National sacrifice: goddess of life, please respect yourself

National sacrifice: goddess of life, please respect yourself

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The fog has engulfed the world. There are many dangers here. The ancient kings and strange creatures have opened the fog to survive and gain the ability to sacrifice to the gods to get rewards.

Bai Ye wakes up Goldfinger and finds that when he sacrifices himself, he can see the prompt and know how to sacrifice, so as to obtain the joy and rich rewards of the gods.

[You have offered a little book to the Goddess of Life, and the Goddess of Life is very happy to give the water of life that has just been condensed. 】

[You sacrificed the elf skeleton to the elf goddess, and the elf goddess was very pleased and gave her descendants to serve you. 】

[Because the goddess of life likes the items you sacrificed, he left the kingdom of God and came to your side. 】

While the others struggle for some food, Bai Ye has built a moving castle.

When others had just upgraded their homes, Bai Ye looked at the goddess of life walking towards him, and just wanted to say that goddess, please respect yourself.


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