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Inside the orc camp, a group of elders and witches had already come out of the conference room, ready to watch Saigo Ye fight with the black wood bear.

On one side are beings who are considered to be suspected to be more powerful than gods, and on the other side are recognized as the strongest of their orc race other than witches, and who wins and who loses has caused them to discuss.

“I see that the human may not be able to fight Blackwood, the main thing is that Blackwood’s blood damage is already very strong, and if they are together, even the Heavenly Wing Species can fight one or two.”

“Yes, I also feel so, the human slaughter god is too outrageous, maybe this person is just lucky?”

Some orcs expressed their opinion that Saigo Ye was not optimistic, which was really no way, they did not want to admit that their race was inferior to a human.

Even they hoped that this incident was really something that Hatsase had deceived them, and they did not want a war, let alone participate.

Here the witch can only secretly scold her stupidity, after all, self-deception is also enough, dare to say that the blood is bad to make the Sky Wing Species troublesome and stupid.

And in the end, he actually said that killing God was luck?

So let’s take a look at it with luck? Each of the god species is not a simple existence, if luck can really kill the gods, there will not be only one race of the Tianyi species that killed the god species in previous years.

“Hmph, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, now kowtow is still coming, otherwise if you wait, you will be dead without a corpse!” The black wood bear moved the weapon in his hand.

It is a huge mace, and this stick is definitely a bloody scene.

And looking at the side of Saigo Ye, he didn’t even take a weapon, in his eyes, he was purely waiting for death, which made him firm up the idea that the other party had no skills, and at the same time made him more confident.

“If you have time to talk nonsense, it’s better to start quickly, let me finish killing you guys early, so I can go back to play games early.” Saigo Ye said lightly.

He’ll go back to hunting dragons later.”

“You’re dead, give me a good treat later!” The black wood bear had a hint of gloom in his eyes.

So far, if you dare to be tough, then don’t blame him for being ruthless.

“Yes!” The few orcs behind him looked like they were very excited.

After all, if you can perform in the black wood bear, maybe the black wood bear will give the other party’s meat to himself when he is happy?

Humans they have tried, the taste is simply not too good, so that they basically will not let go when they see humans.

“Okay, let’s go!” Under the witch’s order, Saigo Ye still stood in place, and the orcs began to move.

In an instant, several orcs disappeared in an instant, and then came directly to the surroundings of Xixiang Ye.

The instinct of predation is still there, and they must not let the other party escape and kill each other one hundred percent.

“Hey, hey~ got it!” A beast road, looking at Saigo Ye’s unresponsive look, he was very happy.

He was the fastest among these orcs, and he didn’t even need to open the blood, and he was already about to feel that he could touch Saigo Ye’s neck.

As long as he gently stroked down, Saigo Ye’s major artery would be cut by him, and the fresh sweet blood would directly gush out at that time, making him feel a little excited.

Just take one step forward, and then you can easily scratch …..

Looking at this hand that grabbed his beast claw, for the first time he thought that his companion wanted to grab other people’s heads, but looking at such smooth skin, this seems to be that human?

The perspective swirled instantly, and then he heard a ‘touch’ sound, and he couldn’t feel anything when it was dark in front of him.

And the people who saw Saigo Ye moving outside were dumbfounded, because Saigo Ye looked as if he had gently grabbed the orc’s hand, and then gently smashed it to the side.

Then that orc instantly turned into a blood mist, and he didn’t even have the ability to resist at all.

“This…. How can it be? What tricks did you play!!! The black wood bear couldn’t believe his eyes at all.

This human actually really possessed great power, and easily smashed one of their orc elders into a blood mist.

“This is not right, I ask to identify what race you really are!” Blackwood Bear raised his hand.

Mankind? How can it be? He didn’t believe that the one in front of him was a human, and he felt that it was completely a trick by Hatsuse.

“Ask for a rejection, who cares if you question it or not, I say I’m human, that’s enough, and if you don’t attack, then I’ll pass!” Saigo moved his joints at night.

Even if he is not a human, these orcs will not care, because the other party values strength rather than race, and his strength is enough, then what he says he is.

As for the death of their own people? What’s the big deal to let a few beings who don’t even deserve human characters die?

Looking at the indifferent gazes of the surrounding clansmen, now the black wood bear is awake and knows how stupid he is doing.

When the other party did not understand the strength of Saigo Ye, he took the initiative to jump out and try with his life, and even the other party jumped in without pushing himself at all at the beginning.

“Not good! Alert! Listening to Saigo Ye’s words about coming over, he suddenly felt a tightening in his heart and quickly called the attention of his companions around him.

And Saigo Ye just moved his feet, and instantly came to an orc, and punched straight over.

“Poof, uh…” The neck of an orc next to him instantly disappeared.

Only the body that lost its head remained, because the loss of the neck can only make a ‘uh’ sound.

“No, you can’t see it at all, it’s too fast!” Not only this one orc, but also the orcs around him were violently killed in successive moments.

Losing his head, neck, heart, etc., and Saigo Ye’s figure he couldn’t see at all, he could only see his companions fall one by one.

“No, open the blood!” With a shout, the eyes and hairs of several companions who received the signal instantly turned red, and several clouds of blood qi instantly erupted from their bodies.

Blood Bad, the only special ability of the orc race, can temporarily further improve the physical ability, and even override the laws of physics, so that it can break through the limits of physics and achieve a more powerful physical body.

You must know that their orc race can compete with the Sky Wing species based on their flesh alone, and if they open blood, then their physical quality is definitely one of the best in the world.

And the black wood bear’s blood is even worse, and his eyes and hair have become deeper and deeper red than blood, and he can definitely capture the position of Saigo Night under such physical conditions.


Looking at the empty ground in front of him, the black wood bear was confused, isn’t the other party here? However, a companion next to him suddenly fell again, losing half of his body, and he still did not see Saigo Ye’s figure.

“It’s finally up to you.” Saigo Ye’s voice came from his ears, and he only felt a deep despair.

“What? Doesn’t it say okay, beyond the limits of physics? Black Wood Bear had a wry smile on his face, he regretted it, why did he provoke such an existence.

But it was too late to regret, and all that awaited him was the last thing he could see, a bright red.

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