Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 74: A sword rampant in the last days (74)

  Chapter 74 A sword rampant in the last days (74)

  Tang Manli didn't know where he was imprisoned until Shi Minzhi was imprisoned by Baitang. When she saw him, she was a little surprised.

   "Are you... Shi Minzhi?"

  Shi Minzhi's face didn't change much, he looked lonely and lifeless.

  Hearing the long-lost voice, Shi Minzhi opened his mouth, but didn't speak.


   He has been imprisoned for too long, and he hasn't seen anyone for too long. He has already forgotten how to speak.

Tang Manli thought for a while and said: "I'm really sorry, Shi Minzhi, although my sister is gone, we won. Our Huaguo has a very good tradition. Everyone fights side by side. Everyone is a hero who defends their homeland. We welcome you." Come dawn, here comes a ray of hope. And you have none. You are no more than a coward."

   "Coward is a very brave dog. I didn't expect that after the battle, it died in front of my sister's grave. Shi Minzhi, since you can't die, you will stay in it for the rest of your life."

  Tang Manli thought for a long time and buried this place.

  Shi Minzhi's caged world was truly black.

  He is actually not that extreme anymore.

  After so many years, Shi Moxuan died, his parents died, and the person who pushed him also died. His paranoia and extremes have not been much in this lonely time of imprisonment.

  In the cage, he didn't want to drag all human beings to be buried with him anymore.

   But out of the cage, the evil factor in his bones will definitely make him continue to do it.

   This is a dead end.

  From the beginning, from entering the cage to the back, there is no way to leave unless you die.

  Because of the restriction, Shi Minzhi was not buried, and nothing could enter the cage.

   are gone.

  Will the captain know that the dog she raised has committed suicide and gone looking for her?

  People will abandon you, but dogs will always remember you.

  If possible, he would also keep a loyal dog to accompany him, maybe he would not end up like this now.

  In the darkness, Shi Minzhi slowly closed his eyes and lost his breath.

  The corpse dissipated in a puff of smoke, the restraint was lifted, and the cage collapsed.

  No one knew that Shi Minzhi was gone just like that.

  System 168 forcibly took Baitang to the next world, and unexpectedly received the news that the mission had been completed.

   Shocked cannot be shocked.

What? The task is actually completed?

  Just Baitang's method? It was killing again, and imprisoning again, and it was completed.

  Shock is nothing but shock, System 168 is still very happy, but it feels that it can't let Baitang see its joy.

   After the host task is completed, then there will be points, which means that he can gradually become stronger, so that he can upgrade and become the big brother in the system.

  Baitang deliberately cooperated with the wave and entered the next world without observing the environment first.

   This little system hasn't been cleaned up yet.

  System 168 checked several articles, but really didn’t get any points.

   It's weird.

  Obviously the task panel shows that the host task has been completed, but there is no point reward.

   This is against the rules, this is not scientific!

  Baitang imitated System 168, and suddenly said: "Small system, what, the points haven't arrived yet?"

  System 168: [How do you know? ]

  Baitang smiled and said: "Because the points are with me, I deducted them."

  System 168 can't believe it: [Impossible, how could you do it?]

  Baitang pinched the core of the system, with a kind smile on his face, and destroyed a part of the core.

  ! !

  System 168's heart is bleeding.

   What kind of host is this? !

   His core data!

  Baitang said coldly: "Little System, I have warned you a long time ago. Want to upgrade? It's impossible. If you want to escape, let me tell you, it's also impossible. Don't worry, I won't let you die either."

  Baitang only intends to give System 168 a little energy, it is enough to hang his life.

  (end of this chapter)

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