Chapter 4 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the End Times (4)

Bai Tang was unmoved and raised her eyebrows. The words of System 168 couldn’t move her.

Why did he get up again?
It shouldn't be happening…
Because her blow was a sure kill!

Bai Tang looked interestingly at Shi Minzhi who was clearly pierced by her sword Canglan. He covered his chest with his hands, and sat up again with a sinister and poisonous gaze, as if he were a devil.

"He can’t die?" Bai Tang pondered.

System 168 swallowed hard, and explained, [Host, you see, if we can kill him, we would’ve killed him long ago. But Shi Minzhi has a super BUFF, which means that he will never die. He is born with disabled legs. Even if he is eaten by zombies, he won’t die. Zombies that eat him will explode, and his flesh and blood will still accumulate together and form his body again. That’s why Shi Minzhi is unstoppable, doing bad things without any limits. This situation ended up becoming a cause for concern among the Time and Space Administration staff. That's how I, blackened boss influence system came into being. Let's try to get through this task through persuasion, and let the blackened boss put down his butcher's knife, becoming a Buddha on the spot.]

Bai Tang’s lips twitched, "This BUFF is powerful enough. Can’t die even after being killed. But I don't really want to influence him."

She doesn't want to influence nor discuss world justice with a black-hearted blackened boss. It doesn't make much sense.

System 168 advised, [According to my statistics, there are some blackened boss that can be influenced, and we believe Shi Minzhi can also be influenced. So please complete the task well and influence the blackened boss. Otherwise, you will receive lightning strike penalty as a warning.]

In order to make the host obedient, System 168 even uses the lightning threat. It should be known that the lightning penalty of the system is specifically aimed at the soul.

Many people can still bear some of the physical pain, but almost no one can bear the pain of the soul.

Since the host is disobedient, the system has all the rights to punish the host in order to make her obedient.

Bai Tang's pair of phoenix eyes slightly narrowed and her voice became very dangerous, "Little system, try it then, just try it..."

[I’ll try it then, why won’t I? I won't stop unless the host pleads for mercy.]

System 168 has never seen a person like Bai Tang, begging for his lightning strike. Since this is the case, let's just give her a lesson. Or else, she’ll continue acting recklessly and being disobedient!

Shi Minzhi’s eyes was poisoned, his ten fingers that are clawing the ground bled. Since when is it others’ turn to kill him? There’s no way Shi Minzhi is willing to let Bai Tang go so easily. Thus, he kept summoning the zombies over.

However, even though he could summon the zombies, he couldn’t stop them from attacking him too. But still, he wants them to at least take bite off a piece of flesh from Bai Tang.

On what grounds... On what basis did they keep granting him life and death in a continuous cycle? Doing as they please with his life and death. In that case, he will destroy everything even at the cost of his suffering!

A lightning strike comes down. But the lightning strike that was aimed at the soul is now invisible to others.

System 168 took a careful look, but Bai Tang did not show any reaction.
Is she pretending to be calm?
Then increase the power!

System 168 adjusted the intensity of the lightning strike, and then it went up a level higher. It split Bai Tang's soul again.

Bai Tang, with lazy eyes and a smile, swept forward her sword across the stadium. The stadium split and a long passage opened up for the zombies to conveniently enter.

Bai Tang provoked, "Little system, why don't you pack up and go home to farm? This intensity is not even enough to tickle me and you want me to listen to you? What a big joke!"

She then let out a helpless sigh and said regretfully, "Or maybe not. After all, farming is a physical work and requires certain amount of brain power, but you obviously lack these two."

Bai Tang's mockery hit System 168’s fragile heart, angering it.

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