Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 46: A sword rampant in the last days (46)

  Chapter 46 A sword rampant in the last days (46)

  Shi Minzhi explained: "They were not summoned by me, and they did not follow my orders."

  Baitang paused: "I know it's not you."

  That's why she was going to go out to investigate the situation.

  Shi Minzhi looked quite surprised, he bent his lips unnaturally, hiding the dark eyes.

  Tang Manli also jumped out of the car, holding the iron rod, her neck thickened and her face blushing unnaturally said: "Sister Captain, although you are very powerful, Manli can be your cannon fodder!"

Baitang laughed and said, "What do I want you to be, cannon fodder? I think the daredevil has gotten acquainted with you recently. You can talk to him more. Maybe, with your help, he will be the first one to recover everything." Zombies."

   Tang Manli was shocked, and quickly waved her hands: "Captain sister, the coward is too ugly and greedy. Drooling every day, not as good as Ziyu's parents."

  The others waited in place. Baitang and Tang Manli each held a sword and the other an iron rod, walking forward very vigilantly.

  Shi Minzhi's smile deepened a little, and he sighed softly, as if something had officially opened the curtain.

  Xu Songjin laughed at himself: "Qingzi, as a big man, I am not as brave as a woman like Manli."

  Qu Qingzi considered it for a while: "The captain is so powerful, it will be a burden if we go."

  Xu Songjin looked at the petite but powerful girl with a different emotion in his eyes.

  Tang Manli swallowed: "Sister Captain, why do I feel that there are more and more zombies?"

  Baitang said helplessly: "Silly girl, we are getting closer to the city center, and the zombies seem to be summoned by something, so there will naturally be more and more zombies."

  Tang Manli said again: "Sister Captain, can we fly directly there?"

Baitang smiled awkwardly: "In the meantime, I spent a lot of cultivation in order to break through the secrets of the sky, only to realize that life is above the clouds, and the outside of the earth is a group of monsters waiting to invade the earth. That sword, It has almost consumed 80% of my cultivation, and now only 20% is left. This is why I said that I will not make any more moves."

  System 168 stopped making circles and smiled disdainfully.

  He said, how could someone be so powerful? It's all false. Once the cultivation base is used, it will dissipate.

   Tang Manli said distressedly: "Sister Captain, you have paid too much for everyone. Now that you are so weak, is there any way to recover?"

Baitang sighed for a long time: "I don't cultivate spiritual energy. It was originally a white crabapple from another world, which was formed by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. I got the treasure Canglan Sword by chance. When I went through calamities, who would have thought that it would come with me?" On the body of Baitang with the same name, it is a pity that in this last world, there is no way to absorb the essence of heaven and earth."

  Tang Manli immediately stepped in front of Baitang, and said very seriously: "Sister Captain, you are willing to tell me this. This is your trust in me. Manli must live up to the trust of sister Captain. Sister, please stand back, I will go first."

  Baitang laughed and said: "I'm weak, so I won't let you walk in front of me. Don't forget, I'm the woman who holds Canglan. Canglan is an innate treasure, and it's quite easy to deal with zombies."

  Tang Manli nodded: "That's good."

  Shi Minzhi looked at the two people who were already trapped in the pile of zombies, propped his head on his hands, and let out his thin lips softly.

   "A white crabapple..."

   It seemed that they were afraid of Canglan in Baitang's hands, the zombies just surrounded him and did not attack.

  Baitang smiled slightly: "It really is an interesting little thing, but it's a pity that I ran into it just after it appeared."

  Bai Tang stabbed Canglan into the city's asphalt road with a sword, and grabbed Tang Manli's wrist with one hand.

  Tang Manli swallowed.

   Good A!

  My sister is so handsome without much cultivation!

  The asphalt road began to shatter like a spider's web, and black branches as thick as the arms of an adult man broke through the ground.

  (end of this chapter)

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