The King

Chapter 47: hit

  Chapter 47 Crashed

  The offensive and defensive battle of Dadir City kicked off, and the headquarters of the Holy See, which was eight thousand miles away, also received a letter of protest from the Alpha Kingdom.

   "Look at the good things you have done. Just after you tossed a little bit of waves, you didn't even have time to splash twice, and you were approached by the boss!"

   While speaking, Pius VII directly threw the letter of protest to Blake, the head of the Judgment Knights. It can be seen from the eyes that His Majesty the Pope is really angry.

  The game between theocratic power and royal power is no longer a day or two. It doesn't matter how you stab the knife secretly. But if it is put on the table, it will destroy the tacit understanding between the two parties.

   Especially the iconic and obvious evil weapon "Blood Moon Horn", everyone in the world knows that it is in the hands of the Papal State, and now it appears in the Alpha Kingdom, which clearly tells the world that the rebellion launched by the Skull and Bones is supported by their Holy See.

   "Your Majesty, please rest assured! About the Horn of the Blood Moon, our Judgment Knights will take care of it.

   It's just a war, it doesn't explain anything. It is not that similar methods have not appeared in the continent of Aslante.

  As long as they don’t have any substantive evidence in their hands, we can insist that they admit their mistakes and directly deny the loss of the Blood Moon Horn. "

  Captain Blake assured.

  Deep in his heart, he couldn't help but want to scold his mother. He secretly supported the cult organization to do things, and it was indeed he who hinted at his subordinates to do it. No leader would directly order this kind of thing that required taking responsibility and could be blamed at any time.

   Obviously, the comprehension ability of the subordinates is not in place. Accidentally played too far and gave away the famous "Blood Moon Horn".

  As an established force, the Holy See has not one or two evil weapons. Even if you want to do something, you shouldn't use the most obvious "blood moon horn".

   This kind of shady thing, once worn, will make everyone look bad. Today is different from the past, the current Holy See does not have the confidence to directly turn against the major kingdoms.

   "Solution, how are you going to solve it?

  The branch of the Kingdom of Alpha, controlled by those nobles, directly used the excuse of rebuilding the churches in the southeastern province burned by the rebels to reduce the taxes sent to the Holy See.

  Since the incident was caused by your Judgment Knights, then this loss will be deducted from your military budget. Armaments cannot be reduced, and you must find ways to make up for the shortfall. "

   Pius VII said angrily.

   Once upon a time, the rich Vatican was short of money?

   But this scene actually appeared during his reign.

  To be precise, since the collapse of the Holy See's rule on the mainland three hundred years ago, the finances have fallen into a situation where it cannot make ends meet.

  Relying on the accumulation of rich background, the Holy See insisted on supporting it. By the time of Pius VII, the family property left by the ancestors had been exhausted.

   On the one hand, it wants to expand its armaments and restore the glory of the Holy See;

  Since the Holy See expanded its armaments, the relationship with the mainland countries has become tense. Except for a bunch of small countries that are still under the control of the Holy See, the remaining major kingdoms are trying to prevent the Holy See from regaining its strength.

  National countries do not have the ability to directly interfere with the decision-making of the Holy See, and most of the time they start with the "money bag" to delay the recovery of the Holy See's strength.

   There is no doubt that the Holy See is not a soft persimmon. In the face of targeted attacks by various countries, fierce retaliations have also been launched, and support for cult organizations is one of the means.

   Destruction is secondary, and more importantly, it is to make money.

  Under the tacit agreement of various countries to suppress it, the Holy See has difficulty obtaining sufficient financial resources from legitimate channels, so it has to take a slant.

   Like the potion of courage in Skull and Bones, it is produced in the Papal State. In name, the cult organization plundered the Quartet. In fact, most of the robbed money flowed into the Papal State through secret transactions.

  As long as enough is given, magic potions, alchemy products, and even evil weapons and demons can all be traded.

   It can be said that in order to make money, the Holy See has reached the point of madness. Even so, it can only barely support the huge military expenditure.

   Hearing the budget cut, Captain Blake wanted to cry without tears. Although the tax money sent by the Alpha Kingdom branch is not much, it can still feed a cavalry regiment or five thousand-man infantry regiments.

   On the surface, this is far less than the benefits of supporting Skull and Bones. But the unstoppable tax is a steady stream, and the proceeds from robbery are often one-off.

  Based on the past practice, as long as the taxes sent to the Holy See by the branches of various countries have been reduced, they will never be restored. This means that the budget that the Judgment Knights have lost now will be difficult to get back in the future.

  Just as he was about to defend himself, Blake calmed down because of the vile eyes of his colleagues.

  The problem now is not just a few taxes, the real trouble is the possible chain reaction. If the mainland countries follow suit, the financial pressure on the Holy See will be even greater.

  Mainly along with the growth of the power of various countries, they have completely got rid of their dependence on the Holy See. Originally, everyone needed the help of the Holy See to suppress the demons, but now all countries have cultivated their own thugs.

   To put it simply, the work of the Holy See has been robbed, and now it is idle. But this idler is still restless, thinking about being the boss all day long, how can he not be hated by others.

   "Don't worry, Your Majesty, I will immediately send someone to retrieve the Blood Moon Horn. At the same time, I will cut off the connection with the Skull and Bones, and never leave any clues."

  Blake, who had an idea, immediately promised.


  The sun was scorching, and the Fifth Army, which was supposed to camp and rest, was still moving forward on the road.

   There are still a few hours before it gets dark, and there are only a dozen miles left before the destination, so you have to try your best.

  Anyway, with such a short distance, even if it encounters a sneak attack by the rebels, the main force of the coalition forces can provide reinforcements in time. The safety is sufficiently guaranteed, and there is no need to save physical strength.

   It is the soldiers who work hard to travel. For the nobles, the distance of only a dozen miles can be reached by a war horse with a cup of tea.

   Hudson, who is riding on a war horse, is leisurely admiring the great rivers and mountains at this moment, and is preparing to carry out the fishing industry to the end.

   "In the southeast direction, a suspicious convoy was found, heading to Dadir City, suspected to be rebels..."

  The news from the spies interrupted Hudson's fishing career, and at the same time aroused the enthusiasm of the robbery brigade.

  Although the distribution of spoils was very unpleasant before, it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm for robbery, especially this kind of meat delivered to the mouth.

   Without discussing it, everyone unanimously decided to grab him. At this juncture, they rushed to Dadir City, even if they were not rebels, they were still rebels.

  (end of this chapter)

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