The Blackened Ex Can’t Be Shaken Off

The Blackened Ex Can’t Be Shaken Off

Can't Get Rid Of The Blackened Ex 黑化前任甩不掉

1 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 2 minute ago


Once Su Mu travelled 300 years back to the beginning of the end of the world, he was shocked to find out that the body he was attached to was actually the object of affection of the powerhouse Luo Beiyao.

The number one listed on the world’s rank was his abandoned ex-boyfriend. Su Mu couldn’t help but complain about the original owner. Just a few days after their ugly breakup, the apocalypse broke out, and the ex-boyfriend became the strongest in the apocalypse.

Like slapping his own face, this feeling is too hot and sour.
The complaints gradually weakened, and the original body he complained about countless times turned out to be his previous life??!!

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