Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 87: The Empress Destroys Your Country (13)

  Chapter 87 The Empress Destroys Your Country (13)

  It didn't take a day for such a big event to happen in the palace, and it spread all over the streets and alleys all at once.

   Officers and soldiers everywhere began to put up arrest warrants, and on the arrest warrants were the portraits of Bai Tang and Wen Yueqing.

  Baitang and Wen Yueqing were not in a hurry to go out, and went to a teahouse to listen to the news.

  Everyone said this matter was very cautious, their voices were very low, but Baitang heard it very clearly.

   "Have you heard? The dog emperor was assassinated last night!"

   "Tell me carefully, who is a hero who acts for the heavens? He is really a role model for our generation! Has this hero not been caught?"

   Not only was he not caught, but he was also having tea with you here!

   "It's not a hero, but a young lady. Didn't General Luo imprison more than 30 women into the palace yesterday?"

   "I know about this. Speaking of it, they are unlucky enough. The family members were killed, but what does it matter?"

   "You don't know this. Didn't the dog emperor refer to one of the little ladies, Baitang, as the seventh empress yesterday? The person who assassinated the dog emperor was Baitang, the new queen who was just established by the dog emperor yesterday."

   "Nice job!"

   "Now the streets are full of people arresting her. It is said that she also took another little lady from the Department of Punishment. Maybe she is still in this capital."

   "I'm ashamed of myself. The little lady can still go to assassinate the dog emperor and get away with it. It's really a woman."

   After all, it's about the assassination, the hunt, the dog emperor ordered Baitang to be killed.

  Wen Yueqing took Baitang's hand, leaned into Baitang's arms very naturally, and said, "Husband, when will we go back to my mother's house?"

  Baitang embraced Wen Yueqing's shoulders, and said softly: "My wife is too late, we must buy some good things for my father-in-law, so that we can look good."

  From the eyes of outsiders, Baitang and Wen Yueqing are a very loving couple.

  Wen Yueqing blinked her moist eyes, where did they get the money? The two of them escaped from the palace with nothing on them. Baitang does have them, but none of them can be sold off. The jewels used by the royal family, Zhuchai, all have specific markings, and anyone with a discerning eye can recognize them at a glance. Naturally, it is very important to pay attention to the incident of Baitang again. , both of them will be intercepted and killed.

  Baitang only said mysteriously: "Miss, wait for me here for a while, I will go back as soon as I go for my husband."

   It's over! Baitang felt that she was about to become a disciple, and it became more and more natural to take advantage of other girls.

  Wen Yueqing became even more curious, and waited for Baitang with peace of mind. To be honest, Baitang gave her a stronger sense of security than her father. Not long after, Baitang came back with a big bag full of money.

  This... Miss Bai is amazing!

  Baitang approached and said: "Sometimes, gambling houses are also a good place."

   So it is!

  Wen Yueqing's thinking has opened up a bit. Before, he only thought that gambling was bad. Sometimes, knowing a little more can change the embarrassing situation. Miss Bai is really amazing!

  Baitang is now disguised as a man, with a lot less restraint in many places, and he buys gifts for his "father-in-law" in a decent manner.

   When the city gate was about to be closed, Baitang hired a carriage, took a box of books, and walked out of the city gate very easily.

  Baitang was riding the horse outside, and Wen Yueqing was flipping through the books Baitang bought in the carriage. It's very interesting, these books are all about the local conditions and customs of various places.

  At about the same time, Baitang stopped to rest.

  Wen Yueqing asked: "Miss Bai, tell me, where should we go first as a starting point, as our Taoyuan."

  Baitang took out a map from the book, pointed to a place and said, "Southern Fujian."

  Wen Yueqing was puzzled: "Isn't southern Fujian a desolate place? Turks often harass it and it's very chaotic."

  Baitang explained with a smile: "It's easy to make things happen. Before my ambition is exposed, no one would think that you and I will go to southern Fujian thousands of miles away."

  (end of this chapter)

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