The King

Chapter 58: my heart is bright

  Chapter 58 My heart is toward the light

   When the skeleton frame meets the holy light, the two forces with opposing attributes collide, sparking a spark of love in an instant.

   It's just that this feeling was too deep, and the skeleton soldiers who were caught off guard immediately burned up on the spot.

  Semi-finished skeleton soldiers were laid down in pieces, and the coalition forces quickly advanced to the altar. The Skeleton Lord, who was enjoying a big meal, was instantly enraged.

   "You are all courting death!"

  Accompanied by a roaring roar, more than a hundred skeletons on the altar instantly transformed, and each of them exuded a silver-white light.

   "Silver Skull"!

  The knowledgeable nobleman immediately recognized it. The atmosphere on the already depressing battlefield became more and more solemn.

  The silver skull is not scary, what is scary is the skeleton master who roared just now. Especially the four pale gold skeletons in front of him, one can tell they are golden skeletons that are about to complete their transformation.

   "Priest, blessed by the Holy Light!"

   "Mage group, attack the demons!"

   "Knights rush with me, for the glory of the kingdom, smash this bunch of bones..."

   Earl Pierce hastily ordered.

   Reason told him that now is not the time to be indecisive. If you don't take advantage of the fact that the Skeleton Lord has just been summoned and his strength has not yet recovered, he will act first, and he will definitely pay a heavy price later.

   They are all old opponents. The Skull and Bones have been engaged in rebellion in the Alpha Kingdom for hundreds of years, and the Skeleton Master has not been called.

  Based on past experience, Earl Pierce knew very well that if this guy could not be killed immediately, Dardir City would soon become a sea of ​​skeletons.

   Seeing the most annoying holy light enveloped, the already angry Skeleton Lord couldn't bear it any longer, and directly led a group of younger brothers to charge, trying to deal with the priest who shot first.

  Just took a step forward, lightning, wind blade, fireball...all greeted him.

  The Skeleton Lord, who hadn't adapted to his body, suffered a huge loss in an instant. The hair and clothes on his body were all reduced to ashes, and even his physical body became dilapidated. The only thing that was strong was his bones.

   It was hard to get a physical body, and now it has turned into a skeleton, and the skeleton master was completely enraged.

   "The Undead Call!"

  Accompanied by the roar, the corpse that had been lying down also stirred up, as if it was about to come back to life.

   "Not good, he wants to turn all the dead into undead, priest Debang stop it..."

   Before Earl Pierce finished speaking, the priests in the coalition army had already made their move. Dozens of priests teamed up to release the Great Purification Technique, covering the audience directly.

  Under the influence of the purification technique, the weaker skeleton soldiers fell apart on the spot. Powerful skeleton soldiers, their strength has also been suppressed.

  The Templar Knights, who had been prepared for a long time, took out the holy water they had prepared in advance, and greeted the skeleton soldiers directly. As if a chemical reaction had occurred, the skeleton soldiers who were hit spontaneously ignited.

  Seeing this scene, the nearby coalition soldiers naturally would not let go of the opportunity to make trouble, and launched the strongest attack on the skeleton soldiers one after another. In an instant, more than ten silver skeletons were reduced to bone scum.

  The fire of souls without the protection of a bone frame ran around, trying to escape the area shrouded in holy light.

  As the skeleton master of the big boss, he enjoyed the holy water bath as a matter of course. Halfway through the undead summoning, it was forced to stop.

  Although he didn't spontaneously ignite, the sound of bones cracking from his body was enough to prove that the Skeleton Lord was not in a good state at the moment.

  Not caring so much, the Skeleton Lord who was plotted against immediately grabbed a soul fire and stuffed it into his mouth, trying to make up for his own damage.

  It's a pity that the idea is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. No matter how fast the soul fire healed his wounds, it couldn't be faster than the attack of the coalition forces.

   Countless flying spears descended from the sky, enveloping the Skeleton Lord. These weapons all have common characteristics. They are all blessed by the holy light, and soaked in holy water all the year round, which has a strong restraint against undead creatures.

   "It was played by someone!"

  The reaction of the coalition forces just now was all for him to see, in order to create an opportunity to severely injure him. Unfortunately, he was unfortunately recruited.

   Realizing this, the Skeleton Lord immediately thought of quitting. It's a pity that if he wants to leave, it depends on whether the coalition forces agree.

   There is no way, who made the skeletons rebel and always rush to the street. He, a veteran evil god, has been summoned many times, and his weaknesses have long been known.

   But the Skeleton Lord himself doesn't know about these problems. After all, every time a separate soul descends, there will be no return, and the main body will never receive the message at all.

   It stands to reason that if there are too many failures, a lesson should always be learned.

  But the greed in his heart made him unable to resist the temptation of the sacrifice. Being summoned by people again and again, and eliminated by people again and again, it can be called the most tragic existence in the world of evil gods.

   Taking advantage of your illness, I will kill you. To throw stones at the evil **** will not damage the honor of the nobility. On the contrary, killing the evil **** is still the highest honor in the continent of Aslante.

  Even if they are civilians, as long as they kill the evil god, they can still be canonized as nobles. It is simply the best choice for **** to counterattack.

  Although the Skeleton Lord in front of him is not his real self, the glory of killing the evil god's soul is also worth fighting for.

   Facing the swarming knights, the Skeleton Lord lost his temper instantly. Regardless of the image of the evil god, he just ran away.

   Reason told him that even if he wanted to fight, he had to stay away from the annoying priests and magicians. Otherwise, it would be too much to bully the evil **** if they were besieged.

  The bosses all ran away, and the remaining skeletons naturally couldn't stop the pace of the coalition forces. Even if the four golden skeletons were baptized by the holy light + holy water, it would be too empty.

  The battle has entered the chasing and fleeing mode, and the tragic Skeleton Lord just escaped, and suffered another round of holy water baptism.

   It's as if holy water doesn't cost money, you can pour it on him as much as you want. This makes the thinking mode stay in the skeleton master hundreds of years ago, which is very uncomfortable.

  In his memory, the holy water in the material plane is very rare, and it is very economical to use it. It would be nice to be able to take out a few cups, which is not like pouring pots and pots now.

  No one will explain to him the gap between the times. What greeted him was the cold knight spear, and the magic attack that might come at any time.

   "My heart is towards the light, why can't I..."

   Before the Skeleton Master finished speaking, the overwhelming attack came again. Apparently, the coalition forces were not interested in hearing his story.

  The evil gods are evil gods, and there is only one fate waiting for them in the continent of Aslant, and that is to be purified.

  Ants kill elephants more often. Under the shroud of holy light, facing the coalition's crowd tactics, the evil **** can't stand it.

  For a while, "呵呵..." the sound kept on, and the bones continued to shatter, making the Skeleton Lord understand his situation.

   "You all wait for me. When the deity comes, I will make your souls into sky lanterns and burn them under the flames for 10,000 years!"

   "The great curse, the stare of the skeleton!"

  After the last spell was cast, the Skeleton Lord, who couldn't hold on, crashed to the ground, leaving only bone fragments scattered on the ground.

  The officers and soldiers of the coalition forces who participated in the war felt uncomfortable, as if someone was watching or being marked by someone.

  Facing the doubts in everyone's minds, Pastor Debon stepped out to appease and said: "Don't worry, what the evil **** releases in the end is only a marked magic, and it will not cause direct harm to your body.

  Unless the Skeleton Lord comes again one day, this magic is equivalent to non-existence. "

  It's easy to say, but it's not that simple. This is indeed just a marking magic, but it is also a magic that pulls hatred.

   Not only will you be hunted down by the Skeleton Lord, but as long as you encounter a skeleton, you will instantly fill up the hatred, the kind that will never die.


  (end of this chapter)

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