Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 83: The Empress Destroys Your Country (9)

  Chapter 83 The Empress Destroys Your Country (9)

Another whip, with the sound of howling wind, hit Baitang through the air. Baitang had already left the bed, with a shake of her shoulders, she took off the heavy robe, and threw her hand on Nie Suzhi's head. , holding the log in one hand, turned around, dropped the heavy phoenix crown on his head, pulled out the phoenix hairpin, and shot straight at Nie Suzhi's throat.

Nie Suzhi shattered the phoenix robe with a sharp whip. Facing the menacing Fengchai, Nie Suzhi showed his good waist and dodged it. Really terrible strength.

  Looking at Baitang again, with the force of the rotation, he stepped on the log, made a volley, and landed neatly on the place where Nie Suzhi had just held the weapon, and stretched out his hand to draw a red wreath spear. At this time, the noise was not too loud, and no one came in. On the emperor's wedding night, it was not surprising to hear any sounds, not the sound of fighting or screaming.

  Nie Suzhi flicked his whip cruelly: "My queen, you are really surprising, so let me see how many surprises you have that I don't know."

  Baitang raised his eyes provocatively, his eyes shining brightly: "I am full of surprises! Your Majesty may not be able to find them all in his life."

   After speaking, Baitang feinted and started to attack.

  It's a pity that Cang Lan can't be used, Cang Lan can be transformed into any weapon, which is the most suitable for her.

  Nie Suzhi took up the challenge calmly. I have to say that unilateral abuse for a long time will look dull and boring. It is more interesting to come to such a martial artist and clean up.

  You can hear the sound of piercing through the air with a whip. Compared with Tiebian, the advantage of Hongying Spear is not that great. Finding the right opportunity, Baitang stepped on the tail of the iron whip and exerted a lot of force. Hong Ying shot out, aiming at the weak point of the whip, smashing the whip, Nie Suzhi's reaction was also very fast, Immediately abandon the whip and go to get other weapons.

  His seventh queen is really good! Destroyed the most convenient whip he used, very good!

  Why would Baitang give him a chance to get a weapon.

  The game was over, and Nie Suzhi suddenly felt that Baitang's strength had suddenly risen to a higher level. The red wreath gun raised the iron whip and came at a tricky angle. At the same time, Baitang, who was holding the red wreath gun, was like an arrow flying from the string, and quickly attacked Nie Suzhi. The speed was too fast, and Nie Suzhi could only Dodge one, if you dodge the whip, you won't be able to dodge Baitang's shot at him. The two powers choose the lesser, Nie Suzhi decisively made a decision to dodge the whip.

  The spear entered the body with a "puff", and blood gushed out.

very good! He hasn't been injured for a long time, and he is a queen who is full of surprises...

Nie Suzhi's hands were like sharp weapons to cut off the body of the Hongying Spear. Bai Tang held the other end and turned around to avoid Nie Suzhi's attack. With a figure like a ghost, he walked around behind Nie Suzhi and slammed it fiercely. Kick at Nie Suzhi.

   There was a lot of noise in the room, but none of the guards outside entered. Presumably, the new queen was severely abused, but it was their Majesty who was abused.

  Bai Tang held the tail of the red wreath gun that Nie Suzhi had broken off, and quickly chased Nie Suzhi away. With his hand raised, he stabbed fiercely at Nie Suzhi's heart.

  System 168 couldn't sit still again, eager to stop Baitang: "Host, you killed the blackened big boss again!"

   "Stop it! You are already so good, isn't it enough?"

   "What he needs is reformation! Not killing!"

  Baitang didn't hesitate at all, and with all his strength, he pierced into Nie Suzhi's heart. By the way, he replied to the system: "If you need influence, tell me why Shi Minzhi died?"

  (end of this chapter)

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