Survive in the Wilderness! The Actor King Sits in My Arms and Weeps

Survive in the Wilderness! The Actor King Sits in My Arms and Weeps


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[Entertainment Circle + Live Streaming + Wilderness Survival + Sick Jiao + Mutual Pet Sweet Text + Infrastructure]

Dayan’s first female emperor crossed over, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she became an 18th-tier actress of the same name, participating in a variety show of survival in the wilderness.

Netizen: Is there no threshold for this variety show? What crooked melons and cracked dates are coming to participate?

Su Yangyang: I am indeed incompetent.

However, when the camera turns…

Open up wasteland and farm fields, set up traps, build wooden fish, fork fish with bare hands, climb trees to pick fruits, tear wild boars by hand, weave fishing nets, learn Chinese medicine…

The program effect is directly full!

Netizen 1: What the hell is lack of ability? ? ?

Netizen 2: Sister Yang yyds! ! !

However, on the way of the continuous show, there was a sick actor by his side, who was always weak and fell into his arms.

Su Yangyang: Men are really annoying.

Until one day, Emperor Bo Ying covered the camera, changed the way he used to be sick, and directly pressed her against the wall and kissed her.

The next day, the barrage sent Su Yangyang to the hot search.

Su Yangyang: Mosquito bites, it was a misunderstanding.

Bo Yingdi forwarded: @Su Yangyang. I heard that my name was changed to Mosquito?

That night, the entire network was paralyzed.

This book is also known as: “How I Made Wilderness Survival into Love” and “What Should I Do If a Sick Actor Wants 100 Kisses a Day” and “Can a Man Be Poisoned If He Loves It Too Much”

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