Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 67: A sword rampant in the last days (67)

  Chapter 67 A sword rampant in the last days (67)

  Hate it, resent it!

   How can there be completely clean people?

  Baitang's eyes fell on the zombies behind, all of them were faces that Baitang had seen before. Wang Xiuchun was still alive after turning into a zombie, and Ji Mengmeng was also inside.

  Shi Minzhi really put his heart into it, and he didn't forget to disgust her at this time.

  Baitang's eyes were extremely sharp: "It is indeed well-intentioned and has been planned for a long time. Outside, there must be rumors that you are a humble suitor."

In this way, Shi Minzhi was a little satisfied: "This is right! Captain, you shouldn't be calm before you die. It's hard for me to always watch you silently and affectionately, gaining both fame and fortune, and suddenly losing what you love, always will sympathize with me."

System 168 couldn't help but said: "Baitang, originally you had a strong soul and could complete the task well, but you didn't listen to me and insisted on killing the blackened boss. Now it's all right, you're dead, and I can rely on the last point to kill the big boss." The energy returns to the Space-Time Administration. I am still alive, so you are not necessarily."

  Baitang ignored the system 168, this thing is really disgusting, and it stands up and down. She clearly didn't agree, and forcibly pulled her here, breaking her original life, but when she was in danger, she was sincerely doing your best, and you ended up like this because you didn't listen to it, it was extremely disgusting.

   I don’t know how many innocent people were pulled to do this dead thing task before her.

  Shi Minzhi said slowly again: "Does it feel good to be betrayed? Captain."

  Shi Minzhi pressed the first button, preventing the zombie's door from opening. They had already returned to normal, but Shi Minzhi manipulated them to do what zombies do.

  The people who had the zombie virus on their bodies were doing everything they did when they were unconscious. He rushed towards the only living person in the cage.

  Baitang managed to dodge, looking extremely embarrassed.

  Shi Minzhi looked at Baitang's extremely embarrassed look with satisfaction, and a gleam of pleasure flashed in his eyes.

  It’s really interesting how embarrassed the captain is...

  With the addition of the power grid, it will definitely look better when it is powered on.

  Thinking about it this way, Shi Minzhi's smile became stronger and stronger, his face was full of gentleness, like a spring breeze.

   Slap tart.

  Shi Minzhi pressed the second button.

   The sound of electric current rang.

  Baitang sighed helplessly, his gaze as calm as water. With a light wave of his hand, the smile on Shi Minzhi's face froze.

   In the next second, his eyes went blank.

   "Papa Papa Papa"

  Baitang smiled and clapped his hands, then snapped his fingers, got out some zombies controlled by Shi Minzhi, and grabbed them casually.

  Who else is in the cage now?

  Shi Minzhi with disabled legs, Wang Xiuchun and her zombie son, the resentful Ji Mengmeng.

   "The villain died from talking too much."

  Baitang faintly pressed the power button, and a buzzing current flowed along the grid.

  The zombies pounced on Shi Minzhi, and Shi Minzhi immediately attacked with a few abilities, killing the three zombies.

  The accident happened too fast, and System 168 didn't recover from it.

  Why was the blackened big boss put into a cage by the host?

  [Host, release Shi Minzhi quickly! You can't fight him! ]

  Baitang simply ignored it.

   I was shocked and my whole body went numb.

  Shi Minzhi's face was very ugly, he was not stupid, and because he was not stupid, he immediately understood that he was being tricked by Baitang.

   "Cang Lan."

  Baitang lazily called out, Shi Minzhi clearly felt that the connection with Canglan was broken...

   Canglan returned to Baitang's hands, and Baitang said distressedly: "I really wronged you."

   With a sound of the sword, it turned into flowing light and entered Baitang's body.

   "The little captain really hides everything..."

  Shi Minzhi quickly thought about what to do next. In the same way, the probability of success the second time is very small.

  (end of this chapter)

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