National Games: Fusion of Emperor Keke, Teammate Sister Baoer

National Games: Fusion of Emperor Keke, Teammate Sister Baoer

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Doomsday comes, disaster arrives.

All the countries on the Blue Star are facing a lack of resources and are heading towards the end of their final destruction.

Just as we say goodbye to each other.

The restricted area of ​​the national transportation is coming, and each country will randomly choose two people to participate in the war!

The resources obtained will be given back to your country a hundredfold!

The Jianghuai who just crossed over was successfully selected and merged with Kuang San’s Angel of Time——【Emperor Keke】!

And the teammate turned out to be Feng Baobao, sister Baoer!

When the whole country found out that their contestants were not serious and sloppy, they were stunned!

“What the hell! The students and temporary workers are dead! Can you still represent the Dragon Kingdom in the competition?!”

“Just wait for the end to come.”

Just when the pupil of JAC’s left eye turned into a golden clock, the hour hand was a pistol, and the minute hand was a rifle.

So fragrant!

Players from other countries have joined the battle!

Cherry Blossom Country: Shokuhou, Miko Kikyo

United States: Captain Steve, Black Widow

Romance: Violet, Joan of Arc


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