Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 48: A sword rampant in the last days (48)

  Chapter 48 A sword rampant in the last days (48)

  Shi Minzhi couldn't help but said: "Captain, don't you look in the mirror?"

  Baitang said narcissistically: "I am naturally beautiful, so I don't need to look in the mirror. I know I am beautiful. When the time comes to look at the mirror and sleep at night, it will not be so good."

   Tang Manli echoed: "Yes, sister captain, don't be too handsome!"

  Baitang glared angrily: "Silly girl, concentrate on driving. Your captain is still in the car. You are as delicate as a flower, and you can't stand tormenting."

  Shi Minzhi's mouth twitched: "..."

  Delicate as a flower?

   Overlord flower! It's just that this overlord flower is about to turn into a small white flower that can be crushed by hand.

  Tang Manli nodded her head as a matter of course: "You can't beat the captain's sister."

  Baitang narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Shi Minzhi, his red lips opened and closed: "Shi Minzhi, when did you change your gender? It seems that you realized that you can't kill me, and I'm too upright."

The corners of Shi Minzhi's mouth twitched again, and he flicked the dust off his sleeve: "The captain must have thought too much. As for me, I hate my parents, but unfortunately they died too early. I hate Shi Moxuan, and I hate those who are like a savior." Save me and kill me."

  Baitang patted his chest: "Then I'm different, I didn't want to save you, I just wanted to kill you."

  Shi Minzhi: "..."

   Mentally said: "The captain had better take care of himself, it's a pity that I died at the hands of others."

  Baitang sighed, leaving him alone, stroking the slippery hair of a coward.

  Driving out of the city, there was another empty land. A bonfire was lit. Those who cooked were cooking, and those who pitched tents.

  Tang Manli was lying on the root bridge, blinking and complaining: "Hey, daredevil, are you still drooling? Look at Yang's father and Yang's mother who can control the drooling. Why are you so stupid?"

  The daredevil bit the iron rod, feeling aggrieved.

  Every time he practices, this woman comes to bother him!

  Why can't she control it? Does she have no idea?


  Unfortunately, this is the end of the sound.

  Xu Songjin saw Tang Manli, walked over, leaned aside and said, "Manli, he can't respond to what you said to him."

  Tang Manli was unmoved, and said with straight eyes: "The captain said."

  Xu Songjin was puzzled: "?"

  Tang Manli didn't explain either, and continued to tease the daredevil.

  Yang Ziyu ran to Baitang's place, stuffed an annoying sweet potato into her mobile phone, and ran away without a trace.

  Shi Min Zhi clicked his tongue lightly, and his tone was not very good: "Little Captain, you are really popular with them."

  Baitang stuck the knife in: "This is just the opposite of you."

  Shi Minzhi fell silent for a while, with a complicated expression, as if he didn't know what to say.

"Little Captain, you are born well. Sitting on a high platform, you naturally don't understand the situation of a person like me who is in the mud. No one is born a bad person. I also started my life as a baby. A piece of white paper, what is it? Whether it's colorful, clean, or dirty, it's all because of someone else."

Baitang turned his eyes, blinked and said: "Then you talk about it. It is said that poor people must have something to hate. According to your words, you should have grown up well, and you don't have to end up full of hostility. "

Shi Minzhi just said: "Captain, if you are in my situation, you may not be like me. You will only be crazier than me. You are not expected to be born, your legs are naturally disabled, and you live under the control of your parents every day." abuse and questioning."

  Baitang's long eyelashes trembled: "I am born with nature, so I will never encounter your situation."

  When Min Zhi got closer, his dark eyes were like whirlpools trying to **** people in: "Little Captain, you have never experienced it, so why blame me? Why do you want me to forgive?"

  (end of this chapter)

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