Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 97: The Empress Destroys Your Country (23)

  Chapter 97 The Empress Destroys Your Country (23)

  He is not stupid, so he naturally knows what kind of infamy he will bear if he does this, but he doesn't care.

  So, after learning that Nie Suzhi had changed the time of going to court, Baitang thoughtfully changed the time of work and rest back.

  Forget it, being dragged into a dream by him is not a big deal, at most it's annoying.

  So, when Nie Suzhi found that he couldn't drag her to sleep through the clothes Baitang wore during the day, he could naturally think that Baitang had adjusted his work and rest time back. When Telford announced the normal time for the upper and lower courts, all the ministers showed expressions of relief.

  After only a few days of upside-down day and night, they feel that they can't stand it.

  Baitang continued to go to Minnan. Along the way, he rescued those who had a close eye, or turned into a stolen car and went to Minnan together.

   When Nie Suzhi dragged her into the dream again, Baitang didn't respond at all, she was numb.

   Presumably the only way to torture her spirit is to find someone who can't find her?

   His hands and feet were tied again, and his whole body was chained.

  Baitang doesn't want to struggle, why is there still struggling in the dream? It's all vain anyway. With his eyes closed, Baitang wanted to try if he could fall asleep again in his dream.

  Nie Suzhi: "..."

  He did not expect Baitang to adapt so quickly.

   I am not at all curious about my situation, what a good attitude...

   "Emperor, why don't you die?"

   Rough fingers rubbed against Baitang's face, to be honest, it was quite uncomfortable.

  Baitang opened his eyes helplessly, who is it this time?

  Glanced at it, it was an old man somewhat similar to Nie Suzhi.

   Oh, it should be the old emperor.

  The old emperor is also a pervert?

   Thinking of this, the corners of Baitang's mouth twitched, two perverts raised a big pervert.

  She felt that the more she knew, the more likely she would become a freak.

  Knowing that Nie Suzhi was watching in secret, Baitang retorted unhurriedly: "You let me die, why don't you die?"

  The old emperor was stunned for a moment, and then his face was as cold as a storm.

  He picked up a red soldering iron from the side, and Baitang really didn't know what to say when he saw it. With such parents, Nie Suzhi is pitiful and pathetic, but now he has become like his parents.

Baitang said complicatedly: "I really don't know what you guys are thinking. If you don't like this child, why did you let him come into this world? Is it just to satisfy your desire to abuse? Does Nie Suzhi owe you something? ?”

   "Tang'er, what are you talking about? Why can't my father understand it? It doesn't matter. If you don't understand, it must be Tang'er's problem. Tang'er is too bad. Your mother gave you dog meat, but you didn't eat it."

  Baitang: "..."

   I was completely speechless.

   There is no point in talking to a psycho, especially if the neuro is a memory neuro.

   And the dog meat he mentioned, Baitang thought of the woman in the palace dress before, holding the **** meat and trying to force-fed her.

  Could it be... this dog belongs to Nie Suzhi?

  The queen killed this dog, and wanted to force Nie Suzhi to eat his dog?

  Seeing that the soldering iron was about to fall on Baitang's chest, Baitang broke free from the iron chain, grabbed the soldering iron from the old emperor's hand, and stamped it on the old emperor's face.

  Even in the dream, Baitang knew everything was fake, but she was very angry. Even if they are all false, she still wants to make these perverts miserable one by one.

   Raised a big perverted two perverts, let her scream!

  The dream disappeared again, and Baitang threw away the soldering iron in his hand.

   shouted: "Hey! Nie Suzhi, are you still hiding? Have you played enough?"

  Nie Suzhi was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, "Queen, how could you break free so easily?"

  Baitang: "Nonsense, you dragged me into a dream, but this dream is my dream. Since I am my master, I have no fear, so I am invincible."

  (end of this chapter)

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