Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 40: A sword rampant in the last days (40)

  Chapter 40 A sword rampant in the last days (40)

  At that time, Mo Xuan gathered 30 people, and under their urging, he took a step ahead, and there were more than 20 people left in that car.

  Shi Minzhi was also quite surprised, he didn't want Shi Moxuan to leave so early, after all, the grievances between the two of them hadn't ended yet.

  Bai Tang explained some things to Xu Songjin and the others, then got into the car, looked at the coward, the little guy had woken up, and there was some current in the cage.

  Baitang raised his eyebrows, this little guy was lucky, he made it through, it seemed that he had awakened the lightning power, so Baitang took the coward out, entered his body, and hugged the coward in his arms. Its ability is also inaccurately controlled, and it is easy to hurt other people.

   "I haven't asked you yet, why did you save him?"

   "He pushed me, I am not dead, can he be pardoned?"

  Shi Minzhi's eyes darkened. If he hadn't agreed to the request in advance, he would be very happy with so many people.

  Baitang: "How do I know who he is? You are still alive, and the grievances between the two of you should be resolved by yourself. You don't want me to kill him before you."

  Shi Minzhi snorted lightly, and slid the wheelchair away.

  Everyone started a fire, some of them were cooking, some of them were laying their hands on their hands, and some people sang songs, enjoying themselves and dispelling the bleak atmosphere of the last days.

  Qu Qingzi has already done the statistics and handed over the data to Baitang.

  Li Gai took out the spar from his bag and knocked on it, absorbing the energy inside, improving his abilities.

  Baitang walked over, Li Gai spread out the crystal nucleus in the bag and said, "Captain, I forgot to hand in this crystal nucleus."

  Baitang waved his hands and said, "Where did this crystal nucleus come from?"

Xu Songjin replied: "It appeared in the mind of the zombie. I usually read some novels, and there are also novels about the end of the world. After awakening the lightning power, I thought, since the power has appeared, then the crystal that improves the power The core should also exist. After killing a few zombies, I found that it really exists, what is the captain's ability?"

  Baitang: "I don't use supernatural powers."

He said again: "Li Gai, don't knock this crystal nucleus. Xu Songjin, you gather everyone together and divide them into three groups, those who have never absorbed the crystal nucleus, those who have absorbed the crystal nucleus, and those without the ability." By."

  Li Gai put away the crystal nucleus and asked puzzledly, "Captain, is there any problem?"

  Baitang looked unpredictable: "I can't blame you, most people don't know this is a conspiracy."

  Li Gai was inexplicably terrified when he heard this.

  After the division was made, Baitang went over with the coward in his arms. People who have already taken crystal nuclei appear panicked.

   "Captain, what's wrong with this crystal nucleus?"

   "Yeah, Captain?"

   "I only feel that my ability has increased a lot after I sucked the crystal nucleus."

  Baitang asked out of context, "Does anyone remember how long this day was covered by thick clouds?"

   "It seems to be more than half a month?"

   "No, the zombies have been gloomy since they appeared."

   "It seems that the sunny day has never been missed?"

  Shi Minzhi said, "Three months, twelve days and seventeen hours."

Baitang nodded, expressing his approval: "Have people with supernatural powers thought about how your supernatural powers came about? Have you ever wondered why zombies have crystal nuclei in their brains, which can be absorbed and strengthened by you? Ever wondered what it means for a conscious zombie to appear?"

  Baitang's questions were really on point. Some people may have thought about it, but no one thought about it carefully, and they didn't come up with a result. What's more, there are dangers everywhere, improving strength, and surviving are imminent, and no one will think too much.

  Shi Minzhi's long eyelashes trembled: "Cannibalism."

  Baitang once again cast affirmative glances at him, unexpectedly, Shi Minzhi is quite smart, what a pity for such a smart person.

   "Cannibalism? What cannibalism?"

  (end of this chapter)

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