Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 99: The Empress Destroys Your Country (25)

  Chapter 99 The Empress Destroys Your Country (25)

  Baitang's eyes were very gentle, showing firmness, and he felt that he would definitely succeed at the first glance. After saying this, Baitang yawned, and lazily said: "It's really annoying, I'm still sleepy in my dream. Nie Suzhi, you dragged me into my dream, too. It's time to wash up and sleep, get out!"

  Baitang's first sentence was very gentle, but the latter sentence changed his face in seconds, kicking Nie Suzhi out of his dream.

  Song Zhi suffered humiliation, and she felt more and more distressed about those women who had experienced the same experience as her, and took risks to save them. Nie Suzhi suffered what he suffered today, he wanted everyone in the world to suffer once, it was too extreme and pathological.

  Nie Suzhi, who was kicked out by Baitang again, is actually used to it. He ordered Defu to hold the lamp, took a pen and paper, and splashed ink on the rice paper to draw.

  The woman in the painting has smooth black hair scattered on her shoulders, and she is dressed in simple and ordinary clothes, but she has an unspeakable temperament.

  Since he discovered Baitang disguised as a man last time, Baitang's dressing up in her dream has always been like this.

  Nie Suzhi pulled out the map again, looked at it carefully, and guessed where Baitang might be.

   To make the world prosperous and prosperous, to create a paradise.

  Then...it must be secret, there must be this condition.

  Nie Suzhi circled a few places on the map, and thought of the word "human world".

   Are you trying to overthrow him?

  As a woman, it seems that she will choose the most likely force.

  Thinking about it, Nie Suzhi circled a few more locations. The only exception is that southern Fujian is not included. Affected by this era, no man would think that there would be a woman who would think of overthrowing a regime on her own, at most relying on other forces.

  Women, the idea of ​​being a vassal of men is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which makes Baitang's work more secretive. At the same time, it is more difficult to fight for a relative equality and break people's inherent ideas.

  The portrait and map were handed over to Defu, and Nie Suzhi sat on the high hall and said: "Focus on investigating these locations and send more secret guards."

   That team cannot move yet. Nie Suzhi would feel that it was not worth it to move that team for the sake of a woman.

   Telford naturally made arrangements. His Majesty has a lot of secrets, and after so many days, he is still able to draw a portrait of the Empress. It seems that the assassination of the Empress has left a psychological shadow on His Majesty, so it is so impressive.

There are rumors everywhere, Baitang is being arrested everywhere, and even some people from the rivers and lakes who are only out for money are involved, but Baitang is like a needle dropped into the sea, and there is no news at all. As a result, many people doubted whether Baitang was dead.

   As everyone knows, Baitang's life is much more comfortable. Along the way, I picked up several good people, and often instilled in them some management, military law, and people's livelihood.

   It's just that every time he goes to bed at night, he will be dragged into the dream he constructed by Nie Suzhi. Over time, Bai Tang doesn't even bother to say a word, he is really numb.

  Three months later, Baitang and his party arrived in southern Fujian smoothly.

  The mountains here are undulating, the terrain is complex, and the refugees gather, some occupy the mountains and become kings and become robbers and bandits. The government's attitude towards this can be described as extremely indulgent, and they don't care about it.

   Arriving here, Baitang removed the disguises of several people. Southern Fujian is really remote and the conditions are difficult.

Baitang directly chose a mountain range that was most likely to hide a large number of bandits, intending to lure them to arrest their group, so he came up with a tactic, and in front of the bandits, he swung a knife and beheaded their most reckless person. people.

  Baitang intends to teach Wen Yueqing and Song Zhi, and takes them with him wherever he goes.

  They watched the heroic girl Bai in their hearts become the biggest bandit leader in just a few days, and beat up all those who refused to accept it. The attack was so ruthless that people dare not look at it.

  (end of this chapter)

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