Syndication: I was a ninja in the Yokai era

Syndication: I was a ninja in the Yokai era


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During the Warring States period, a hundred ghosts walked at night.

The Great Yokai Fox sits in Kyoto and is the lord of the Mighty Fox.

The noble son of the Western Kingdom, Killing Pill, is about to start a bloody battle with the tanuki clan to prove the name of the dog god.

The monster sage Yakumo purple in the white jade building, laughing at the changes in the world.

And it was in this turbulent era that Nanxing came with the [Ninja Training System].

“Susa set the Great Buddha, one person destroys the four kingdoms.”

“Yakumo Blue (Nine-Tailed Fox), you are too dangerous!”

“Let the world feel pain!”

——— dividing line of dreaming———

Worlds involved: Inuyasha, Grandson of the Slippery Ghost, Noragami, Touhou Project^

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novels: “Omnibus: I was a ninja in the age of monsters”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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