Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 20: A sword rampant in the last days (20)

  Chapter 20 A sword rampant in the last days (20)

  The coward ran towards Baitang whimpering and crawling, followed by a few zombies, with a wound on his abdomen and blackened blood.

  Baitang: "..."

   No way, just one more, another one?

  Get rid of these zombies first, then Baitang picked up the coward and took a look. There was a long wound on its abdomen, which was confirmed to be injured by the zombies.

  The more familiar smell made the coward feel very at ease, sobbing and lying obediently in Baitang's arms.

  After returning to the hotel, Baitang simply dealt with it. The coward is only a few days old, and the zombie virus circulates quickly in its body. Whether it will turn into a zombie, I can share it tonight.

  Grandma was still very weak, and fell asleep after lying on Grandpa's body.

   "Xiao Tanger..." After hesitating for a while, Grandpa still said, "It's Grandpa's fault. He took your grandma around at night."

  Baitang caressed the injured coward lightly. Seeing that she was not there, this guy ran out to find her, but was injured by zombies.

"You didn't run around with grandma, but you were afraid that grandma would turn into a zombie and hurt other people. You couldn't bear to give up on grandma, and you also felt that you were old and handicapped, and would hinder our escape, so you secretly left with grandma on your back. , so that I can't find you. First, you can depend on each other, life and death together, and second, children can be relaxed and free from burdens. Is it? Grandpa, tell me, do you think so. "

Grandpa was speechless, he really thought this way: "Little Tang'er, this world is a cannibal world, all monsters can eat people! You are my granddaughter, you have to be good!" Alive!"

Baitang said softly: "This world is one of cannibalism, so what if monsters can eat people? Let me meet them, and I will kill them with a sword. Abandoning the elderly and young children is not advisable. We live not only To be alive, the older generation is where they come from, and the younger generation is hope and inheritance. There is no room for reversal. Besides, grandpa, didn’t I say that? Your granddaughter has a sword and an elixir from the gods. Live well , go to the base of the country."

  Baitang's words really touched Grandpa's heart. Before, he was too afraid of his wife having an accident, and too afraid of causing trouble to his children. If it wasn't for Xiaotang'er following him today, the two of them would have been hard to escape from the mouth of the zombies.

Bai Tang said again: "Grandpa is also a person who came down from the battlefield. What kind of country is our country? We don't give up anyone's life. At this time, and because of this, we haven't reached the bottom of the choice. Treat zombies as Those enemies back then, when they are old and strong, can capture Cang, and can also kill a **** path."

The history in this little girl's memory is very rich. This national costume has a very bright civilization and a long history, but their modern history is very humiliating. In the end, it was in exchange for today's happy life. Who would have expected the end of the world to come Woolen cloth? What is needed in a crisis is not abandonment but solidarity.

   In other words, this zombie has not yet evolved, it runs slowly, and there are a large number of dozen. Baitang really looked down on this group of zombies who couldn't help beating them.

   "It would be great if there was a gun..." Grandpa muttered, with a gun, he could destroy a zombie with one shot.

  Baitang's expression changed, and he immediately slapped the table to decide: "Okay, let's go to the city to get a gun tomorrow!"

  There are hundreds of thousands of people in each city, but only a few thousand people survived. It can be said that there are very few people. Therefore, the cities collapsed so quickly.

  Grandpa was taken aback: "Xiao Tang'er, this is no nonsense!"

  Baitang didn't care, "It doesn't matter, there's nothing to do now. Get some rest, rest well, and start looking for guns and powder tomorrow morning."

  (end of this chapter)

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