My Summoner Can Learn Skills

My Summoner Can Learn Skills

我的召唤物可以学技能 / My Summons Can Learn Skills

709 Chapters Completed Status
Last Update 6 days ago


This novel is also known as My Summons Can Learn Skills

Bring the game skill system to the blue world invaded by the demons of the heavens.

Returning soul corpses, aliens, earth house ghosts, undead, zombies, devil, monsters … all kinds of monsters of human fantasy on the earth have truly come in this world.

Human beings become awakened through the power of the law of awakening, and the law of mastery skills fights against it.

Chen Gou’s awakening talents are truly summoned, and the summons possessed can learn skills like the awakened.

Blood, heaven and hell, Yin Cao Difu, Warcraft, Diablo, Liao Zhai … Abyss invaded the blue, while Chen Gou invaded the abyss.

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