My Evil Imperial Wife is Too Arrogant

My Evil Imperial Wife is Too Arrogant

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Lou Muyan, daughter of the general of the God of war of the Yanzhou state of the Tianling continent, has a prominent family background. Because he was born with no pulse, he became the most famous waste material in the imperial capital. He was seriously injured by the side room set by the deeply loving man's family, and the smoke destroyed his life. Lou Muyan, the fitting monk of the celestial root in the spiritual world, and the most talented female immortal in the spiritual world, her soul has penetrated into the alien continent because of a space storm. Somehow, she became her. From then on, she improved her physique, kicked away the scum man, crippled the hypocritical little white lotus, and turned a powerful evil man into her husband. When the King returns, it depends on how her great power plays in the foreign world, setting off layers of storms and waves.


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