Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 12: A sword rampant in the last days (12)

  Chapter 12 A sword rampant in the last days (12)

  Baitang blinked: "Grandpa, when I came, the zombies were gone, really. Come out."

  Baitang turned his wrist and held Grandpa's hand instead, and with a little force, he pulled Grandpa out.

   "Where's grandma?" Baitang asked again.

  Grandpa looked around vigilantly and found that there were no zombies, so he said: "Your grandma is feverish inside, she was injured by zombies, and she is unconscious."

  Baitang's eyes moved, and said: "Grandpa, you wait for me here, I will bring grandma out, we leave here, and prepare to go to the base arranged by the state."

   "Good good good."

  The old man is very pleased to hear a few good words in succession.

  In the last days, his granddaughter has grown up and made up her mind.

  Baitang jumped down from this cave. This cave was dug by some rural people and put dark green plants such as sweet potatoes and potatoes. Occasionally, they also put some grain and home wine.

  After the end of the world came, this cave became a place for the old couple to save their lives.

   After Baitang went down, she was lying in the haystack, with sweat dripping from her forehead, and her face and lips had no trace of blood. Baitang touched her forehead.

The end of the world is coming, zombies hurt people, and the wounded will go through this stage. There will be three possibilities. One is that supernatural powers appear, which is the best result; the other is that there is no effect, just like normal people Generally, this is a very lucky result; thirdly, it is the worst possibility, becoming a zombie and losing sanity.

  Grandma has passed the most critical moment, and there is no abnormality on her body. It seems to be the first two cases.

   "Grandpa, bring some sacks!" Baitang shouted, it's a pity to lose the sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, and **** inside, so I might as well take them away together.

  Grandpa heard this, took a stick and went to find the pockets. Most of the pockets in the countryside are leftovers for fertilizers, and he used to fold them up and put them together. After taking a few, they were thrown to Baitang.

  Baitang carried her grandma on her back first, and then began to pack the crops. After putting it on, I specially asked my grandfather to take my grandmother away, and threw it out easily with one hand, and then jumped out of the hole.

  Grandpa was surprised: "Granddaughter, when did you get so strong?"

  Baitang is obsessed with packing food, such as bacon, sausage, rice, and some tableware and kitchen utensils.

   "Grandpa, I'll explain it to you later in the car. Now, pack more food to be prepared."

  Baitang walked out with a few bags of food easily. Grandpa was surprised again, and followed behind with his wife on his back. Seeing the strength of his obedient granddaughter, the elderly man seemed to see hope, and he felt more confident.

"Grandpa, you put grandma in the two positions at the back, and I'll move things first." Bai Tang instructed, and glanced at Shi Minzhi, who was still sitting on the wheel, still in that position, looking like he was everywhere. Didn't go the same.

   "Okay! Xiaotanger."

  Grandpa's address for Baitang is always pampering.

  Shi Minzhi watched the old man hunched over, carrying his elderly wife on his back, walking very steadily step by step, without shaking, and very tenacious. He looked at that girl, whom he could not dislike at all, carrying one, two, three, four bags of grain on her thin shoulders, but her back was straight and not bent. She was clearly a very vile person. girl.

  Grandpa and Baitang went back and forth several times to carry the food, and then returned to the car. It was rare to have a little peace and quiet, drinking a bottle of clean water to quench their thirst.

  The co-pilot was the man who just sat in the wheelchair and didn't look kind at all. If the granddaughter is looking for such a man, then... no, absolutely no.

  (end of this chapter)

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