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Standing on top of the four-winged dragon’s head, Du Kang held a piece of paper in his right hand.

On the paper were written some of the materials needed by Lin Yao and Xingid.

The enchantment material required by Lin Yao is simple, according to Lin Yao, his enchantment can use any material, and the effect of enchantment is different according to the type of material attributes.

And Singid recently planned to make an alchemy item called ‘Spirit Breaking Elixir’.

According to Singid, the effect of the Spirit Breaker allows human players to permanently increase damage to spirit monsters.

This made Du Kang very curious, the potion that can permanently increase the damage to monsters, Du Kang naturally wants.

So far, Du Kang has encountered many spirit monsters, and if he can obtain the ‘Spirit Breaking Elixir’, it is naturally good.

However, if you want to make a ‘spirit breaking potion’, you also need materials on the spirit BOSS, and this time Singid gave Du Kang a small knife called the ‘Spirit Peeling Dagger’, which can scrape some of the skin tissue of the spirit BOSS from the spirit BOSS.

In addition to the spirit stripping dagger that Singid gave Du Kang, Lin Yao also gave Du Kang a dagger called ‘Gathering Knife’, which is different from the spirit peeling dagger, and the collection knife can collect enchanted materials available on any boss.

And Du Kang’s destination this time is the Dongying Empire.

According to the information Du Kang got in the chat network, there are quite a few spirit bosses in the Dongying Empire now.

Ghost Doll Hanako, Curse Reiko Coconut, Midnight Fierce Sadako.

In addition, there are a large number of ghost-like bosses.

In general, the Dongying Empire is now basically full of spirit bodies and ghost-like bosses.

Just from the information on the chat network, Du Kang could basically anticipate the danger of the Dongying Empire, and he really didn’t know how the human players of the Dongying Empire survived.

Now that even the Kimchi Country has been destroyed, the Dongying Empire, which has more bosses than the Kimchi Country, is actually still alive, and Du Kang feels that the human players of the Dongying Empire really have a strong desire to survive.


Because Kyoto and the Dongying Empire were relatively close apart, after the four-winged dragon flew for a day, Du Kang reached the territory of the Dongying Empire.

When Du Kang arrived at the territory of the Dongying Empire, Du Kang felt uncomfortable.

It seems that something has targeted him, but Du Kang does not care too much, with his current strength, even if there is a boss of the level of Killing Buddha again, he can deal with it.

And Du Kang didn’t think that the Dongying Empire would have a boss of the level of the Killing Buddha.

Toku Kang first planned to go to Honmachi Elementary School in Osaka’s Kamimoto Town.

The ghost doll Hanako now occupies the school, and the area of Kamimotomachi, where the Honmachi elementary school is located, is now a forbidden area for human players, and once someone from the native of the Toei Empire enters it, it will inevitably die a tragic death.

But where is this upper town, Du Kang really doesn’t know, the town of the Bi Empire is equivalent to the town of Huaxia, even if it is a Chinese person, it is difficult to go to a strange and unfamiliar town, not to mention that Du Kang now only goes to a foreign country, looking for a town in a foreign country, the difficulty can be imagined.

As a last resort, Du Kang had to search for useful information on the Internet.

Unfortunately, Du Kang did not find useful information on the chat network.

Du Kang had to post a message on the chat network in the tone of a human player of the Dongying Empire.

[It’s terrible, the ghost doll Hanako has started killing again! ] 】

After Du Kang sent this message, many people immediately replied.

【What?】 Ghost doll Hanako killed again? How so, isn’t Hanako, the ghost doll, unable to leave Osaka? 】

[Oh my God, the ghost doll Hanako has now been able to leave Osaka, so if it continues, won’t it be able to reach anywhere in our Dongying Empire, and who will be able to control it then?] 】

[Ghost Doll Hanako is now a 100-level king-level BOSS, because of it, now the whole of Osaka has become a ghost town, if it is allowed to continue to kill, then our Dongying Empire will inevitably become the next kimchi country! ] 】

[The gods are on top, who can kill the ghost doll Hanako, I don’t want to become a victim of the ghost doll Hanako, and now Sadako and Gacoa have also left the original area and began to expand the area to slaughter human players! ] 】

[Is our Dongying Empire going to end?] Is our Dongying Empire going to become the next pickle nation? 】

Du Kang saw one of his messages, which actually attracted so many replies, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Now he has got the news he wants.

The ghost doll Hanako is now haunted in Osaka, and he also knows about the rank of the ghost doll Hanako.

Du Kang turned off the chat network and then rode the four-winged dragon towards the Osaka area.

Du Kang knows Osaka’s location because of the ‘map function’.

This map function also appeared on the chat network not long ago, and through the ‘map function’, Du Kang can determine his location and the location of Osaka.

Of course, this ‘map function’ is a bit crude, only the location of cities around the world, not very detailed, Du Kang is not very clear why the map on this ‘map function’ is so crude, otherwise, he can directly find Uehonmachi through the ‘map function’.

Two hours later!

Du Kang arrived in Osaka on a four-winged dragon.

In peacetime, Osaka was a well-known city in the Toei Empire and a popular attraction for foreign tourists.

But now Osaka is completely dark.

Du Kang looked at Osaka in front of him, and had a feeling of re-entering the magic capital ruled by the Killing Buddha.

It is clear that it is daytime, but the sky in Osaka is dark, just like the sky before the rainstorm is coming, although it is not dark or fingerless, but after entering Osaka, it makes Du Kang have a very depressed feeling.

Du Kang let the four-winged dragon land on the streets of Osaka, then retracted the four-winged dragon, equipped with the Yin Shuai suit, and equipped with the Holy Light Greatsword.

According to the information spoken by the human players of the Toei Empire, the ghost doll Hanako is now in Osaka.

Du Kang walked for a distance, and he only felt that the sense of depression in his heart became stronger, which made him feel a little strange.

None of the Killing Buddhas caused him this feeling, and a ghost doll Hanako was naturally even less likely to cause him this feeling.

Unless there are other more powerful bosses in Osaka besides the ghost doll Hanako, otherwise, it is impossible to explain where the sense of depression that Du Kang feels in his heart now comes from.

Du Kang summoned Black Impermanence, because Black Impermanence is also a spirit type BOSS, perhaps Black Impermanence can sense whether there are other bosses in Osaka besides the ghost doll Hanako.

“Black Impermanence, in this city, do you feel any powerful aura?” Du Kang asked. _

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