Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 36: A sword rampant in the last days (36)

  Chapter 36 A sword rampant in the last days (36)

  The devil said it was harmful, so what is the devil?

  The words from Shi Minzhi's mouth seemed extremely ironic.

  Shi Minzhi's complexion changed, his eyes darkened, and then a smile bloomed: "Why should the captain be angry?"

  He ignored it, this team leader is a person who distinguishes between good and evil, and is decisive in killing, let alone allowing anyone to fight against her, and wants absolute right to speak.

  If it wasn't for his immortality and destructive power, how could the captain put him by her side.

  It must be very interesting for such a bright team leader to be dragged into darkness and tainted with filth, with such a clear distinction between good and evil, full of morality, and clear principles.

  He found something more interesting than killing her and killing all the people in the world...

  Baitang glanced at the phoenix eyes, and said to the little boy: "Little man, come on, let your parents prove them. If I am here, no one will move them. As for this person, you don't have to worry about it."

   Encouraged, the little boy nodded to Baitang, approached the door and shouted: "Mom and Dad, I'm Tzuyu, I want to hear about your little star, can you knock for me?"

  The little boy turned to Baitang again and said, "Sister, wait a minute, my parents will call me soon."

   Sure enough, after a while. There was a knock on the door.

   "Tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk..."

  Yang Ziyu: "One...twink...twinkle...bright...jingjing"

  Baitang: "..."

   This time interval, Yang Ziyu can also hear it, it's still right, it's amazing.

  Yang Ziyu: "Sister, listen, my parents haven't completely turned into monsters yet."

  Baitang cut the curtain again, forming a thick rope.

   "Tzuyu, you have to know that they may lose control of themselves and hurt others now, so I will tie them up and separate them from you."

  Yang Ziyu nodded. He is very sensible. This big sister is not afraid of his parents. She even asked her parents to prove herself and promised to take them to the national base, so that her parents will have a chance to recover!

  Baitang kicked open the door, and Yang Ziyu's startled mouth opened into an "O". Yang Ziyu found that his parents backed away, as if seeing the King of Hades.

  Baitang: Some conscious zombies are afraid of her.

  When Minzhi and Yang Ziyu didn't even see what Baitang was doing, they had already **** Yang Ziyu's parents.

  Baitang discovered that even though the two zombies were afraid of her, they still couldn't help but look at Shi Minzhi more. Shi Minzhi was much more attractive to zombies than others. And the daredevil probably didn't behave like Yang Ziyu's parents because Shi Minzhi was in the car and blocked his breath.

Baitang said: "Take them down, sister has already dealt with the zombies below, don't be afraid. In the past, your parents were holding your hand. Now, they are sick. Ziyu, a little man, has to be brave." Take them away. Downstairs at the truck, find a man named Xu Songjin, and he will arrange for your parents."

  The self-control of these two zombies is not bad. Yang Ziyu is the person they desperately want to protect, and they will not hurt him.

  Yang Ziyu said very seriously: "Mom and Dad, Ziyu will take you down, we will go to the doctor."

  Baitang moved his hand, pushing Shi Minzhi away. Yang Ziyu took his parents down smoothly.

Baitang looked at Shi Minzhi coldly: "Let me guess, what are you thinking now? The last time you were in the arsenal, you must have realized deeply that you can't kill me with your current ability alone. If you can’t kill me, then you’re pulling me into the darkness and becoming someone like you, right?”

  Shi Minzhi didn't feel guilty or embarrassed after being exposed, but smiled: "This will be a more fulfilling thing than killing you."

  (end of this chapter)

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