Quick Transmute Substitute Female A [Female A Male O]

Quick Transmute Substitute Female A [Female A Male O]


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Lu Ruanruan is a salted fish Alpha, the biggest wish in life is: lie down and win
But the reality is always bad luck and poverty.
The day she was slandered as a stand-in and lost her chatting job.
Lu Ruanruan was angry, driven by strong resentment.
she got a system
The system required her to dress up as a stand-in for the heroine in ten ABO novels about chasing husbands and crematoriums.
As long as she can achieve Liying, she can realize her wish in real life.
Lu Ruanruan: That’s not easy, lie down and win, do it!
However, later, the plot line of each mission world will have strange deviations.
The task is upgraded to hard mode.
first world:
The substitute lover of school grass
Lazy Lu Ruanruan: The school bully insists on forcing me to study. If I don’t study, I won’t get enough food. I somehow became a high-tech top talent.
Second world:
Big Brother’s Sister
Lazy Lu Ruanruan: Brother Little Sweet Cake is going to die soon, how to break the treatment madness, wait online

Every time she travels through a world, Lu Ruanruan will inexplicably master a skill.
And these skills seemed to belong to her in the first place.
After shedding a layer of skin from the fast travel world, after completing the mission, Lu Ruanruan’s skills are full.
One day in a bar, I ran into my former employer “Boss Huo”.
Sitting in the dim yellow and dark place, the long legs of the man O are curled up, his bones are cold and sharp.
He raised his eyes and looked over, his eyes met, and they were scattered.
Lu Ruanruan froze in place, frantically putting together chaotic memory fragments in his mind.
She was like watching flowers on a horse, and saw another self.
She walked up to the man: “Sorry, I’m late.”
A mist flickered in the man’s eyes: “It’s okay…you just need to remember.”
Demining: Every hero in the world is a person, with a lot of personal settings. I can only give the last spoiler: the heroine is a super boss. Shocking reverse text, so it may be slow time travel.

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