The King

Chapter 53: arrow on the string

  Chapter 53 The arrow is on the string

   "Hudson, you are so lucky. I, a great knight, didn't even get a monster as a mount, but you were able to get an earth bear as a mount."

   Chelsea said enviously.

   It's not that he can't get a monster, the real problem is that not all monsters are suitable for mounts. Size, combat effectiveness, and whether it can be domesticated must be considered.

  Many low-level monsters are not as easy to use as war horses. The war horses used by the nobles are not ordinary wild war horses, but the product of crossbreeding with Warcraft.

   Both explosive power and endurance have improved a lot compared to before. It is said that the best among them even caught up with Warcraft.

   "Uncle Cheers, this is all luck. I didn't expect that I went out for a walk and met a bear of the earth. By chance, the contract was concluded."

   Hudson said very Versailles.

   Everyone is not an idiot. Anyone who takes the story of "picking up monsters when they go out" is telling the truth will be out of their minds.

  The southeastern province is flat, fertile, and densely populated. There are few mountains and mountains, and there are few monsters, let alone high-level monsters like the Earth Bear.

   It's just that Hudson doesn't want to say it, and it's hard for everyone to ask in depth. After all, everyone has only a little bit of camaraderie as colleagues, and they talk about being happy as uncles and nephews, but in fact the relationship is not that good.

  Welcoming everyone's envious eyes, Hudson is really in a good mood. It is mediocrity not to attract envy, and this kind of thing cannot be avoided.

  Although Hudson likes to keep a low profile, his strength really doesn't allow it. Whether it's his superb archery skills, his accumulated rich military exploits, or the earth bear who was born in the spotlight, he can't keep a low profile.

   Modesty is not a virtue in the Alpha Kingdom. It is already in the highlight moment, running to deliberately keep a low profile will only make people feel hypocritical.

   But these are minor problems. If you surpass others by one or two ranks, you will be envied and envied by others. When the gap widens to one hundred or one thousand, then only admiration remains.

   After all, everyone will only compare themselves with people of the same level around them, and will not take the humiliation of themselves to compete with the peak figures on the top of the tower.

  Under normal circumstances, Warcraft has only one combat partner throughout its life. In this respect, it is much more loyal than humans.

   It’s not that there have been forced robberies and re-contracts, but these people have been trapped miserably in the end.

  There are many negative cases, and everyone will learn to behave. In order not to die inexplicably on the battlefield, smart people regard the beast mount as a comrade-in-arms, not an object of enslavement.

  Under this background, the temptation of the Earth Bear who has recognized the Lord has greatly diminished for everyone. The value of fur, crystal nucleus, and flesh and blood is not worth letting down the integrity of the nobles.


   After destroying the transport convoy, the flying dragon cavalry came to rest in a small forest outside Dadil.

   "Captain, I have asked the soldiers, but no one has found the earth bear cub. It seems that it has fallen into the hands of the nobles. It should be too late to ask for it now."

  The middle-aged man said indignantly.

  Someone dared to **** something from the Holy See. In the eyes of this devout believer, it was like taking food from a tiger.

   "Forget it, Alberto. Without sufficient evidence, those nobles will not admit it. We still have important responsibilities to shoulder, and now is not the time for extra trouble."

  Kallis said helplessly.

  He is also greedy for the cub of the Earth Bear, but this is the Alpha Kingdom. In order to destroy the evidence that day, he acted too blatantly, which had already aroused the other party's suspicion.

   In case the gang of nobles are irritated, it is unknown whether they can leave alive.

  The death of myself and others is minor. If the "Blood Moon Horn" falls into the hands of the Alpha Kingdom, the cause of the Holy See will be affected.

   "Leader, why don't we get back the Blood Moon Horn first, and then go..."

   Before Alberto could finish speaking, Carliss interrupted unceremoniously: "Don't dream, although the Skull and Bones was supported by us secretly, it doesn't mean that they will obey our orders.

   Now asking them to hand over the Horn of the Blood Moon is tantamount to letting them die. No one wants to sit still, and the current Skull and Bones will definitely give it a go.

  Our chance is to wait until the end of the war and take advantage of the chaos to **** the Horn of the Blood Moon. It would be even better if a few high-level members of the Skull and Bones can be rescued by the way, so that they can continue to cause trouble for the nobles. "

  The reason why a cult is a cult naturally has its evil side. Even if it's the little brother who was raised by himself, he can't control it completely.

  No matter how powerful the Holy See is, it is powerless to meet a group of guys who are often out of their minds.

  No matter how big the tossing scene is, the cult organization will end in tragedy in the end. The main reason is that they often deal with evil gods and get polluted unconsciously.

  Many cult believers seem to be human beings, but the essence of their lives has changed. This change allowed them to gain extraordinary power, and at the same time inherited the madness of the evil god.


  In Dadir City, the offensive of the noble coalition forces is getting more and more fierce, but the supplies promised by the mysterious organization are delayed, and the Skeleton Lord is also a little panicked.

  Under the efforts of the enemy magicians, the walls of Dadir City, which was originally impregnable, have already collapsed with tens of meters of walls.

  In order to plug the gap, the Skull and Bones Society has already exerted all its strength. The enemy did not launch a full-scale attack, mostly to wait for the magician to recover before attacking them.

   A gap in the city wall of tens of meters can be filled with human life, but with the continuous expansion of the gap, there will be a day when it cannot be filled.

   "Holy Lord, the enemy's reinforcements have arrived at the city. Looking at the number of camps, it is estimated that there are as many as 4,000 people.

   I am afraid that the time to launch a general offensive is not far away. Once the enemy is allowed to attack the city, the consequences will be bad.

  With the current situation, it is not easy to send things in under the eyes of the enemy.

   Otherwise, we will hold the Centennial Ceremony in advance, although there is a lack of a high-level monster, but with such a rich sacrifice, the great Skeleton Lord will not intervene..."

   Before the middle-aged man could finish speaking, the masked Skeleton Lord interrupted: "Iman, things are not as simple as you think.

  A high-level monster is not just a sacrifice, but also a container for the arrival of my master's soul. The stronger the container, the more force it can carry.

   If you catch a giant dragon, the strength after my lord comes can even directly enter the sanctuary. "

   Things have come to this point, and there is no point in keeping secrets. As for catching the giant dragon as a container for carrying power, that is purely a dream.

   Not to mention the scarcity of giant dragons, the formidable power of the light giant dragons is not something that Skeletons can deal with.

   Most dragons with pure blood can enter the sanctuary after they reach adulthood, which is the ceiling of the mainland's combat power.

  Even if the Skeleton Master came here in person, under the suppression of the rules of the plane, it is still unknown whether he can beat the dragon.

   "But Holy Master, we don't know anything about the information of those mysterious people, can they really be relied on?

  Besides, even if they are willing to fulfill the contract, whether they can deliver things under the nose of the enemy is still unknown.

  Instead of procrastinating like this, it is better to hold a big sacrifice first to strengthen our strength. On my lord's side, it is absolutely possible to arrange a larger-scale sacrifice after the war.

   As long as this war is won, all sacrifices are worth it. "

  Iman tried to persuade.

  As one of the few soldiers in the Skull and Bones Society, Iman knows very well that the situation in the city is already very dangerous, and if it can't be delayed, something big will happen.

  In order to plug the gap, they have sacrificed the invincible "courage potion", but unfortunately this thing is not really omnipotent.

  The soldiers who took the potion basically fell on the battlefield. Now the rebel soldiers are beating their hearts when they mention the potion of courage.

   Except for a few fanatical believers of evil gods, most people have shown varying degrees of war weariness. If you force everyone to take medicine and work hard, it will easily cause a rebound.

  In normal times, the Skeletons would naturally not care about the thoughts of the soldiers at the bottom. Even if there was a rebellion, they would be able to suppress it easily.

  But not now, the enemy will come into the city if you are not careful. The time left for Skull and Bones is running out.

  (end of this chapter)

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