The King

Chapter 10: final preparations

  Chapter 10 final preparations

  On the training ground, five hundred soldiers temporarily recruited are running around the camp. Beside them were ten teenagers holding whips and serving as instructors.

   If you run too fast, you will be whipped, if you run too slowly, you will be whipped, if the queue is not neat, you will be whipped, and everyone will lose their temper completely.

   It can be seen that the enslavement education in the territory is still very successful, and the imaginary thorns have not appeared.

   After secretly despising the backward enslavement education, Hudson enjoyed the results with peace of mind.

  With such a short time, it is obviously too late to carry out military training. What he can do now is to teach them to obey.

   Even if you are preparing to paddle, you still need to do what you should. The actual combat effectiveness is not important, the key is to look combat effective.

  Don't look at Earl Pierce being worthless in front of his own father, when it really needs to be faced, Hudson still dare not take it lightly.

  Anyway, it would be effortless for a big man like him to kill a small bean like him.


   "Hudson, we're leaving the day after tomorrow. Is there time for training now?"

   Baron Redman said worriedly.

  Although he felt that his son had the talent for military training, the time was still too short. In order to ensure that they will be on the road on time, they dare not even practice too hard.

   In terms of training intensity, it is not even comparable to military training in military academies. It's not that Hudson is soft-hearted, it's mainly because the soldiers' physical fitness can't keep up.

  In this era of backward productivity, it is the conscience of the lord to eat black bread with added ingredients.

   It is so difficult to fill the stomach, let alone those who are not nutritious.

  Nutrition can't keep up, and they have to undertake heavy labor. Over the years, the body will naturally not get better.

   This is also the reason why everyone flocks to the Baron's Mansion every time it recruits people. No matter what job it is, as long as you hang out with the master, you can at least fill your stomach.

  For example, right now, with so much tossing around, no one wants to back down.

   It is dangerous to go to the battlefield, but high risks have high rewards. It has nothing to do with them to reach the sky in one step, but as long as they make military exploits, there is still a chance to join the **** team.

   Most of the guards in the baron's mansion were produced in this way.

   Taking this step not only solved the stomach problem, but also obtained the qualification to practice fighting qi.

  Once you become a soldier, the treatment is different. Not only is food, clothing, housing and transportation all covered, but you can also receive a salary.

   "Don't worry, father. We don't expect to train an elite soldier in a short period of time, as long as they look capable of fighting on the outside.

  The recruitment is so strong, even if the area ravaged by the rebels is deducted, the southeastern province can mobilize tens of thousands of troops.

  With so many troops belonging to different families, it is not that simple to command them freely. At that time, most of them will be mixed up. Once they fight, who can tell the difference! "

   Hudson said calmly.

   It was an undisguised contempt for Earl Pierce's mobilization order.

  Taking my family as an example, the castle guards can defeat the five hundred soldiers in front of them with a single charge.

   Calling up a large number of troops at one time, in addition to sounding imposing, is actually asking for trouble.

  Once a fight really starts, you will find that whether it is logistics, command, or combat effectiveness, it is terrible.

  Instead of this, it is better to mobilize a small number of noble elites. Not only is the command convenient and the logistics guaranteed, but the combat effectiveness is also stronger.

  Hudson doesn't think it's just his own obedience. I am afraid that the nobles who sense something is wrong will choose to hide their strength.


   "If this is the case, then it would be the best. It's just that you have no combat experience after all, so you should be cautious when you are on the battlefield, and don't try to be arrogant.

  This is a letter I wrote to a few old friends. If you encounter you on the battlefield, you will give it to them. For my sake, they should take care of you a bit.

  However, this cannot be relied on. If there is a danger, or if there is a big interest involved, none of these people can be relied on.

  If the situation is unfavorable, you should put your life first without damaging your family's reputation. Remember: there is hope only when people are alive. "

   Baron Redman said earnestly.

   It just fell into Hudson's ears, but it was extremely uncomfortable. I don't know if it's an illusion, but Hudson always feels that his father is implying him: he can be a deserter at a critical moment.

   You must know that being a deserter is completely inconsistent with chivalry. Nobles can be captured, but once they become deserters on the battlefield, they can no longer mix in the circle.

  For the sake of family reputation, many nobles would rather die in battle or be captured than deserters.

   Of course, it is not impossible to operate. As long as an unknown little character like Hudson is a little smart, even if he becomes a deserter, no one will notice.

   The big deal is to go far away. With the speed of news transmission these days, the probability of being discovered is not high.

   "Father, did you agree to let me lead the army?"

   Hudson asked in surprise.

  Originally, he was prepared to be rejected. After all, it is unreliable for a sixteen-year-old boy to lead troops to the expedition. No matter how good the reason is, it cannot change the flaws of age and experience.

   I didn't expect that there would be a turning point. Whatever the reason, Hudson was pleasantly surprised.

   Life-saving is paramount on the battlefield, so there is no need to be reminded. As a traverser, Hudson would not dare to wave when the golden finger is not strong enough.

  What kind of chivalry, noble glory, family reputation, the burden of these traditional nobles, all of which do not exist here.

  From the very beginning, Hudson made a plan, which can be summed up as - "Don't seek merit, but seek no fault."

   "Don't be too happy, this counter-rebellion is not that simple. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to gain military exploits, you can support it as a father, but if you lose your life, you can't blame others."

   Baron Redman said sternly.

   It can be seen that he really has high hopes for Hudson. Everything is determined by the social environment. In the continent of Aslante, if the little nobles want to go further, there are only two ways: either you are particularly capable of fighting; or you command the army to be particularly capable of fighting.

  Compared with the former way, the latter has a higher upper limit obviously. After all, it is a low-magic world. No matter how powerful an individual is, he cannot fight against a country.

  As strong as Sanctuary, you must run faster in front of thousands of troops. The myths of an enemy country only exist in myths after all.

  Compared to the unattainable to become a strong man, the latter path has countless successful examples. Although the big nobles occupy high positions in the court, there are also shadows of small and medium nobles.

  After several generations of management, it is nothing new for a small noble to counterattack and become a big noble.

   To be precise, it cannot be regarded as a counterattack. The aristocratic group has been married for generations, and the internal relationship is intricate. If it is really about blood, there is a high probability that they can still be connected together.

  (end of this chapter)

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