Still In Bluestar, How Did The Rabbit Start the Starcraft?

Still In Bluestar, How Did The Rabbit Start the Starcraft?


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Li Qiu became a weapon engineering student at the University of Defense Technology after crossing the border.

In order to find inspiration for his graduation project, Li Qiu loaded many modern warfare and interstellar warfare games on his mobile phone.

But when Li Qiu was playing these games, he found that he could actually analyze the technology of weapons and equipment in these games?

Therefore, Li Qiu designed his graduation work as a super individual combat equipment with electromagnetic rifle and exoskeleton armor, which shocked all the mentors and leaders!

After entering the design institute, Li Qiu's research has become increasingly deviated from Bluestar's technological route: armed battle armor, nether energy ray rifle, magnetic storm tank, air carrier...

When Li Qiu brought out the Star Destroyer and successfully set it up for training, Yingjiang, who was far away on the other side of the ocean, was completely stunned:

"Rabbit, we are still in Blue Star, why did you start StarCraft in advance?"

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