Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 65: A sword rampant in the last days (65)

  Chapter 65 A sword rampant in the last days (65)

  Shi Minzhi went back to the room alone and closed the door.

   Curved the corners of her lips, took a pen, and drew a picture.

   "She was injured, and there is no way to completely protect herself. You should find a way, I can't wait to get out. I want Baitang to die!"

  The voice of the zombie dryad sounded again.

   "Do you know that I was locked in a flower pot and was moved around by a group of ordinary people."

  Shi Min Zhiliang said softly: "What's the rush, it's not the time yet. Even if she is injured, there are not many people who can match her now. It still needs consumption."

   "Could it be that you can't make a move? Are you moved by her?" The zombie dryad questioned.

  Shi Minzhi bent the corners of his lips, and said sarcastically, "You're stupid, but I'm not."

  If he was easily moved, he wouldn't be cruel to himself.

  The zombie tree demon only said: "They came to study again, isn't that woman just a healing ability? Come again!"

  At the end, Shi Minzhi heard the threat of the zombie tree demon: "Don't forget to promise me, or I won't let you go."

   Then there is no sound.

  Shi Minzhi picked up the pen and lightly crossed it.

  A flame jumped from the fingertips, and the paper burned up.

   "Idiot, it's useless, just stay in the flowerpot obediently."

  Confidence in one's word is the quality of an upright person, so how can a villain have it?

   Afterwards, Baitang recuperated for a few months. It was finally recovered, and I specially asked Tang Manli to help repair it. After all, she was using the body of someone else's granddaughter, and leaving her should not have scars that she shouldn't have.

  It wasn't long after I was training, another person came, big and small troubles.

   It lasted almost two years.

   Two years later.

  The national base is also getting bigger and bigger, and the recovered zombies are constantly joining in, regaining the status of residents.

  As long as the zombies do not attack the national base, the national base will not encircle the zombies on a large scale.

  Baitang went to perform some tasks again.

  Shi Minzhi looked at the Canglan Sword that she hadn't picked up for half a year, his eyes darkened. But did not move.

   "Mr. Shi, you are shopping for vegetables again!"

  The woman handed Shi Minzhi a bag.

  Shi Minzhi picked up the vegetables very skillfully, and replied: "The captain is coming back soon, and she is also tired."

  The woman persuaded: "But it's inconvenient for you."

  “Just because I have a disabled leg doesn’t mean I’m a disabled person.”

  The woman asked curiously: "Are you guys together? Baitang, she's actually not suitable for you. She's too busy, too strong, and not gentle enough to take care of you."

  Shi Minzhi smiled: "I don't need you to worry about that. I don't need the captain to take care of me. I can take care of myself."

  The woman said again: "Who doesn't want someone who knows what's cold and what's hot? It's always inconvenient for you."

  Shi Minzhi didn't say much to her, and went back after buying fresh vegetables.

  In the last days, fresh vegetables can still be supplied normally in the base.

  Back to that place, Shi Minzhi never thought about cooking by himself. It is enough to hand over the ingredients to the servant.

   After all, he is a disabled person. It is enough to show a wave of affection and strength in front of others.

  Look, even Tang Manli and cowards are not hostile to him anymore...

  Baitang came back very quickly this time, dragging his tired body, and met Shi Minzhi's deep eyes as soon as he came back.

   "I bought vegetables and had a meal, you go to rest."

  Shi Minzhi spoke first.

   "Then it's better to obey than to be respectful." Baitang yawned wearily.

  Baitang ate very quickly, she really wanted to rest.

  Shi Minzhi said helplessly: "Small captain, eat slowly, and no one will grab you."

   As he spoke, he pushed a glass of water over.

  Baitang drank half a glass of water in one gulp, and said, "You don't understand, you want to sleep your heart."

  (end of this chapter)

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