The King

Chapter 100: Reciprocity

   "Karliss, what did you do? Didn't you agree to act secretly and don't cause trouble?

  Now the nobles in the entire Arbor County are moving, and perhaps it won't be long before this range will expand to the southeastern province. "

   The masked man asked angrily.

   Killing a little knight is nothing, and dozens of soldiers are even more negligible. But it should never be, never should be, it should not be exposed.

  Callis's identity was not disclosed, but he, the boss, was blamed. So much so that the Skeleton Lord doesn't dare to stand up now, lest he be bumped into by the nobles who are all soldiers.

   "Holy Master, I don't want to be exposed either! But that guy had met me before and questioned me as soon as he came up.

  My temporary identity can't stand up to sales at all, and it's gone in a few words. That guy directly ordered to take people, I have to resist! "

  Kallis said with a depressed face.

   The fleeting time is unfavorable, and everything goes wrong.

   Originally thought that behind the masked man was the support of a bunch of great nobles. After joining in, he could avoid the pursuit and killing of the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom.

  It turned out that he was completely overthinking. Putting on the mask really opened up a new life—the life of Dongzang XZ.

  As long as you don't reveal your identity, you won't be hunted down by the Alpha Kingdom. But once the identity is revealed, it is the current situation.

  The so-called support of the great nobles is pure nonsense. Although their current career is sacred, but based on the bad things they did before, who would believe that they are anti-Holy See before they have made some achievements?

  The majestic "Skeleton Lord" is actually no different from him, and they are both the most wanted criminals of the Alpha Kingdom.

  Frankly speaking, Carliss' makeup skills are not bad. It's a pity that Knight Florian is a former member of the Fifth Army, and he has witnessed him pretending to be aggressive.

  Although he didn't recognize him at a glance, he was suspicious. It was bad luck for Florian, who mistook him for some low-class thief, otherwise he would not have foolishly ordered to arrest him.

  The man was not caught, but unfortunately he lost his life in vain. If it weren't for the appearance of other noble teams, scaring away Karlis, I'm afraid they wouldn't even have a chance to leave a last word.

   "Forget it, it seems that you and the Horn of the Blood Moon are at odds. Since the nobles in the southeast province have been disturbed, let's stop for now when investigating the Horn of the Blood Moon!

   Recently, you should not go out for activities. It is best to leave the southeast province for a while, and come back after the weather calms down. "

  The masked man said helplessly.

  Originally, he had high hopes for Karlis, but now it proves that ability and success are completely different concepts. As long as you are unlucky, you can't do anything.

   On the issue of the Horn of the Blood Moon, Karliss is a perfectly unlucky guy. First, he robbed and killed the special envoy of the king in a daze, and let himself fall from the aloof head of the Holy See Flying Dragoons to the mortal world.

  Just after taking a breath, he disguised himself as a wandering businessman and investigated the Blood Moon Horn again, but it turned out to be a bad start.

   This time the accident was indeed smaller, but the consequences were similar. They also faced the pursuit of the aristocratic group.

  The difference is only that the enemies in the previous wave were too high-end, and they were at the level of Wang Bo when they came up. Karlis pitted all his teammates to death. But this wave of enemies is not so strong, and teammates who have been blamed can still be alive and kicking.

   "Don't worry, Holy Master. I am not a fool, my whereabouts have been exposed, and I will continue to stay in the southeast province, just waiting for the enemy to find me.

   Judging from the reaction of these nobles, they still haven't let down their vigilance, and the time to track down the blood moon horn is not yet ripe.

  Why don't we let our people evacuate the Alpha Kingdom first, and redevelop in another place. After three or five years, send someone over to investigate. "

  Karliss suggested sincerely.

  Easy to get on board, but difficult to get off. Although the Skull and Bones Society has been reorganized, some habits left by the cult organization have been inherited.

   For example: means of controlling people.

  At this moment, the boat is in the middle of the big river. The turbulent river water and the tumbling waves are enough to make anyone daunting.

   Not wanting to jump off the boat to feed the fish, Carliss could only suggest to the captain to dock the boat first to avoid the turbulent waves.

   "Things are not as simple as you imagined. If we want to change the current situation, we must find the Horn of the Blood Moon.

   Without this thing as a vote, the nobles would not believe that we betrayed the Holy See, let alone gain their support.

  As a veteran cult organization controlled by the Holy See, the Skull and Bones Society has been running around and committing crimes in various countries in the mainland, and its reputation has long been stink.

   Even if you leave the Alpha Kingdom, you will still be wanted and hunted down.

  Our situation will not be any different from what it is now. We can still only hide from XZ and live a life of darkness. "

  The masked man explained patiently.

   No one likes to hide from XZ all the time. He would have already run away if he could run away, even incognito, which is not unacceptable.

   But the problem is that the class in this world is too solidified. Even if they remain anonymous, they can only struggle at the bottom of society and continue to live a precarious life.

  As for pretending to be a nobleman, if you think about it with your brain, you will know that it is unreliable. Any nobleman has his own background, it's okay to impersonate temporarily, but after a long time, it will definitely be ruined.

   Besides, the words and deeds of nobles are not so easy to imitate. Without professional training, even the most basic aristocratic etiquette is unclear, let alone adapt to the thinking mode of the aristocrats.

  This is still the nobles at the bottom, and the nobles who are further up can come into contact with the extraordinary power of magic. No matter how good the disguise technique is, it is not worth mentioning in front of extraordinary power.


  In Beda City, Earl Pierce, who was thinking about how to deal with the next situation in the kingdom, was about to explode after receiving a letter from Viscount Oran.

  The Skull and Bones clearly regarded him as a soft persimmon. After planning a rebellion, they dared to show up in the southeastern province.

   "The order will be passed on to order nobles from all over the country to block major and large traffic arteries, and strictly investigate all business travelers entering and leaving Arbor County.

  Order Baron Raphael to take the Second Infantry Regiment to Arbor County for a walk. Be sure to catch all the members of the Skull and Bones hiding in the local area.

  From now on, all the griffin cavalry will be dispatched to conduct irregular patrols over various areas in the southeastern province, and report any changes immediately. "

   Earl Pierce said indifferently.

  The last time the Skeleton Society rebelled, he was severely humiliated, and Pierce would never allow it to happen again.

   Otherwise, the outside world would think that the Dalton family had fallen and was unable to control the situation in the province, provoking a group of wolves to rush over.

  The ruthless Governor Pierce is undoubtedly terrible. The entire southeastern province was mobilized, especially the nobles in Qiaomu County and its surrounding areas, which were mobilized to the maximum extent.

  From this moment on, whoever does not have hundreds of private soldiers in their hands will not be able to sleep peacefully.

  In the mountainous area, Hudson's business suddenly improved. Originally, his customer base was concentrated in Wright and Wyton counties, but this time it directly spread to most of the southeastern provinces.

  Many nobles who originally despised the quality of his weapons finally obediently placed an order. In order to increase the production of weapons, the original daily necessities orders are now forced to stop.

  Fourteen or fifteen-year-old boys all went to the smelting field to work as apprentices. Some strong women also swung a sledgehammer, and even the process of land reclamation was affected.

  Hudson can't do anything, and the new orders are rushed one by one. The most important thing is that in order to get the goods quickly, these guys resorted to the legendary method of increasing money that is invincible.

   Not just simply adding money, these guys also promised: they can use serfs, livestock, and grain to offset all the payment for the goods.

   All hit Hudson's soft interior, and he had to find a way if he had no choice. In the face of urgent orders, you can only roll up your sleeves and do it.

  In order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm, the mine has changed from three meals to four meals, and the inferior bread has been upgraded to ordinary bread. The original material rationing and supply system has now also been upgraded to full control.

  In order for everyone to maintain sufficient physical strength, three sheep are now slaughtered every day, and wild game is added from time to time.

   It looks good, but in fact, this little supply of meat can only give ordinary workers a little bit of meat. It's not a master chef, you can't see the meat at all.

   There is no way, thousands of people work in the mines. The daily meat supply of hundreds of pounds is really insignificant.

   This is still based on the premise that new animals will soon be accounted for, otherwise Hudson would not dare to be so extravagant.

  Who makes the breeding business a long-term investment? Under the most primitive breeding method, it is difficult to see great results without a few years of hard work.

   Without large-scale artificial breeding, just hunting the little meat, it is difficult to supply the daily quota of the people.

  If it weren’t for occasional customers who brought animals over to offset the purchase price, Hudson’s sheepfold would have been empty long ago.

  Looking at the busy production line, Hudson felt a sense of accomplishment, as if his life was about to reach its peak.


   "What, you want me to be in charge of delivery?"

   While speaking, Hudson stood up from his seat, as if he had heard a big joke.

  I have sold so many products, and the customers have always come to pick up the goods, and it is purely overthinking to deliver the goods to the door.

  The monopoly merchant said: their own products do not include postage!

  Buy it if you like it, if you don’t buy it, you will be discouraged. Baron Hudson, who couldn't make the order, is so confident.

   "Your Excellency the Baron, I heard that you have promised that you will bear all the transportation costs incurred by exchanging serfs for your family's goods."

  The visitor explained calmly.

  The words of the nobles will take root. The trustworthy Baron Hudson will naturally not deny his promise.

   "That's right, I have made this promise. You sent people to transport it, and I will reimburse you for the food and grass consumed on the way."

   Hudson pretended to be generous and said.

  Nobles do not have the habit of calculating labor costs. The so-called transportation costs are food expenses for people and animals. Hudson really doesn't care about such a small expense.

  But if you want him to deliver the goods to your door, it will be different. Who doesn't know that there are skeletons haunting Qiaomu County now, maybe everyone will bump into them halfway.

  Once the fight starts, the cost will skyrocket. It is one thing to suffer heavy casualties, and if it is not done well, the entire army may be wiped out.

  The nerve-wracking business has exceeded Hudson's risk tolerance, and this kind of business can't be done.

   "Your Excellency the Baron, in normal times, we wouldn't dare to bother you to go there in person, but the current situation is special.

  Without your reputation and deterrence, it would be difficult for us to safely transport these weapons back to the territory, and the transaction would be out of the question.

   But don't worry, we know the rules. For the increased cost, we will settle according to the market price.

Our Lord Viscount promises that as long as you organize people to deliver all the orders of the nobles in Arbor County, he can guarantee that the number of serfs in this transaction will not be less than 1,500, the number of cattle will not be less than 300, and the number of rough horses will not be less than 1,000. six hundred horses...

  You can offset the difference with daily necessities. Considering that there are too many nobles participating in the transaction, you will need to talk to them yourself about what goods to offset. "

  After hearing what the old butler said, Hudson's anger disappeared instantly. There is no business that cannot be negotiated in this world. As long as the benefits outweigh the risks, then everything is negotiable.

  A viscount's promise, Hudson still believed. Although the number is a bit large, there are not fifty nobles in Arbor County who have placed orders like this, but there are also thirty.

   Let’s share it among everyone, whether it’s 1,500 serfs, 300 cows, 800 rough horses... it’s not a problem.

  For this big business, organizing a transport team to take the risk, Hudson thought it was still possible to try.

   Isn’t it the Skull and Bones gang that slipped through the net? As long as the interests are given enough, the heroic Baron Hudson is never afraid of these shady rats.

   It’s just that I have accepted so many physical offsets at once, so I don’t want to see gold coins in this business. If the products used to counteract are not attractive, he may have to pay a lot of money for them.

   "Steward Miklos, please tell the honorable Viscount Oran. If there is no accident, I will deliver this batch of supplies on time within half a month.

  In order to show sincerity, fifty pairs of plate armor can be added to this batch of materials as a gift to show the enduring friendship between our two families. "

   Hudson replied calmly.

  The transaction between nobles is that simple. Viscount Oran helped him solve the problem of lack of population and livestock, and Hudson naturally had to give something in return.

  Plate armor is already the product with the most technical content among all the commodities that can be produced in the territory. As an iron lump, the quality requirements for iron are not too high, so the quality has finally caught up to the average level.

   When you get them on the market, at least they start with hardware coins, and they are the kind that are in short supply. Now they are directly taken out by Hudson as gifts.

  Everything is worthwhile. After completing this business, the market in Arbor County will open in the future.

  As for his own heavy infantry formation plan, the progress has been delayed again, Hudson said it doesn't matter.

   There is no way, who made the grudge cultivation speed of those elm heads too slow?

   After tossing for a few hours, only more than 30 people got started. It's just a sense of breath, no different from ordinary people. Counting on them wearing armor to kill the Quartet, I don't know what year and month it will be.

  According to the experience taught by Baron Redman, to cultivate a qualified elite private army, it takes at least two or three years for serfs to practice fighting spirit, and then go through several wars before they can be formed.

  Generally speaking, this kind of soldiers who have practiced grudges are much stronger in individual combat than ordinary soldiers.

  However, combat qi cultivation requires talent, and without resource assistance, it is at a snail's pace, and it is difficult to popularize it on a large scale.

   Except for a few special military units that are composed of practitioners, the common troops in the outside world are composed of ordinary people. For example: the army brought over by the noble children of the Northland.

  In the ordinary army, it is considered elite, but most of the soldiers in it are composed of ordinary people, with only a small number of practitioners.

  Including heavy armored infantry, it is only composed of soldiers who are stronger than ordinary people.

  Perhaps the fighting power of individual soldiers is not as good as that of cultivators, but because they have undergone systematic training and participated in many wars, they are not weaker than private troops trained by local nobles.

   The specifics still depend on the number of people fighting. The larger the scale of the war, the more conducive it is for these troops to play. If it is a small-scale conflict, the private army composed of practitioners is even better.

  The quality route cannot be taken, and Hudson can only take the quantity route. However, this requires a sufficient population base. Only when the population is large enough can enough high-quality soldiers be selected.

  The army in Hudson's hands now is not all suitable for war, and they are left only because these people have experienced more than a dozen wars.

  Even if most of the time, they just joined in the fun and didn't kill a few enemies at all, it still cultivated their spirit.

  With the addition of a series of trainings he conducted, now he can also see the shadow of the elite. If there was a fight, it might not be much worse than that gang of noble soldiers.

  Hudson has also seen the nobles in northern Xinjiang training soldiers, but there is nothing new in fact, just training soldiers in combat skills such as chopping and stabbing.

   In theory, it may not be as good as him, at least the soldiers trained by Hudson can run. Ten miles of long-distance running training every day does not guarantee that they will become the best soldiers, at least they can become the best runners among the infantry.

   And it is not a swarm of running around, but running in an organized and orderly manner. When making a strategic transfer, it is a proper top student.

   "Dear Lord Baron, on behalf of Viscount Oran, I thank you for your generosity, and may the friendship between our two families last forever!"

   Butler Miklos responded immediately.

   From the familiar etiquette and reaction speed, it can be seen that this must be an old player.

   If not limited by his status, this person would definitely do well in the aristocratic circle.

  The housekeepers of a middle-class noble family have this kind of self-cultivation and adaptability, which gave Hudson a better understanding of the aristocratic heritage.

  Perhaps the gap between the big nobles, the middle nobles, and the small nobles is not just pure strength, but also the gap in talent accumulation.

  The gap in strength may be made up in a short period of time, but the gap in talent cannot be resolved overnight.

   It's not that the little nobles don't work hard, it's that their own plate is limited, and they are simply unable to cultivate high-level talents, let alone provide them with a stage to display their talents.

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