Please Smile at Me

Please Smile at Me


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The young president, Yu Shu, is vigorous and unsmiling. The outside world commented that she is a high-altitude flower that can be seen from afar but not to be played. Prejudice.
At first, she hated Zhao Qingying, just because this woman delayed her brother’s study, and later, it was because… she was too profligate.
Xiaolang’s hooves should be cured!
Later, really fragrant——
One day, my younger brother saw his idol sitting in his living room, and said pleasantly, “Brother Ying, why are you here?!”
Yu Shu said meaningfully: “Well, it’s indeed a big wedding.”

Zhao Qingying’s flourishing beauty is the center of the topic, the darling of the media and the favorite of the paparazzi, and there will never be a shortage of gossip targets around her. One day, she was interviewed.
Host: “The boss of the hotel is dating you, is it true?”
Zhao Qingying: “My brother.”
Host: “The financial tycoon is rumored to be your benefactor, is the news reliable?”
Zhao Qingying: “My father.”
The host asked weakly: “Then Yu Shu, who has been in frequent contact with you recently, who are you?”
Zhao Qingying looked at the camera, her eyebrows and eyes curved: “My wife.”

The cold president who is obsessed with making money from games X the big star who only cares about teasing girls

[Don’t ask, it’s sweet to ask! 】
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