The King

Chapter 42: moral hudson

  Chapter 42 The Virtuous Hudson

  Even magicians, who have been suppressed by the church, have now come to the fore, and with the support of nobles from all over the world, wizard associations have been established one after another.

   Not only magicians, but also many unpopular professions that only existed underground, are now gradually coming into the eyes of the world.

  For example, wizards and arcanists who pursue truth come out from time to time to promote blasphemous theories: gods are just powerful creatures, not omnipotent.

  Now these guys are mostly hiding in the Mage Association. The mage associations all over the mainland have almost become the stronghold of blasphemers.

   There is no way, who makes magic research also pursue the truth? Overcoming the fear of the gods is a prerequisite for becoming a great magician.

   People with the same philosophy are always easy to come together. It is not surprising that there are blasphemers in the Mage Association.

  As for the great nobles behind the scenes, out of the desire to cause trouble for the Holy See, they let it go.

   As for belief in the gods, tithes are the test. Obviously, everyone's love for gold coins is much higher than their belief in gods.

   Only free citizens living in cities can pay in full, mainly composed of merchants, craftsmen, handicraftsmen...

   "The truth of the facts is not important, the problem now is that the Holy See has crossed the line, and we must give them a warning.

  Let Earl Pierce let it go, the matter of the blood moon horn should not be delayed for too long. No matter who they are, as long as they appear in the ranks of the rebels, they will be shot to death.

  As for the Holy See, even if the sky is poked through a hole, the Kingdom will take care of it for him.

   Things have come to this point, it is difficult not to offend the Holy See. Then simply follow suit and cut off 80% of the taxes sent to the Holy See.

  An excuse to let Archbishop Tyronn look at it, you can rebuild the church in the southeastern province, or you can relieve refugees..."

   Caesar III said domineeringly.

   It can be seen that he is a good leader, and he can really get on with things.

  Perhaps it is this spirit of responsibility that can convince everyone. Let the Alpha Kingdom maintain its political balance despite the decline of the royal family's power.

  Compared to this responsibility, withholding the church's taxes is a trivial matter.

   After all, after so many years of obedience and violation, the tax money sent to the Holy See has been decreasing.

   At its peak, the Alpha Kingdom contributed tithes, sin rolls, believers’ donations to the Holy See every year... more than 10 million gold coins, exceeding the kingdom’s own financial revenue.

  Development to the present, this number has been cut off by two zeros. The remaining hundreds of thousands of gold coins just showed the outside world that the Church of the Alpha Kingdom was still submitting to the Holy See.

  The main reason is that they are worried that the Holy See will be pushed into a hurry, and the fish will die and the net will be broken. After all, it is an ancient organization that has been passed down for tens of thousands of years, and its heritage is deeper than that of any kingdom.


  Hudson naturally didn't know about the high-level game that took place in the capital. As a cute little nobleman, the level of the circle he comes into contact with is really too low.

   It can be said bluntly that most of the small and medium-sized nobles do not know that the domestic church is controlled by the big nobles, and they have essentially parted ways with the Holy See.

  Even if they were lucky enough to realize this, reason would tell them to forget. There is no black and white in the aristocratic world, and you must be confused when you should be confused.

   Regardless of whether it is the nobles involved or the Holy See, they are all pretending to be confused on this issue.

   It is not good for anyone to pierce the window paper in advance before turning their faces.

   Hudson, who was still high-spirited just now, has fallen into a dilemma at the moment. Earl Pierce's order to speed up the march was delivered to him again.

   If it's just these, it's obviously not enough to make him hesitate. It's not the first time to refuse, Hudson has long been used to not buying it.

  The crux of the problem is that they set conditions. If he can arrive within two days and report the fifth army noble's sneaking, he will not only help him operate the title of baron, but even the fief can be given priority.

  The benefits are huge, but the consequences are also endless. Accepting this olive branch is equivalent to betraying the camp of the minor nobles and defecting to the command of Earl Pierce.

   Traitors are the most hated in any world. Hudson is sure that as long as he takes this step, he will be stink in the aristocratic circle, and even the reputation of the Koslow family will be damaged.

  Rejecting the solicitation of a powerful earl, the consequences are also very serious.

   Perhaps due to the previous promise and the face of the nobles, Earl Pierce will not target him on the bright side, but it is hard to say secretly.

   Among other things, Hudson's military achievements will be re-examined. The strategic significance of keeping food and grass will be ignored with a high probability, and only simple killing of the enemy will be counted.

  Even if you can get the fief, at most it will be led by a knight. Either the most **** knight collar, or the hottest knight collar.

   "Uncle Xiludi, Hudson appreciates the Earl's kindness.

  Please tell Your Excellency the Earl to speed up the march, and I will try my best to complete it, but now that the manpower is reduced and a large number of wounded have been added, I am afraid that it will not be possible to travel thirty miles a day.

  As for reporting the nobles of the Fifth Army, I am very sorry, this is not in line with chivalry..."

   After hesitating again and again, Hudson finally reluctantly refused.

  People have to look forward. If the military achievements are gone, you can still stand up; if the territory is gone, you can wait for the next opportunity; if the reputation is gone, it will be gone forever.

  If you can reach the sky in one step, get the fiefdom of one or two counties, and become a prince, your reputation will be stinky.

  The baron who is only the lord of a town is still at the bottom of the aristocratic circle, and he is not worthy of Hudson's betrayal of integrity.

   After all, there are zero and countless times of betrayal. Once you have betrayed your companion, you will never be trusted again.

  Even if he was determined to hang out with Earl Pierce, he couldn't really be accepted. There is a high probability that after the effect of buying bones with thousands of dollars is exerted, he will find an opportunity to let him be cannon fodder.

  Similar things have happened countless times in history. Once a traitor loses value, few can die well.

   "Hudson, you have to think about it. This kind of opportunity doesn't come every day..."

   Knight Xiludi persuaded insincerely.

   It could be seen that he didn't want Hudson to accept Earl Pierce's bribe, and he only persuaded Hudson due to his status.

   As for the specific reason, Hudson is too lazy to delve into it. Human nature can never stand the test. Except for your parents, it is estimated that few people want you to live a better life than him.

   Originally, this military achievement was enough to make people envious. If he became a fief baron by selling his teammates, it would be more than just jealous.

   "Uncle Xi Ludi, thank Earl Pierce for my kindness, but Hudson really can't afford this gift!"

  (end of this chapter)

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