The King

Chapter 19: Benefits touch people's hearts

  Chapter 19 Benefits touch people's hearts

   The attraction of the fiefdom to the nobles is unparalleled. The aristocrats of Wright and Wyton counties were in distress, and the extinct nobles were not one family. It is impossible not to be tempted by such a large piece of cake.

  One moment everyone was still sympathizing with the tragic experience of the nobles of the two counties, and the next moment they were already sharpening their knives, wanting to share a piece of meat in the past.

  Even Earl Pierce, who was criticized by everyone, suddenly became taller in everyone's mind.

   Cursing, criticizing, and denouncing, in addition to the complicated feelings of the rabbit's death and the fox's grief, the most important thing is that the Dalton family eats alone.

  Now that Earl Pierce has made a promise to share the meat with everyone, the situation is quite different.

  If it was just a personal promise, everyone might still doubt it. After all, Earl Pierce's character is not good, and he may go back on his word at any time.

  But with the guarantee of family glory, the situation is completely different. No nobleman dares to make fun of his own glory.

  In a world where glory is higher than life, the cost of breaching a contract is simply too high. Once it happens, you can only retreat.

  Looking at the eager eyes of all his allies, Hudson knew he couldn't stop it. If everyone can't restrain the greed in their hearts, something big will happen next.

  If the rebel army is really easy to deal with, why should Earl Pierce share the benefits with everyone?

   As one of the few nobles in the kingdom, the Dalton family is not vegetarian. Whether it is strength or personal connections, it is not comparable to the small nobles in the alliance.

  As long as the rebellion is extinguished quickly, the kingdom is not given a chance to intervene. Even if they can't monopolize the two counties, at least they can swallow half of the counties.

   Now that it is so generously shared, everyone is attracted to it. It would be good if the Dalton family could get one-tenth of it, or even less.

   There are countless marriages between nobles, even if the nobles of the two counties die, relatives can make up for it.

  Thousands of miles away, the whip is beyond reach, let alone, but the local nobles will not give up.

   It's okay not to let them intervene, but if you let them in, then a fight between dragons and tigers will be inevitable.

   No matter how far the relationship is, as long as it conforms to the laws of the kingdom and there is an inheritance relationship, then they can jump out and fight for the right of inheritance. When everyone is done fighting, the remaining unclaimed land is the real loot that can be divided up.

  Even Hudson is sorting out the network of relatives, looking for nobles in these two counties who can be related to his family.

   At this time, the advantage of the Koslow family's thriving population is reflected. Not only did the in-laws find several families, but even the same clan had two families.

   Of course, these are not enough. If there is a relationship involved, the issue of succession has to be considered.

  According to the normal inheritance order, it is basically not Hudson's turn.

  However, there are exceptions to everything. As long as the other party has no direct heirs, the succession order of collateral distant relatives is a mess.

  If there is the support of the great nobles, it is completely possible to inherit the title first and create an established fact before the other heirs react.

   There will definitely be future troubles, but compared with the title, it is worth taking a little risk. The big deal is to slowly argue after the fact, as long as the vested interests endorse each other, this is a muddled account.

  The main thing is that the land of the kingdom is owned, and the threshold set by vested interest groups for latecomers is very high. With the little credit for putting down the rebellion, at most a few knights will be produced.

  If you want to obtain a title by military merit, you can only win a foreign war, and the fief is still on the turbulent border.

  If it weren’t for this, everyone wouldn’t immediately change their political positions as soon as Earl Pierce showed goodwill.

  The scene of the discussion was too heated. Some impatient nobles had already taken out their treasured maps and clamored to divide the spoils in advance, as if the rebels no longer existed.

  As the titular boss of Cheers Knight, he couldn't control the situation at all. A good alliance party has been directly reduced to a market for bargaining.

  Hudson didn't rush to join the discussion. The area of ​​Wyton and Wright counties is indeed not small, but there are so many wolves who can't hold back and want to divide the meat!

   It is impossible to satisfy everyone, and it is doomed that no result can be discussed now. Even if an agreement can be barely reached, it will not be accurate.

  In the final analysis, the temporary alliance is only a small part of the many nobles. Even if they can hold a group to keep warm, they still have a limited right to speak, and it is impossible for them to do everything they want.


   "Everyone, now is not the time to discuss these issues. The governor's military order clearly stipulates that we must arrive at the front line within three days. If we fail to arrive on time, even if we are not punished, I am afraid that the final spoils will have nothing to do with us.

   Calculating the distance, we are still more than a hundred miles away from Fort Ethel, so there is no extra time to waste.

  As for the fief issue that everyone is concerned about, I think there is no point in discussing it now. There are so many nobles in the southeast province, no amount of spoils can be shared by everyone.

  This is doomed to only a few people who can get what they want. The distribution plan, if you want to convince everyone, you will inevitably talk about your military achievements in the end. "

   Chelsea's words were like a basin of cold water, pouring on everyone. The originally lively scene fell silent in an instant.

   Everyone is not a fool, it was just a sudden good news, and I was too emotional for a while. Now that he has reacted, he immediately realizes the seriousness of the problem.

  Earl Pierce is not easy to deal with. To be able to share such a large profit, it is obvious that everyone will work hard in the past.

  If you don't have enough military merits, you might not even be eligible to serve on the table.


  Everyone agrees that the direct heirs are the rules of the game. Distant relatives and collateral heirs, then we have to talk about it.

   It didn’t come out of the cracks in the rocks. Who doesn’t have a group of relatives?

   There are many people who are eligible to participate in the battle for inheritance rights. If you don't come up with something convincing, why let you pick up this bargain.

   It involves core interests, and no one will give in easily. Even the original allies may become competitors in the next moment.

  These are all plots in front of everyone. If you want to fight for the inheritance left by the extinct nobles, you have to fight desperately on the battlefield.

  Even Hudson had to admit that Earl Pierce made a good move, which revived the passive chess game.

   Judging from the mixed reactions of the crowd, you can tell that everyone is preparing to spend their money on this wave. If there is no accident, the next step is to activate the great summoning technique to bring the main force of the family over.

  The area of ​​the Southeast Province is not too large. Theoretically speaking, by passing the news back now, most of the elite nobles can rush over before everyone reaches the front line.

  (end of this chapter)

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