1378 Definitely can
After all, it was confirmed that Gu Xiaoba had caught the seal. If he were to catch it again, he would not want anything.

Gu Xin even jokingly said that little Mingyue was the one who angered No. 8, so he only dared to take the seal and nothing else.

After little Gu turned eight, it would be Gu Nian’s 18th birthday.

Duke Cheng ‘en and Majesty Kang had returned the day before. They had returned with a huge cart of seafood and handed it to Gu Nian.”Nian girl, I’ll leave this thing to you. Didn’t you say you were going to give us a seafood feast?”

“Alright, uncle Xue, uncle Kang.” Gu Nian smiled. I’ll have a seafood feast for you tonight.”

The two of them brought back a lot of species, most of which were fish, including a few lobsters, abalone, and sea cucumbers.

Gu Nian wasn’t afraid that she didn’t have enough food in her head. Peng Yizhu was there.

The two of them cooked together at night, and Grandpa Gu learned from the side. He had never cooked seafood before.

Gu Nian left a portion of the food for her birthday tomorrow. She planned to have a barbeque in the yard for everyone.

The three pregnant women in the Gu family were forbidden from eating some seafood, but they could eat most of the fish and shrimp.

They also called the Peng family over and sat down after filling four tables in the Gu residence.

The people in the Gu family’s kitchen were quick learners as well. Gu Nian would not have to cook the dishes personally the next day.

That night, Lu Zheng came back.

Gu Xin was naturally the happiest.

Xue qianxun laughed at him,”are you born in the Year of the Dog?” Where’s the good food, I’ll come by the smell!”

brother Yuanyuan, you belong to the same category as brother Xue! Gu Xin rebutted.

Being protected by Xinxin, Lu Zheng’s fatigue from the past six months disappeared at once. He felt extremely happy!

Lu Zheng got his men to carry two boxes for Gu Xin.

Gu Xin asked what it was, and Lu Zheng said that it was his spoils of war and that he would let Xinxin deal with it.

Gu Xin was amused,’brother Yuan Yuan, I said I wanted to make a newspaper and you sent me a bookstore. I didn’t say I wanted the spoils of war, you should give it to me too!”

“Of course!” Lu Zheng laughed. One must be self-aware! I naturally want to give all the good things to Xinxin! It’s worth it!”

Gu Xin,”hahahaha!”

After that, she had the servant maids bring the things back to her room.

Xue Qianyu was infuriated. He had snuck into the kingdom of goddess and did not manage to get any loot. That was grandma Gu’s Maiden Home, he would not dare to steal it!

Xue Qianyu decided that he would go to the sand divine Kingdom next time to help Gu Nian snatch the spoils of war.

Just as Gu Xin was feeling happy, she pouted her lips when she saw eldest Madam Peng walking over with Yin Qianli.

“Don’t pout, you’re so ugly,” Lu Zheng said, patting her head. Since eldest Madam Peng brought her here, she didn’t dare to act rashly, or she’ll be sent away.”

Gu Xin pouted,’I keep feeling like she’s up to no good. I don’t even want her to come to my house.’ AI, but she’s aunt Yin’s niece, so we can’t just drive her away.”

Lu Zheng looked at Yin Yingli thoughtfully. Xinxin didn’t like her. Well, he had to find a chance to get rid of this woman. Otherwise, it would affect Xinxin’s mood.

That night, Yin Yingli stayed by Lady Peng’s side. She didn’t cry at any time. She was like an invisible person, watching everyone drink and talk.

She was a little sad. Why didn’t happiness belong to her?

She was the cousin of the Peng family’s cousin, so why did the Peng family’s cousin seem to be so close to the Gu sisters?

Could she do something to make her feel better?

Yes, he definitely could.

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