Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 11: A sword rampant in the last days (11)

  Chapter 11 A sword rampant in the last days (11)

  Shi Minzhi simply closed his eyes, unmoved: "If you want to be lazy, there is no way."

  None of these zombies belonged to her opponent, and Shi Minzhi was not at all willing to follow Baitang's idea.

  Baitang felt sad, and smiled very "gently": "Since that's the case, then don't blame me for being immoral."

  The Canglan Sword became bigger, Baitang threw Shi Minzhi on the Canglan Sword, and controlled Canglan to carry it to places with zombies to attract attention.

  This guy is much more attractive to zombies than ordinary people.

  Baitang whistled playfully, and leaned on the car window, constantly twirling his fingers to control Canglan.

   Tsk tsk tsk!

  Look at that zombie, with green eyes!

  The hungry wolf meets the weak rabbit!

   You quietly drooling, you can see how delicious this meat is!

   Sure enough, the more poisonous something is, the more delicious it is!

  Shi Minzhi's face was almost as black as carbon, and he couldn't help but swear a few swear words.

  Shi Minzhi said angrily: "Baitang, you better not let me catch your weakness!"

  These zombies can be said to be a partially decomposed corpse, and they are still screaming, when they are about to bite them. Cang Lan suddenly sped up and let the zombie escape.

  Shi Min's face darkened even more.

  He has every reason to suspect that Baitang did it on purpose!

  Baitang laughed loudly and said: "Little brother Shi Minzhi, you should worry about yourself first. Didn't you realize that zombies like to eat you more than other people? As for my weakness, you can find it slowly."

  The zombies followed Cang Lan, and there was a minion on Cang Lan, while Bai Tang was leisurely eating a bag of French fries.

  Wait until all the zombies in the village were attracted, Baitang's eyes suddenly changed, still smiling, but with infinite killing intent, Cang Lan patted Shi Minzhi lightly, and Shi Minzhi was photographed high in the sky.

Canglan returned to Baitang's right hand in an instant, Baitang's toe pointed, like an arrow that had left the string, and when Shi Minzhi was about to fall to the ground less than three meters away, his waist was embraced by a powerful arm , he could see her profile.

   Full of smiles, full of murderous intent, confident and flamboyant, it makes people's hearts tremble. If Shi Minzhi didn't know that Baitang is a person with such a bad nature, he would probably be happy for it.

  From Shi Minzhi's point of view, when he saw this woman, every time he raised his hand, he was very decisive. In just a moment, she cleaned up the zombies.

  The weakness of zombies lies in the head. Only headshots can kill zombies, and decapitation is almost the same.

  Shi Minzhi suddenly felt powerless. After Baitang put him in the wheelchair again, Baitang left him here.

   "There are no zombies nearby, I'll go find someone, you can figure it out here." Bai Tang said, carrying Cang Lan into the home of the high school student's grandparents in his memory.

  Shi Minzhi looked around for a week, saw a pharmacy, moved his eyes, and walked in with a wheelchair.

   Pushing open the door, the dust is flying, and the face is covered with dust.

   It seems that the beauty has lived there for a long time, and there are still a few fresh footprints on the ground, which seem to be a few days ago.

  Baitang shouted: "Grandpa, grandma, are you still there? I am Baitang, your granddaughter."


  Baitang entered the kitchen, felt the breath of a living person, and showed a smile.

   There was a rustling sound from the floor, and the wooden floor was opened.

   It is a pair of vigilant and longing eyes. Time has carved a flower on his forehead. Grandpa looked around carefully. Sure enough, it was his granddaughter's bright little face.

   "Xiao Tang'er, come in quickly, there are monsters outside!"

  Grandpa took Baitang's hand with his withered and wrinkled hands.


  (end of this chapter)

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