The King

Chapter 26: Sudden Death of Our Lady's Heart

  Chapter 26 Sudden Death of the Heart of Our Lady

  The principle of "conventional meetings for small matters and small meetings for major events" is also applicable in the continent of Aslant.

  Hundreds of nobles discuss countermeasures together, and the discussion will not necessarily produce results until next month.

  This point has already been reflected in the noble council of the kingdom. Even trivial matters can take three to five months.

   After appeasing the hearts of the people, the nobles, including Hudson, were left in the hall for dinner. Only a few noble representatives left with Earl Pierce.

   Except for Chelsea who participated on behalf of the alliance, the rest are all powerful factions in the province, and the law of the jungle is fully reflected here.

   Hudson no longer has expectations for the results of the discussion. It can be seen from Chelsea's previous performance that he has no confidence to fight for reason.

   Of course, representation is better than none. At the very least, it can represent everyone and express the basic demands.

   After all, he is an aristocrat, and his appearance on the surface should not be too ugly. The influence of more than a hundred minor nobles in the alliance also needs to be taken into consideration.

  No matter how discounted it is, there must be a share of military exploits. How to evaluate it depends on the pattern of several people in it.

  If you want everyone to continue to work hard, you have to be fair and objective. This aspect should not be a big problem, the key is the next battle arrangement.

  In order not to be reduced to cannon fodder, Hudson didn't care about eating, and directly turned into a hardworking bee, shuttling through the hall.

   This time is the time to test the soft power of the family. Holding the letter written by Baron Redman, Hudson kept visiting relatives and old friends.

  Although this occasion is not suitable for exchanging feelings, it is still necessary to get acquainted. Maybe on the battlefield, relying on these contacts can save a life.

   I have to admit that a thriving population is an advantage, let alone other things, at least there are enough relatives.

  Hudson met three people of the same family who carried the banner of the Koslow family, one of whom was still playing under the command of Earl Pierce.

  Other close and distant relatives, the number is even more. If you insist on clinging, it is estimated that one-third of the people present can count as your own.

   Of course, these resources are also mutual. As long as there is no conflict of interest, everyone is willing to use this as an opportunity to make more connections.

   After all, judging from the current situation, it might be necessary to set off tomorrow. Having seen how powerful the rebel army is, no one dares to take it lightly now.

   There is always nothing wrong with making more connections. Even if it is temporarily hugging the Lord of Dawn's feet, it is better than not hugging at all.

   Turning around in a circle, Hudson met almost all the nobles present. How much it can play depends on the development of the situation.

   Overall, Hudson is still satisfied. No matter how dark the aristocratic group is secretly, everyone is still a gentleman on the surface.

  It is still very common in the aristocratic circle to sell favors as much as possible.

   It is not uncommon for people to avenge kindness and revenge, but that is only a very small number. Once it is exposed, it is tantamount to cutting itself off from the circle, and its decline is only a matter of time.

  Especially the kindness shown on the surface must be repaid.

   Without waiting for the results of the discussion to come out, he casually stuffed a few pieces of barbecue into his mouth, drank a glass of juice, and then left with the crowd.

   It's not because everyone doesn't give face, it is really a heavy loss during the day, and now is the time when the morale of the army is in turmoil, and it is not suitable for the coach to leave for a long time.

  As soon as I stepped out of the fortress, a strong pungent smell hit my face, making people sick. Looking at the flickering flames in the distance, Hudson almost threw up.

   "Burning corpses" is also an inevitable part of the battlefield. It is estimated that no one knows how many people died in the daytime battle, and it is certain that this will not be a small number.

   Did not choose to burrow into the ground for peace, but burned on the spot. It is not that everyone has mastered scientific hygiene knowledge. The main reason is: in the extraordinary world, corpses can also be turned into murderous weapons.

  Especially if the enemy is a cult organization like Skull and Bones, if the opponent has a necromancer, these corpses are the biggest hidden danger.

   I don't know if it was an illusion, but Hudson vaguely heard screams, and there seemed to be figures shaking in the flames.

  Intuition told Hudson that he was right, this was indeed burning a living person. As soon as anger rose from the bottom of his heart, it was quenched by reason.

   If I guessed correctly, the soldiers responsible for burning the corpses should have been careless, and treated the fainted rebel soldiers as dead bodies, and sent them to be burned without making up the knife.

  In this situation, what else can Hudson say?

   "Go over and say hello, let them repair the knives one by one before burning the corpse?"

   It is impossible to save people anyway.

  People polluted by evil weapons, even if they save their lives, will gradually lose themselves and slowly turn into killing machines. If you want to save people, unless there is a high-level priest to purify them.

   There is indeed a senior priest in the fortress, but he is too busy to treat the injured nobles. Even for the wounded of the Crimson Knights, only ordinary priests took action

  The soldiers of the coalition army were seriously injured, and they could only rely on the help of their comrades to make up for the knife. Who cares about the rebels?

   Apart from lamenting the cruelty of the world, Hudson can do nothing. Even though there was a voice in his heart that kept telling him to change the world, reason still firmly prevailed.

  I am precarious, and if I have the heart of a Virgin, I am afraid that I am not prepared to survive three episodes.

  As a master who is afraid of death, Hudson decisively chose to see out of sight and return to the camp as quickly as possible.

  As the winning party, even if it is only a miserable victory, they must enjoy the fruits of victory. After counting the spoils, Hudson was disappointed.

  I didn’t see any of the magic core and magic spar in the fantasy. Obviously, no one will bring these seemingly tall things that ordinary people can't use to the battlefield.

  The wealth income is not much, there are more than 100 gold coins, more than 800 silver coins, and a bunch of copper coins, but unfortunately they are not very valuable.

   Fortunately, there is no need for Hudson to pay pensions and military pay, otherwise this little money is estimated to be only enough to burn and bury.

  Two dead horses, I don’t know which ally’s mounts they are, and they have been taken by the soldiers for extra meals.

   Weapons and equipment have been harvested, but because the competition is too fierce, not many are picked up.

   "Thirteen pairs of armor, thirty-five machetes, twenty-eight giant axes, ninety-six spears, sixteen crossbows, five knight swords..."

  Looking at this pitiful data, Hudson once suspected that God wanted him to learn from Nurhachi and carry forward the spirit of "thirteen sets of armor to raise troops".

   Just think about it, playing princes and generals in the continent of Aslante is kind of like, the rebel soldiers who were burned in the flames are an example.

  (end of this chapter)

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