Chapter Seventy-Nine

Snap –

After reading this news.

Robb closed the newspaper in his hand, his eyes with a little admiration.

He spoke:

“Fisher Tiger – what a man! Honestly, in this regard, I am inferior to him! Maybe I’m stronger than him, much more powerful than him! But in this kind of thing, I am inferior to him! ”

As it is called——

If you go threesome, you will have my master!

Robb never felt that in this world, everyone is not comparable, or that no one can match him, in this world, there are always some places where some people are desirable, and he is not comparable.

There is no doubt about that!

At the very least—

In the matter of treating the world government, the Draco, and the liberation of slaves of all races without discrimination, Robb could not be so kind and noble in character!

He is a man who will be rewarded.

He is a man with a flexible moral bottom line.

He was a man who gave everything only for his own people.

So —

Robb’s character is definitely not as noble as Tiger!

How to repay grievances with virtue? When complaining directly, repay virtue with virtue!

Robb will not deny his own inadequacies in this kind of thing.

But even if he admits his own shortcomings, he will definitely not, let alone change his own personality, the inferior nature of people, as a child who has been trafficked, can be said clearly!


Hearing Robb’s words that he was inferior to Fisher Teger, Robin, who was beside him, directly hugged Robb’s hand, letting his arm sink deep between the peaks and mountains, sending a big benefit in the sense of reality!

Robin hugged Robb and said:

“In my heart, Oni-chan 917 is the best! Fisher Tiger is indeed a hero, but my hero has always been Ernie Sauce, so Oni-Sauce is the best! ”

Enjoy the benefits that Robin has sent.

Robb couldn’t help but smile:

“That is! If you don’t think I’m the best, then I’m an Oni-chan, and I’m a big failure! Hahaha… But admit it anyway – Fisher

Tiger is indeed a noble man! ”

“But Oni-chan I—definitely wouldn’t be a noble person!”

Been together for so many years.

Robin naturally knows what kind of personality her Oni-chan is, so she can’t deny his words, because although she likes people with noble character, she doesn’t want to become a noble person herself!

Get along day and night.

Now Robin and Robb have become the same kind of people.

Beautiful eyes rolled around.

Robin said thoughtfully:

“Although Fisher Tiger is a hero, I think his end should not be too good! The world government and navy, and most importantly those Draco who claim to be descendants of the Creator, will definitely not let him go! ”

“If I were the top of the world government, I would definitely use the fastest speed and the most thunderous power to directly eliminate Fisher Teger, the hero who emancipated the slaves and resisted the benchmark of the world government and the Draco!”

“Because only in this way can we maintain the majesty of the world government and navy, as well as maintain the supreme status and rights of Draco, as a world nobleman, as a descendant of the gods!”

After hearing Robin’s analysis, Robb couldn’t help but sigh that this little nizi was really getting smarter, and the things he could think of were really more and more comprehensive.

As she said —

Fisher Teg will definitely become a thorn in the side of the world government, and finally when escorting the home of the Kerla Society, he will encounter the backstabbing and betrayal of human villagers, be ambushed by the navy, and finally die!

In other words –

Now Fisher Teger’s life has entered the countdown.

“Don’t care!”

Robb’s gaze was calm, and he spoke:

“What is the fate of Fisher Teger, we don’t need to bother for the time being… Maybe in the future, when we meet in a certain sea, we can be with him and have a glass of wine! ”

“But now, let’s watch it as news!”

No relatives, no reason.

Rob is not the kind of person who will save someone because he appreciates it, it will be too tired, and he will put himself in danger, this is not his character!

After a little discussion of Fisher Teger, this matter was put down.

The trip to the Robb siblings did not bring any change at all!


Time began to flow again.

Another three months have passed!

In these three months, the three Luo Bo brothers and sisters once again found a historical text stone tablet during their trip to the West Sea, and they also traveled in the West Sea for more than a year, leaving footprints in many places in the West Sea!

A town in the West Sea.

In the courtyard of the small villa temporarily rented by the three Luo Bo brothers and sisters——


Luo Bo constantly raised and split out his hand, and the god who was rarely unsheathed, it was obviously such a simple knife swinging action, but his expression was extremely serious, and it could even be said that he was fully engrossed!

Indeed –

Since becoming the “world’s number one sword master”, Luo Bo’s sword technique in this world, at least on the bright side, has no opponent.

But this does not mean that Robb’s knife technique has come to an end.

The so-called road is boundless——

In Luo Bo’s opinion, his knife has no limit, and he can indeed do what he originally thought of as a knife to cut the sea, a knife to cut Yue, and a knife to split the sky, but is this his limit?

Far from it!

At the very least—

When Luo Bo insisted on practicing now, he could still clearly feel that although his sword technique had become stronger and slower, he was indeed improving all the time!

The third talent, learning and knowing, brings him the blessings in practicing sword art, which is endless, so his sword art realm should also be endless.

This (CFCI) is exactly —

Learn endlessly, learn and know!

As for the Eight Thousand Streams Sword Technique, he gradually lowered the proportion of training, and his practice went from simple to complex, from complex to simple, and the improvement obtained by practicing the Eight Thousand Stream Sword Method was no longer as serious as his serious and concentrated practice of swinging the sword!

An hour later.

Ugh —

After paying full attention to the last sword, Robb finally stopped.


Exhaling a turbid breath and a satisfied smile on his face, Robb put down the divine sword in his hand.

He sighed:

“Today is another day of hope!”

Wait until Robb stretches his body.

Robin’s call came from inside the villa:

“Oni-chan, lunch is ready!”

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A smile appeared on Robb’s face:

“Here it comes!”

Although Robb’s cooking skills have reached a very high level, slowly, Robin, who has grown into an excellent girl, has also taken over many tasks in the life of the three of them!

For example –


Wash clothes.

Even small jobs in preparing nautical supplies and so on!

Now fifteen years old, Robin, who has become a beautiful girl who has become a symbol, has become a housekeeper.

To this –

Luo Bo has no opinion, he falls easier, and he is more able to concentrate on becoming stronger and increasing his own strength, so as to ensure that he has absolute strength in the future and suppresses all disobedience!

As for the combat effectiveness of Robin and Uta?

He doesn’t have any hard requirements for this, and young Uta aside, the current Robin is actually not to be underestimated under the accumulation of years and years.

At the very least, to deal with ordinary masters, there is still the power to protect yourself!

It is worth mentioning –

Perhaps to get rid of the side effects of the Devil Fruit, with Robb’s advice and Robin’s efforts, her Flower Fruit has developed well and has been able to conjure huge limbs.

At the same time, he also developed avatar skills!

Now Robin, the more powerful skill is to instantly open one or even more huge arms and huge feet on his body, a bit similar to Straw Hat Luffy’s three-level giant series attack moves!

The giantized flowering limbs, combined with Luo Bo’s many improvements, can forge the body at the same time, but also can be used as a powerful attack move forging technique, her combat effectiveness is already quite objective.

Even –

As long as she awakens her domineering power, her combat power will reach a qualitative leap!

And since he can open a giant body on his body, it means that Robin can open a giant-like body in the next time, or develop the ultimate big move she developed under the original trajectory very early in advance-demon form!

And for the combat power Robin needs to have, Robb’s expectations are here: awakening domineering, flower fruit development to the original trajectory of thirty years old, the degree is enough.

As for Uta’s strength?

Robb is even less demanding.

With him and his sister Robin in front of him, Uta only needs to concentrate on chasing her dream of “the world’s number one singer” and develop the ability to sing fruits.

Such as-

Hypnotic songs, inspirational songs, battle songs, and much more!

What songs of the sword drawing divine comedy and the pure land of bliss in Luo Bo’s mind will be made for Uta, maybe she will be able to rely on her brain hole in the future and develop super skills with the fruit of song!

All in all –

In terms of combat effectiveness, Robb did not ask Robin and Uta, but even so, the combat effectiveness of the two can be said to be promising.

Let’s get back to business.

Rob in the restaurant was enjoying the lunch made by Robin.

Robin looked at his Oni-chan with a satisfied expression.

Then he asked:

“Oni-chan, we’ve been here for a long time! Do you want to leave and go to other seas? ”


Robb’s movements paused, and his face was thoughtful:

“Indeed… It’s also time to leave the West Sea! ”

The scenery here in the West Sea has been almost seen.

It’s also time —

Head to the North Sea or the South China Sea!

After walking around the North Sea and the South China Sea, Robb also plans to go to the East China Sea. Now in this time period, the people of the protagonist group should have been born, and it is quite interesting to meet those young protagonists! .

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