Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 51: A sword rampant in the last days (51)

  Chapter 51 A sword rampant in the last days (51)

   "Sister Captain, be careful, some people are vicious."

   Tang Manli almost said it was Shi Minzhi directly.

  Baitang took the food and asked casually: "Man Li, where is the coward? How are you doing recently? Can you control yourself?"

  Tang Manli complained: "The coward is so stupid, he stopped drooling, but he still bit the iron rod."

   "Manli is doing very well. You and Ziyu teach them how to speak. Be patient. There will only be more and more zombies here. Go quickly."

   "Okay, sister captain." Tang Manli took the order and went happily.

  Shi Min Zhisan said without hesitation: "The captain is really likable. He brings you meals every day."

  Baitang said: "If you can change your mind and show a little sincerity to others, you can also reap your own true feelings."

  Shi Minzhi's ink-like eyes flickered slightly, and his voice was hoarse and tender: "Little captain, teach me..."

   "Big man, speak well, you'll get goosebumps." Baitang said disgustedly, "If you want to learn, I'll teach you."

  System 168 looked at this scene strangely, and doubted what he saw at night again.

  Shi Minzhi was speechless for a moment, snorted softly, and slid his wheelchair to eat.

   A sentence came from afar: "I am willing."

  Baitang's face was expressionless, but his voice was extremely gentle: "Okay, if you are willing, I will not give up."

  Occasionally there is a small fight, for everyone, it is a tool for practicing. While moving forward, while cultivating, he also did some work to purify the soil and promote the growth of plants.

  In this team, there is almost no atmosphere of doomsday's panic and despair. One month later, we will arrive at the national base soon.

   There are more than a dozen zombies in the car. Daredevil and Yang's father and Yang's mother can already speak some simple words, although they are very stiff.

  At such a juncture, Shi Minzhi unexpectedly met Shi Moxuan. Shi Moxuan's ability was already level eight, and even the girl next to him, Ji Mengmeng, had level six ability.

  Shi Minzhi stared at the figure, clenched his hands into fists, his veins bulged, and his hatred spewed out.

  Shi Minzhi looked at Baitang fiercely: "If he enters the base alive, will the previous deal still count? Captain."

  Baitang blinked lightly: "What deal?"

   It's been too long, and she doesn't remember clearly.

   "If he enters the base alive, Shi Moxuan will deal with me, and I will deal with you." Shi Minzhi narrowed his eyes and said.

   "Sure." Baitang said with a smile.

   Great, that can be put on the agenda.

  When one of Min Min got out of the car, Baitang asked Tang Manli to inform everyone that personal grievances were resolved ahead, and others should not interfere.

  Grandpa helped grandma come over, hesitantly said: "Captain, don't blame the little old man for talking too much, that young man is not a good person, captain should be more vigilant."

  Grandma took out a sword tassel that she made herself, and said: "We two old men made it up, it's nothing rare, the captain will take it."

   Quan Quan is a thank you for saving your life.

  In the last days, it is not easy to live such a life.

  Baitang took it and thanked him.

   What about Jiansui, she was put into the space of System 168 without anyone noticing.

  Cang Lan never hangs any decorations.

  Shi Minzhi held the gun, loaded it, took aim, and fired.

   "Bang bang bang" gunshots sounded.

   But it wasn't for Shi Moxuan's heart.

   Belly, arms, legs.

  The sudden gunshot really startled them. Shi Moxuan reacted quickly and dodged quickly, only to be shot once.

  His people reacted quickly and directly attacked Shi Minzhi, shooting, smashing spiritual power and so on. If he hits the target, Shi Minzhi will have to die again. His secret of immortality will be known by everyone.

  Baitang immediately waved his hand, and a barrier formed to protect Shi Minzhi.

  The cold voice spread very openly: "Shi Moxuan and Shi Minzhi's personal grievances, please don't interfere."

  (end of this chapter)

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