, her heart ached so much that she hugged Xiao Shi tightly and said, “Alright, Xiao Shi can eat whenever she wants. As long as you tell me, Aunt will take you out to buy it.”

“Thank you, Aunt!”

Lu Jiang couldn’t sit still anymore. Looking at the smile on Xiao Shi’s face, he seemed to see Qiao Nian when she was young. Although the two of them looked a little different, they were identical when they smiled.

Lu Jiang stood up and walked up to Lu Qi. He smiled at Xiao Shi and called out gently, “Xiao Shi.”

Xiao Shi looked at Lu Jiang without blinking.


“Xiao Shi, can Uncle hug you?”

Xiao Shi did not speak. Instead, she hugged Lu Qi’s neck tightly, indicating with her actions that she did not want to be hugged by Lu Jiang.

Lu Jiang was stunned.

What was going on?

Why didn’t she let him hug her?

Just like Lu Qi, he smiled and spoke gently to Xiao Shi.

Seeing Lu Jiang’s defeated expression, Lu Qi smiled even brighter. “Fourth Brother, you’re a boy, and Xiao Shi is a girl. Of course she doesn’t want you to hug her!”

Lu Jiang couldn’t be bothered to speak to Lu Qi. Instead, he smiled at Xiao Shi and asked gently, “Xiao Shi, is your aunt right?”

Xiao Shi blinked, as if in thought. Then she shook her head and said seriously, “No.”

“Then why?”

“Uncle is fierce!” Xiao Shi said with a serious expression.

Lu Jiang looked confused. When had he ever been fierce?

“Don’t worry, Uncle won’t be fierce to you!” Lu Jiang said gently.

Xiao Shi looked at Lu Jiang timidly and said nothing.

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