The King

Chapter 40: chain reaction

  The raging fire ignited, and thousands of corpses were thrown into the flames. Hudson, who thought he was hard-hearted, couldn't help but feel sad secretly.

  Although the daytime battle was a complete victory, the price to be paid was also very heavy. There were two hundred new wounded, and more than seven hundred people died with the flames.

  Besieging the five silver skeletons alone killed more than 300 people. If Hudson hadn't reacted fast enough to make full use of his knowledge of physics, the loss would have been even greater.

  It seems to have won the victory, but the grain transportation team is actually seriously injured. If the number of rebels and defenders is equal, it is really hard to say the outcome of this war.

   It's not impossible to defeat the rebels, but mainly because it still shoulders the heavy responsibility of transporting food and grass. Compared with winning or losing on the battlefield, successfully transporting food and grass to the destination is the core of this mission.

   If there is no heavy burden, Hudson is still sure if he plays rookie pecking with the rebels on the battlefield.

  Everything stems from the "superior" command ability of the rebels. Originally, I thought that the noble knight's stupid charge was already stupid enough, but I didn't expect that the rebel commander's command ability was half a catty.

  Although the commander of the rebel army has no bottom line and principles, and can do everything, his military literacy is really hard to show.

  From this point of view, the aristocratic ruling group's knowledge blockade and "values" guidance to the people at the bottom are all successful.

  Even if the rebel organization has existed for countless years, under the hoodwink of the concept of "strength first", the training of military talents is still neglected.

  The priests are good priests, but they have to be smart enough to command the army to fight. Relying on secret techniques and potions, it's okay to bully the same ignorant low-level nobles, but when encountering opponents with slightly stronger military capabilities, they will instantly reveal their true colors.

  Theoretically speaking, it is completely correct strategically to come out to rob food and grass this time. But when it comes to the implementation of tactics, it's a mess.

   Insufficient preparation in advance, lack of sufficient military common sense, so that the plan was exposed early. The ambush that was supposed to take the initiative turned into a passive attack.

  Had a vague insight into the essence of the world, Hudson had already begun to mourn for Skull and Bones.

   Not to mention tossing and turning in a huge pit, I was also limp by being fooled, and I still fantasized about making a comeback as a whole, it was simply a dream.

   Frankly speaking, Hudson has never understood what the skeleton would want?

   What you do is a rebellious business. Not to mention the lofty things like political programs, at least you must have the support of an interest group, or represent the interests of a group.

   According to the so-called Skull and Bones, they regard nobles as enemies, serfs as worthless, and merchants as blood bags... It can be said that they have offended all groups since the beginning of the army.

   Calling them rebels is a compliment. An organization that opposes all normal people, Skull and Bones' cult name is well deserved.

   Compared with real losses, the record is much more random. Hudson didn't even bother to make statistics on the specific record. According to the situation on the battlefield, he could make a rough estimate.

   "Four thousand elite rebels were defeated, 2,570 rebels were wiped out, 81 rebel leaders were killed, five silver skull-level undead were eliminated, and various strategic materials were seized."

   There is no way, there are still Griffin cavalry watching in the sky? The record is too exaggerated, it is really easy to cheat.

  But it is impossible not to exaggerate the achievements. The credit for countering the rebellion is at the bottom of all the military achievements in the kingdom.

   If the enemy’s strength is not exaggerated and the military exploits are not falsely reported, who knows that this war will not be easy, and who remembers the contribution of his Hudson Cavaliers?

  In order to enhance his persuasiveness, Hudson emphasized the importance of preserving food and supplies with strong pen and ink, directly raising this small-scale war to a strategic level.

   It is uncertain how much it can play. Anyway, taking advantage of the opportunity of reporting war damage, Hudson legally lost a lot of supplies in this wave.

   He couldn't eat the lost supplies, and most of them had to be taken out.

  False ones can’t be true after all. If someone is more serious, Hudson’s battle report is full of loopholes. If the above relationship is not cleared up, the enlarged version of the military exploits cannot be realized.

  With this feat, coupled with the previous Battle of Fort Ethel, when the spoils were divided after the war, Hudson would probably be able to get a piece of territory.

   As for the size and quality of the territory, the Koslow family's network of contacts in the southeastern province will be tested.

   Things have come to this point, it is no longer Hudson's short-term management that can work.

   All he can do is to manage the relationship between all parties. He doesn't expect everyone to help, as long as they don't make trouble, it will be fine in the end. In the end, it is inevitable to fight for the strength of the family.


  Coalition Command, Earl Pierce, who had just defeated a sneak attack by the rebels, was like riding a roller coaster.

  Skull and Bones will not play their cards according to the routine, not only carry out sneak attacks on the marching road, but even send troops to sneak attack the grain transportation team.

  Fortunately, that little guy named Hudson still has some skills and shattered the rebels' sneak attack plan. Otherwise, he can only bring a large army and return home in despair.

  Thinking of this, his resentment against the Fifth Army suddenly rose again. He didn't **** the grain and grass well, and went to rob him privately, so he didn't take him seriously at all.

   Angry is angry, now he really has nothing to do with these daring guys. Since leaving the main force, these guys have disappeared from his sight.

  The area of ​​the two counties is not small. If a small army of hundreds of people wants to hide, even the Griffin cavalry will not be so easy to find.

   What's more, the number of griffin cavalry is limited, and the movement of the rebels must be monitored first, so there is no time to find them.

  No one can be contacted, and accountability is naturally out of the question. If you want to settle accounts, you have to wait for someone to come back.

   Not only was the Fifth Army acting as though it were doing its part, but even the nobles under his nose were also not very peaceful.

  The Griffin cavalry in charge of the investigation reported to him more than once that someone had left the main force to engage in private work. Perhaps it was because he was under his nose that he restrained himself a little, and always went and returned quickly.

  In view of the fact that everyone has not made any troubles, for the sake of the overall situation, Earl Pierce also turned a blind eye and closed one eye.

   No action was taken, but the account was still kept in his heart. Pierce knew exactly which nobles kept their law and order, and which nobles acted recklessly.


  After a cold drink, Earl Pierce looked at the moon outside the window and said to himself: "It seems that I am still too kind to them, so that these guys are all forgetting about it now.

   It’s fine if you don’t argue with them, I really think I can’t help but come to them. It seems that it is time to let them know who is the real master of the southeast province.

  If it weren’t for the fear of being feared by the guy in the capital, the southeastern province would have long been my Dalton family…”

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